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Monday, 21 February 2011


Please note: This post has nothing to do with mutant breastmilk.

Had my Human Biology prelim today.

That went... eh.


Because, not going to lie, I was aiming for an A for this prelim!!

Mostly because I needed the A+F=C theory to work.

In other words, my Mum's reaction of "YOU FAILED?!" would have been neutralized by the reaction of "My Daughter got an A!".

You know. A+F=C theory.

Anyways, I was totally set for the exam, in the layout of the past papers. However, it WASN'T because it had tonnes of stuff on enzymes. Which has to be my worst topic.

That and the phospholipid bilayer...

Guess what else popped up?

Did NOT get to share all my newly found knowledge of breastmilk (thanks tweeps for that informative twession last night. 

And yes. I did just combine the word "Twitter" and "Session" to create a new word. You do it to most words actually...


Okay. Maybe not most words.

I aim to educate! So here's some facts on breast milk.

Typed in breastmilk and got this lady.
Maybe her boobs were cold and her baby was suckling icecream?

A) Breastfeeding creates a bond between Mother and Child
B) The Mother and Child are protected from getting Conjunctivitis whilst breastfeeding.
C) Breast feeding is a 75% effective form of contraception.
D) It's free.

What up? ^_^

That's Abie's advantage anyways!

Brrrr... It's cold! When did it start going backwards, into Winter? Roll on Summer...

Cause Summer will bring:

A) Money (in the form of a job! Hopefully).
B) Cinema! (Yes Cars 2. I am eyeing you up right now)
C) Chilled out days with the buds
D) New Paramore songs!
E) Road trip?
F) Learning to drive!
G) Days on the beach.

Come on. Everyone loves Summer.

Oops. Sean Batty just told me to start revising.

And Sean is my Favorite weather man so I shall obey.
Yes. I have a favorite weather man.

Lauren xxx

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