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Thursday, 6 January 2011

You're like a transsexual Dr Who.

Good to be back, good to be back.

Okay, I'm not sure how many typos I'm going to make during this blog. Or how many sentences I will write that will make NO sense, frankly, I'm way too tired to function at the moment.

Turns out that sleeping habits when your on holiday should NOT be used when you go back to school or work.

Couldn't get to sleep last night. Also, had difficulty setting my alarm for this morning, I wanted to get up sometime between 6am and 6.15, but I didn't know when so I set it for 6.07. 

Yah know, cause I'm precise like that.

Everyone seemed to be really chirpy this morning, girl doing the Regional news for BBC was crazily hyper for 6.30 in the morning. My Dad thinks that she's still drunk for New Year, for once, I might agree with him.

So, got a lift into school this morning, just as well because it was FREEZING outside! Wouldn't want to be waiting about for a bus! The door on our car froze... Gaaaah. Hate Scottish weather.

Also, If I had to catch the bus, 100% guarantee that I would fall flat on my ass.

Anyways, got to school early, so spent a good 15 minutes talking to Lauren, Michelle and Ashleigh. Those guys are hilarious. Lauren was talking about Ireland and their accents and Michelle (who's Irish) says:
MICHELLE: Don't bring Irish into it!
Dear god....

They were talking about Love and Other drugs. Apparantly, it's got lots of sex scenes. Just giving you a heads up.

.... Heads up? Is that an appropriate phrase when talking about sex? 

Ashleigh told them all the story about the girl who fell over in Starbucks and coffee went flying behind her.... milk was running down her cheek and everything.

You don't want to laugh, but laughing is a natural reaction sooooo...


Mrs Murray is back.

NOTE: This is not Mrs Murray.

She was away to New Zealand (only found that out today, I've been told that she's in Canada, Africa, Australia etc, etc. Never found out for sure)
MRS MURRAY: It was eventful! I was on top of a volcano, I was on top of a glacier, I was earthquaked...
SCOTT: Yeah, it sounds like you had a great time (!) 
Despite all that, New Zealand still got her recommendation!

Wonder why...

I was still yabbling on to everyone about that "Pre Teen proms" programme I watched last night, crazy. I'm still against it!!

Not the prom itself, but subjecting little kids to pressures to look glamorous and teaching them to assume that looks are the most important thing? Naaaah.

I tried to do Maths Homework, went over my head. I'm going to pass... yeeaaaaah.

Sara lost one of her bracelets, she didn't realise that, Sophie found it.
SOPHIE: Did anyone lose a bracelet? *Points it out, everyone looks at it and shakes their heads* If no-one claims it, I'll take it! It's really nice.
Awwwww, Sophie didn't have much luck. Sara came back to claim it and then her watch/necklace broke. The necklace part that is, Mrs Murray thought that she was in tears. Sophie made do though and just kept it as a pocket watch.


I swear Mr Hughes was in a weird mood today.

He seemed to be annoyed at Calum... sorry, he ALWAYS seems to be annoyed with Calum.

I mean, he was asking Sophie a question about work, chillax!!

He seemed angry at all of us to be honest, just cause we couldn't get a question.

Fair dues, it was a simple question, but still, it's been two weeks! Our brains have turned to yoghurt

Don't ask how to strawberry became lodged in there.

Other than that? Maths was very uneventful.

Although, I did find out that Dougal got a banjo for his Christmas.

Rock on \m/


Psychology is a college course, and college doesn't go back until next week, so our class gets 3 extra free periods this week!


So me, Sara and Lucas stayed in the Study classroom. Fifth years have settled into this classroom over the past few months, It's really warming to me.

Sara was looking on Uni/college websites to find out what she wanted to do with her life. No luck. Did you know that there's shockingly little Journalism courses in Aberdeen?

Now you do.

We were also looking up lots of movies on IMDB.

Main one was 127 hours for the Amputation scene. Turns out that I was the only one in the room afraid of gore. Faaaail.
Me: *reading out 127 hours Parental Guide* Aron amputates his arm and it is extremely graphic. He first breaks one bone by hitting it against the side of the canyon. The second bone is broken by doing the same thing the opposite way.
Lucas then does an impersonation of this. Pause for laughter. 
ME: He really struggles with the second bone. He is in a lot of pain from it.
LUCAS: Naaaaah, he's fine! He can't feel a thing (!)
ME: He then starts jabbing his arm and blood and muscle tissue goes everywhere. There is a very quick shot of him ripping out an artery but it is very quick so it's hard to catch.
LUCAS: Is he telling us to watch out for that!? "Don't miss it!"
ME: Then comes the nerve. It looks a lot like dental floss... *laughs* thin spag *laughs again* spaghetti and when he touches it, a very disturbing sound is heard that sounds almost like the board game "Operation".
Everyone laughs uncontrollably. Reaaaally? Operation? Out of ANY noise that you can compare it to, you chose Operation?!
LUCAS: Ask them if his nose lights up. *does buzzing noise*
ME: This is for effect and would not happen in real life
Really? It doesn't happen in real life? Awww... so am I the only person that makes beeping noises when I stub my toe??

Apart from this guy.

Let Sara listen to "Never be what you want" by We are the In crowd and she thought that it sounded like "Believe" by Cher....

Suppose she's better at comparing noises than Claire...
CLAIRE: *attempting Platypus impression* Doesn't it go something like... *static noises*
CLAIRE:What does emo music sound like? Is it like *Static noises*
Claire... Emo music does NOT sound like a Platypus.

Not Pete Wenz

Not Perry the Platypus.

If Hayley Williams was available in Platypus form, I'd definitely have one as a pet.

Good, now that's all cleared up.... 

Went away early to catch the bus into town. Was listening to Paramore and We are the In Crowd all the way in (P.S. Congrats to Paramore for winning "Best Rock Band" at the People's choice award last night!)

Was meeting my Mum you see, so we went for Dinner and had a little chat to ourselves, Mum had a Banana scone and I had a Chicken Steak Burger. Nom.

Also, I'm searching for Lego figures, so friends, If you have any lego men (or women) I could borrow, please let me know!

Yeah. I am inspired by Balakov's photos. They are SOO cute! (see above).

Anyways, couldn't find any lego figures. Gutted. 

We went into the early learning centre but still, nothing. I could have had an entire zoo (including dinosaur) if I wanted... was tempted to buy a few cows and make a hurricane scene. Mum told me not to be so mean.

Ahhh well.

Also, almost bought a pair of converse. I love converses. They have such style.

Photography people LOVE Converse: FACT.

Want proof?

23,729 photos.

Oh, and look what I got today!

No. Not the guitar. The album.

It took my Mum three seconds in HMV to find an album that has taken me three weeks to find.

Aaaaah. Why are Mum's so perfect?

So yeah, Myke Black! Woop!

Back to school then forrrrrr:


Not the best starts, got an essay to write for next week. Brilliant.

Upside? I've been reunited with Kelly!
KELLY: *to Kristina* Oooh! Have you got a magnifying glass?!
ME: No, she's not Sherlock Holmes!
KRISTINA: I could be!!
KELLY: Yeah! If she could time travel and change gender
ME: Like a transsexual Dr Who?
 It's been too long. I've missed her. I told her that I missed her. She simply looked confused and asked:
KELLY: When?
Oh dear.
ME: *confused over Perfume bottle design* What do you think I should do it on?
KELLY: A Leprechaun bucket.

No-one was talking about Leprechauns... this was insanely random!

Ahhh, sure is good to be back!

Lauren out xxx

EDIT: How could I forget, found out that one of the girl's that used to be in my year is now engaged!! Crazy! Congratulations are in order!

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