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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

What are you doing with that toothbrush? Dad... DAD?!

Sorry about last blog post, wasn't in the most fantastic of moods, much better now!

Did a tiny bit of photography

Just because, you know, if you're a photographer, that the need to take photos is immense sometimes.

Made another rose for my art project.

This one's white. Ain't it pretty?

Was watching Big Fat Quiz of the year too, hilarious! Louie Spence? Genius!

MICHAEL MCINTYRE: I have a question for Louie... did you have to come out to your parents?
LOUIE SPENCE: I was born out!! I was, I just came out like this *Does a spin, followed by jazz hands*

This was the thing that took me out of the bad mood, I swear that show is like anti-depressants!

Emmm... Oh yeah, my Dad shoved a toothbrush down my ass crack.

MY toothbrush. Ewwwww...

I swear, he's luck it's an electric toothbrush with interchangeable heads.

I can't make up stuff like that people, that's what happened.

The toothbrush head is now in the bin and I can't look at my Dad straight.

Lauren out xxx


  1. Can you secretly swap toothbrushes with him without changing the toothbrush head? :P

    And what are the roses made of, again? They look edible but I know they're not. D:

  2. He doesn't have an electric toothbrush, so If I could change the toothbrush, I'd call myself a pretty awesome magician ;) ALAKAZAAAAM!

    Fimo! It's like Play-doh, but when you bake it, it goes hard :)

    And technically, it didn't say not to eat it! xx