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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

WAAAAH! *stress stress stress*

Please, please appreciate how busy I am and how amazing it is that I've found time to write this blog!

Apologise for the hurry! 


It was pretty interesting today! We were learning about depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and eating disorders, also, i discovered how many people don't know what their favourite movie is!


Poor bloke wasn't very good at presentations though, all you heard was...
PRESENTATION GUY: Uhhh.... errrr ummm.... Urrrrrr............. Emmmm.

Gaaah, so boring, just writing out stuff. Let's move along toooo:


I don't think I'm passing this year! Haha, you can't have this much fun and pass at the same time.

Liam is making a mask, and it's actually really scary because it looks like leatherface from that horror movie... you know, the technical terms are being used here. Well, Zoe wore the mask and was sneaking up behind Rachel, we were all killing ourselves laughing and then Rachel covers her eyes and refuses to look at Zoe ^_^


Woah. I've forgotten just about everything!

OH! Kelly and Lee went to Jimmy Cheungs yesterday and they got a fortune cookie!

Kelly's said "Roses will bring you luck"... What is my Design project on?

ROSES! Roses on perfume bottles but roses none the less!

So hopefully it will bring her luck!

Oh well, It was fun!

Me and Kristina went to see Mrs Rankin after that, they needed photographers for tonight and tomorrow, this is where stress comes in!

I have IMPOSSIBLE maths homework, a design essay and a Psychology re-sit... all for Thursday.


Lewis was chucking rice everywhere... and I almost got korma chucked all over me! Haha, there is a god!

Sophie told Lewis he had a "bat in the cave"... Ahhh her honesty makes me smile!


Dougal and Calum were skiving, so it was just me and Sophie today.

Mr Hughes was trying to give us clues for questions... very obvious clues:
"Is it Tractorise or factorise?"

After that, rushed home and got dressed. Back out of the door to go meet Kristina.

We went to Subway, Mmm, I got a footlong Italian with Bacon, Chicken, cheese and BBQ sauce, so yummy! Recommend it!

Kristina is really tired, bless her, some of the things she came out with...
KRISTINA: Flutter your eyebrows...
Think you mean eyelashes hun!

Ross was there, you guys need to see his timelapse of the set, it's actually amazing!

My knees wouldn't stop shaking through the whole performance. Don't know why!!

I was like *clicks shutter button* KACHOWW! *People look towards me in disgust* ... slinking away.

Oh! Haha, forgot to mention what the play was about... Was my school's production of Grease! And it was really good ^_^

I ended up in the spotlight for some reason... oops. Not trying to upstage Laura (Played Sandy) I swear! Couldn't do that if I wanted to!

Andrew had a scene where he got skegged (or for you none Scots, his trousers were pulled down) so he was standing, in front of around 50/75 people, in his boxers. In the middle of a spotlight.

What happens?

They pull down his pants too.

Thank god he wore two pairs eh!?

Kristina was blaming me for her getting spoken to by drunks too.
DRUNK GUY: Have you got sky?
ME: Yeah!
DRUNK GUY: Have you watched Jersey Shore?
ME: No!!
DRUNK GUY: *Weird noise of disapproval* I have nothing more to talk to you about! 
And then, a little bit later
POSSIBLY DRUNK GUY: Do you know where I can get food from?
KRISTINA: Dow there!
POSSIBLY DRUNK GUY: Great, thanks. *Holds out his fist to knuckle bump*
Yeeeaaaahh. We knuckle bumped him.

Then Kristina realised that she kind of pointed him in the wrong direction and told me that we should have sent him to Private Eyes (Strip joint).

I said that I felt sorry for the girls that worked there, cause they were probably just lawyers and that....
KRISTINA: Oh yeah, they are all lawyers and entrepeneurs! This is what they do for fun.

Squash my theory why don't you!

Lauren xx 

P.S. Photos will be put up once I find time >_<

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