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Monday, 10 January 2011

Vanity shall kill us all.

Twitter people, you should be aware of what this post is about...

The public menace that is Kenneth Tong.

For those who AREN'T on twitter, let me fill you in.

This is Kenneth Tong. You may remember him from Big Brother, or, like me three days ago, you've never seen or heard of him in your life). 

Why is he causing such a fuss on twitter?


Read some of his tweets and you understand why people are so upset:
"Do fat people cry themselves to sleep every night cause they are a disgrace to humanity?"
"Wake up. Your disgusting. Your so fat you don't deserve sleep. Go look in the mirror & hate yourself. I don't want you eating today. "
"The words lunch, breakfast, and dinner should now mean nothing to you, you have eaten enough for a lifetime. Stop. You are disgusting."
"Kenneth Tong: making it acceptable for skinny people globally to call fat people what they are, disgusting"
He believes that "managed anorexia" is the best way to combat the "horrors that is fat".

I cannot even begin to explain how much that pains me to read. It honestly makes me want to weep. Weep for the masses of anorexics who are forced everyday to try combating this nasty disease, because that's what it is, a disease. Do you honestly think for ONE MINUTE that you can stop your "managed anorexia" diet whenever you want? 

You can't.

Anorexia is a mental disorder, it's a compulsion. It takes one of life's biggest comforts, food, and turns it into your worst enemy. So you're thin. Woop-di-do.  Is that really worth making yourself ill over? Is it really worth your time, looking in the mirror, staring at nothing but bone and seeing nothing but fat? Not content with yourself until that last fat cell has disappeared?

You know what happens then?

You're body starts using your muscles as a food source. It's basically pressing self destruct.

This is not sexy.
This is not beautiful.
This is a mental disorder.

Do you see Chicken Pox on the cover of Vogue? Or how about those undergoing cancer treatment? No? Maybe those suffering from cholera then? Do you see them on the cover of magazines?


So tell me, why should those diseases not be shown, if models suffering from anorexia and bulimia are on the cover? I realise that this is not anywhere near to being a perfect comparison, but I hope you get my point. Anything that promotes an unhealthy lifestyle should, in my opinion, not be given exposure.

Our culture is the reason that anorexia is such a common disease. You see airbrushed, tummy tucked, personal trained celebrities. Everywhere. So we, as children, were exposed to it. And we've been exposed to it whilst growing up. And when we're grown up we'll still be exposed to it. And when we have children, we will find that the cycle will start. All. Over. Again.

It's sad. I know. And this is why so many people are angry with Kenneth Tong. For him to tell people that they are fat because they're over a size zero and, because of that, they are disgusting... it's insanity. I've never heard of someone so much crap in my entire life.

To exploit a disease as serious as anorexia, a disease that kills so many innocent lives every year, for something as trivial as fashion... It's sickening.

So please. I BEG you. Don't buy that pill. Don't be tempted to take an easy route and commit to Kenneth Tong's program. You may not believe me but you are beautiful, the way you are, flaws and all. There are seven billion people are in the world at this precise moment, so tell me, why would you want to be a carbon copy of everyone else? Why would you want to risk your health and happiness just to look a little but thinner?

You are beautiful, and you don't need to change for anyone, or anything.

The people that matter? They realise this, and love you as you are. And the people that don't? They don't matter, because if they cannot accept you, just as you are, they don't deserve you anyway.

Conformity is for the masses, individuality is for the brave. 

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