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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Natalie Portman is Dumbledore?

Let's get straight to it!


Note that I was INCREDIBLY tired. And when I get tired and happy, I act all mellow/high.

Linzie thought I was high yesterday.


Can't figure out WHY.

Kelly finally saw a trailer for Black Swan.

Safe to say, she didn't get it, we talked about that two minute trailer for forty five minutes. That and Natalie Portman. And Harry Potter.

Linzie said on Tuesday that her favourite film was Harry Potter. She revealed that it wasn't Harry Potter... It was about a boy and she was too embarrassed to admit that.
ME: And Harry Potter is a less embarrassing choice?
We were discussing the different roles that Natalie Portman has played, whilst still talking about Harry Potter... ended up that Kelly got confused and thought that Natalie Portman played Dumbledore.

All I can say is...
The make up department deserve an award. 
A REALLY big award.


Kelly decided to play about with some ideas, so she was putting different coloured sweetie wrappers over flowers made out of cans (Give her points for originality).

She spent a good five minutes with those wrappers over her eyes, to change the colour of the room... Deeaaaaaar lord.

Art was awesome as always, I NEVER want to leave that classroom!

Had a muffin. That made me more "High". Linzie was still scared of me.


THAT brought me crashing back to tiredness.

Mrs Fulton is a legend though.

She was talking about her short stay in hospital and how she got her wisdom tooth pulled out.

Took forty five minutes to get it out!


And she was in the hospital and she said that all you could see was drunks and druggies and some man beating on a door saying
"I need a pisssss!"
She was also speaking about the ultra violet lights in the toilets so druggies couldn't shoot up and how it makes it feel like CSI because you can see "Stuff" all over the cubicle walls. Eww!

Had a nice chat with Lee too :)


Good times.

I can't quite remember what was said to be honest... Dr Robertson was being adorable again, can't remember what he was saying though.

Last period was funny though! We were talking about contraception and how effective it is.
MRS DUNCAN: The morning after pill is only 85% effective
MILTON: Just take two of them, then it's like........ 150%  effective!
Also, condoms are only 95-98% effective! Ahhh! Do some mens sperm have powertools or something?!

This pregnancy was brought to you by Black and Decker!

Effectiveness wears away with age, so don't buy BOGOFF condoms from Tesco's value range!!

Unless you want a child that is.

Photography for Grease went pretty well! We were backstage in the dressing room and people were getting changed and we were holding cameras....

Scream and shout, Pedo bears about!

Laura was changing and all you heard was "Chikaaaa!". She looks at Kristina and asks 
LAURA: Did you just take a photo of me?!
KRISTINA: Noo! I took a photo of Adele!

Looks better on Here for some reason though, It's the one shot I'm proud of!

I'm really proud of the Grease cast members, they really are brilliant. And they are all incredibly adorable. Like a little family. N'yaaaw.

Did NOT end up in the spotlight! Had a very enjoyable time though, shame I was so tired though!

Lauren xxx

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