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Sunday, 16 January 2011


Wow. It's toasty today... 

Does anyone have the temperature for Aberdeen?

WOAH!! It's 11 degrees!?! As said, Heatwave!

No wonder I'm boiling.

So yeah, this a momentous day for me, January 16th marks the first day in 2011 that I've needed to open the window because it's too hot. Joy!

Rightio, back to business.

I woke up "early" today, 12.30, which, for me on a Sunday afternoon, is nothing short of a miracle. And you know why I woke up then?

The sun.

Yes fellow Scots, remember the Sun?
No? Neither could I, that's why I googled it.

Yes. The sun was shining. Brightly. Warmly. This morning. Oh. My. GOD!

Tweet from earlier on this afternoon: 
"HOLY CRAP!! What is this bright source of light!?! The sun you say? I live in Scotland, you must be mistaken"
I'm pretty psyched about this. Don't ruin it for me ;)

Other than that, not much has been accomplished today.

Took a few pictures, here's a few of them, nothing exciting!

That's it really!

Going to have my bath tonight though, and probablly study a little for my Psychology NAB.

Ahh well. Hope you's all had a lovely weekend  and hope you have a great week!

Lauren xxx

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