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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Get narrow with Garrow

Today's been the best Wednesday ever!

Thought I was going to miss today... nothing unusual about that, turns out that not only did I catch it, I got a seat, and free wi-fi!

Booo yah!

Was speaking about Oscar noms with Sara, I told her about "Winter's Bone" and "True Grit" getting best picture noms, she didn't even know what they were, so suggested that we mash them together and just call it "Winter's Grit"....

Got the promotional poster for 
"Winter's grit" right here.

Me and Linzie did a cover of "Under the sea" from the Little Mermaid.

As a themetune for Johnny and Kelbie's fight in the girls bathroom yesterday. You know, because apparantly they were fighting under the sink....
"Under de sink, under de sink, doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo, if you're a mink!"
Yeah. We don't really know the lyrics. 


As usual not much was done, so perfect way to start off the day!

Michelle was getting a little frisky with Kelly, she was seriously creeped out, I was peeing myself laughing at Kelly's facial reactions as Michelle started inching ever closer to her face.

Michelle recorded a fitness DVD in P.E. though, most hilarious thing I've seen in ages! 

Kelly fondly named it "Get Narrow with Garrow"

Michelle now has a tagline!
MICHELLE: Now that's how you do it!

Me and Linzie were skipping to, almost fell over the skipping rope, proud moment, proud moment.


Ahhhh Art! Kelly was back today, so I was much happier in art!

Spent the entire period searching for a pair of scissors that were not stuck together!

Just a good time, not much to comment on.


Kind of a "skive" today. 

Did some planning, but was mostly talking to Lee about her upcoming college interview (Good luck!) and Inception/Black Swan.

Mrs Fulton opened up and told us that she was in a car crash, poor toot.

OH! And her and Mrs Gray discovered a train set, a HUGE trainset, in the English cupboard that belonged to Mr Rae and they were going to sell it on ebay!

Girls toilets were wrecked at lunch, bins were upturned and shoved in toilets, there was no soap, no toilet paper, and the sanitary bins were emptied onto the floor.... ewwwwwww.

Assembly alert: HIGH.


Some good but random banter and revision. We're almost done Unit 2, you know what that means??


Lauren xxx

P.S. Might post the link to "Get Narrow with Garrow" if this thing ever uploads!

P.P.S. Thanks for putting up with my mindless typing! 723 blog views this month and counting! Again, big mwah to you all!

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