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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Woah, woah, woah, calm down ladies, find another place to fight.

The Boxing Day sales Mania continues.

Lewis and Halle made me drag myself out of bed at 7.45am so I would be at the bus stop to meet Lewis at 9.15am.

Guess what?

I was still late.

I started watching Batman Begins and eating toast, match made in heaven. Christopher Nolan? How could I love you anymore?

Anyways, Mum insisted on giving me £30 (Thank you Mum!!) and making Dad drive me to the bus stop cause I was running late for Lewis again (what's new?)

Turns out someone got stuck in the snow, blocking off the end of our street, so it took longer to arrive at the bus stop... fail!

And I was still earlier than Lewis. Kachoooooow!

He had brought his shiny new iPhone 4, still new, in it's wee box, he's so proud of it.

So we had to go to Orange shop first, so we were waiting to cross the road
ME: Do you like Nicholas Cage?
LEWIS: Who's he again?
ME: Sorceror's Apprentice, Ghost rider,yah know... That's him there, on the bus stop!
LEWIS: Where!?
ME: Outside the orange shop!
LEWIS: The boy cleaning the window?
ME: ... No! On the poster! NUMPTY! 
LEWIS: Aww... I was going to run over and get his autograph.

Orange shop gave Lewis his sim card, did you know that you've got to use a TINY little key to open the phone to make it accept a sim card? Crazy.

Off to the Trinity centre after that, Lewis was trying to find a nice case for his iPhone. It's really difficult to find a nice case that is masculine. So, unless Lewis wants to wander around with a bedazzled, butterfly case, he would have to make do with some plain colours.

Or, in Lewis' case, a bright yellow one.

Hey, at least he won't be able to lose it.

Went to Argos after that, have you ever tried searching on those wee LCD screens you get there? We've never.

One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time, just watching Lewis trying to type in "iPhone 4 covers" on the touch screen...

"iPhone 4 cover"


Could imagine that screen going through the window.

Halle jumped into our day (literally) whilst Lewis tried to do that too, Amigo day out began.

Lewis was on a freaking roll.

Me and Halle (despite being women and obviously designed for shopping, we were being the ones that followed Lewis around, not spending any money) were just having a nice chat, and she showed me a photo of a guy... she took this on the bus into town... not as pervy as it sounds.

It looked like Wagner. 


Oh! Oh! Rejoice subway fans! No longer do you have to make do with icky Baguette express!

Seriously... eww. It has no test. You want to eat? Eat this.

It's cardboard... but it sure looks good.

Subway Union Square has arrived. And it has lots of tables. And it's got a timer on the toaster.

It's got a freaking timer on the toaster!!!

As you can tell, I love Subway. Tastes like a slice of heaven. If heaven was edible.

OMFG CANDYFLOSSS!!! There is a god.

Me and Halle wanted some of Pulp's cute T-shirts.

But Lewis was being so critical...
LEWIS: Slitting your wrists is part of the dress code here.
Okay... it was fairly hilarious but... STEREOTYPING!

The town was so busy today... there was actually a queue to cross the road.


Snow was melting too so the amount of times I got dripped on was ridiculous.

Mum bought me this GORGEOUS coat from Jane Norman. LOVE YOU!!

Went to see Ashleigh in her work too, she said that she was just in Starbucks and some lady fell over and her hot chocolate went flying over her shoulder... Ahhh you can't help but smile to yourself.

Schadenfreude for yah.

Oh, and HMV was crazy today, too many good deals in such a cramped space, people were going crazy...
ANGRY WOMAN TWO: NO!! I SAID "**** THIS" *she trails off*
Oh wow. Thought I was going to see a fight break out.

The queue upstairs was right along to the box set sections (it was huge) and I needed to see if they had One tree Hill season 3 so I was bending down to crotch level in the middle of the queue... 

Note to self: Do not look left in those situations.

Went to yo sushi for some Chicken Katsu Curry (NOM!) and there was a new member of staff there.

She's really sweet, and she looks like Cameron Diaz.

Sorry... she WAS Cameron Diaz. Yeah. We got served by a successful actress. Jealous?

Haha, one of the chefs got angry with one of the vegetables... she started pounding down on the knife to try cutting through it. Adorable.

Met up with Ross after that, we were meant to go see "Meet the Parents Little Fockers" but...
HALLE: You say it.
ME: No, you say it.
ROSS: No! Because I'm going to swear!
LADY BEHIND DESK: *looks at us as if to say COME ON!"
ROSS: Three tickets to Meet the Parents.
LADY BEHIND DESK: For three of you? *Taps on LCD screen* There's only seats available in the second row from the front...
HALLE: Doesn't matter then.

So, we just wandered about.

OH! And we tried to guess the passwords for the Sony Centre's laptops.


You see... things started to happen when I typed in "Applestoresucks" and the welcome screen started to show.

I was away to burst into fits.

Turns out that wasn't the password... but Imagine if it was?

And the escalator stopped working.

But it took a moment for that to register with me and Halle... we looked down at our feet and said "Oh!"

Kind of just went home after that...

Me and Ross were waiting at the bus stop for a 21, and the bus came (and stopped RIGHT in front of a dripping bus shelter... grrr) and we got on it. 

So, I turn around and see this lady running for the bus... :
LADY RUNNING FOR BUS: Ahhhh just in time *runs face first into drip" WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!! 
I was so tempted to laugh, I'm not going to lie to you.

Met Michelle (Irish Michelle, not one of my bestos Michelle) on the bus... well that was awkward.
MICHELLE: You's two are cute together!
 *Awkward silence*
ME: Ehhh... We're not together.
MICHELLE: But you'd make a cute couple
Whap oot the awkward turtle... QUICKLY! This is an emergency!

(Oh! Happy Birthday Hayley Williams!)

I ate myself into a food coma once I got home... Was bad.

Had Soup, Turkey Sandwiches, Trifle AND skittles.

I couldn't get up. Honestly.

I rolled to grab the remote.

My Mum thought it would be funny to tickle me into an Elmo LOLing oblvion.

You think that's funny? Well, DO YAH?!

Would you tickle a tortoise that was lying on it's back?

Oh, and my Mum failed so hard.
ME: 50% off perfumes in the perfume shop
MUM: Oh!! Do they have... pussy?
*she's meaning Katy Perry's "Purr"*
ME: No Mum... they don't sell Pussy in the perfume shop.
Left: Pussycat.
Right: ... You fill in the ellipses.

Lauren out xxx

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