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Monday, 6 December 2010

We learnt something in English? MIRACLES DO EXIST!

Woke up to another Christmas movie (told you my Mum was addicted!)

She had the day off today, I wasn't quite so lucky.

So, as she was toasty by the heater, snuggled up and watching Christmas movies, I was trying not to fall on my bum (very icy today).

The chihuahua graters (Boots that look like chihuahuas but feel like graters, not graters that are used on chihuahua's) helped me massively.

But as soon as we walked off of the bus, everybody was hanging on to each-other.

Not sure why we all do that, it's not like their going to save you if you fall, most you can hope for is dragging em down with you so you don't look so stupid.

Sara had to use her hands to stop her from face-planting the ice, she was almost sprawled out on the ground. Twice. Bless!

Abie said that if she is about to fall, she starts flapping her arms like a bird. As if she was going to fly. Hehe, that kid is adorable.

Started having a coughing fit in Redgy too, not good!

Linzie treated me as if I had swine flu (awww, remember that? And how everyone thought the apocalypse was coming early and we'd end up looking like zombies?! Good times.)

Nice to have friends like mine eh?


That's what I'm speaking about, Mrs Fulton!!

We learned about TWO poems!!

Both Carol Ann Duffy (great poet), one is called "Shooting Stars" and the other one is called "War Photographer".

I was quite moved by one of the lines from "Shooting Stars"...
"Sister, if seas part us, do you not consider me?"
Was all about war and the horrors of the holocaust, real deep stuff. Puts your own problems in context.

Mrs Fulton has a brilliant reading voice.Very emotive :)

The next period, we were creating our plans for our first proper essay (Yeah, we're in December, ridiculous time to be doing a first essay!!!)

We had a really strange teacher though, he wore a funky tie and made bad jokes...

That we laughed at for some odd reason, but that's not the point.

He was doing the register and he stopped at Billy's name...
MR STRANGE: William? Where's William?
CLASS: William?
MR STRANGE: Oh, must be tired from last night's X factor.
CLASS: What are you talking about?
MR STRANGE: We are talking about Will.I.Am right?

He asked us to be quiet too, but most of the class were NOT, so he started listening into convos.
MR STRANGE: You were talking about applications... apps.... for your phone.
STEWART: No... We weren't
MR STRANGE: Really? Because I saw you showing him your iPod under the table, at least, I hope it was your iPod and not something else.
STEWART: It was something else.
MR STRANGE: I think the iPod would have been more interesting.
Then he was trying to bribe us to be quiet!
MR STRANGE: If you are quiet, I'll print this [holds up a Smiley face stamp] on your work. If you're not quiet, I'll print it on your forehead.
MEGAN: Were you a Primary teacher?
MR STRANGE: No, can't stand them! 
At least he's honest.

He was also raking through Ms Shaw's drawers... emm... I mean cabinets (Just to be clear).

Got a muffin at break and talked about her...

Lactating dairy products other than milk? I'm game.

With her...

Bless, she's such a cutie pie!

Yeah, Katy Perry is going on sale, and she's coming to the AECC!!

It was on the Down low until evening express ruined the surprise.



We were learning about the heart valves and what's in the blood.

And making fun of each-others shoes, but that's not the point.

Would you say "Neil Armstrong called, he wants his boots back" is a good burn?

Yeah.... me too :D

Just having a good discussion about X factor, I'm a celebrity and Christmas shopping with Claire really.

OH! And having a discussion about Katy Perry, The Script, comedians and One tree hill with Abie and Linzie.

Milton and Aaron wiped the floor with Kelbie's blazer while he was sent out of the room (Literally).

And I passed my NAB, well chuffed, 36/40? YES PLEASE!

Don't know how I managed that, Sure I got a few more wrong, ahh wells. I passed! That's all that matters.

Well... not ALL that matters. But... ahhhh you know what I mean.

Went into town with my Mum after that, had a good time! We were looking for Christmas presents but it didn't really work out (I'll have a look on Thursday!)

Mum bought me my Practical Photography magazine, A cheese, chicken and BBQ toasty and a Toffee Nut latte from starbucks.

It was heavenly. Mum agrees with me.

She almost went back to get to get her own one.

Bumped into Myke Black, he was busking, he was singing "I'm yours" by Jason Mraz, he should really record that version, it's amazing! He's so talented.

Again, I direct you to this link because he DESERVES to be listened to WARNING: This cover will make sweet, sweeeet love to your ears.

Also, figured out which camera I'm asking "Santa" for.

Doo do doooooo!!

Sexual beast eh?

Mum was having a look around town for clothes to, had a brilliant day with her :)

Got back to my house, and you know who phoned?

Okay, you don't.


Haven't spoken to her in AGES. Always feel guilty about that. 

But Michelle, Jennifer and I are going to town on Thursday to go Christmas shopping. Hehe, brilliant!

Already bought Michelle's prezzy.

NOTE: That is not Michelle.

Just need to get Mum's, Dad's, Chloe's, Halle's, Secret Santa's and Lewis' :L 

So not making progress.

Ah well.

How are you all doing?

How's the Christmas shopping going?

Lauren out xxx

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