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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Sometimes, you start the day with expectations that it is going to suck.

And, on rare occasions, the day will rock and prove you wrong.

This was one of those days.

I swear, listen to music as you're getting dressed, makes the world a better place.

Was hilarious on the bus to school this morning! We were all talking about Corrie's explosive episode last night. And how bad it was.

Don't get me wrong, we all loved it, but the scenes were just so overdramatic!

It was the tram that came over the bridge that made us all cringe. Pretty bad graphics, I said that it looks like a slinky flipping over.

Also, when Molly ran into the shop, haha, was like the starting point for a marathon!

Shouldn't laugh, her character dies. But still, LOL!

Let's crack on with it then?


Ahhh maaaaaaaaan. Where to begin...

We were meant to be doing Y.P.I again, but my groups problem?

It's like, the 6th week in and we still haven't even phoned our charity.

So, Mrs Anderson isn't best pleased with us.

She asks us if we've made any progress, Greg tells her no and she tells us to go to the Science Lecture theatre and "Think about whether or not [we] are going to participate"


So we sat in the science lecture theatre. We're such a bad "team", we were sitting at entirely different parts of the room!!

Haha, it was alright though, other people in our class wafted in and out to see what we were thinking about. So we were very vocal about out opinions. At least I was:
  1. This is not a VOLUNTARY program. We are forced into doing this initiative, whether we want to or not.
  2. More charities, and therefore, more causes, would benefit from 5th year pupils creating one large group and FUND-RAISING for the charities, not just making up a stupid presentation.
  3. Most of our year is doing our charity, Befriend a child. So 4/5 groups would be wasting their time
  4. There is NO way we can win this, as it is not just dependant on your presentation, but also your team work skills. And we have zero.
Why does she have such faith in us anyways? 

She looks at us and sees heroes. She sees supermen and superwoman, masked crusaders, she does not see the Clark Kent's or the anti-heroes. She does not see the villain that we see when we look in the mirror. Let her keep her perceptions I say...

She came through and elected me as "spokesperson" for the group.


0/5 of those points I brought up were discussed. What's worse? She used the term "Extremely disappointed". EVEN worse?

Lauren was wanting to speak to her, so she turns up behind her, opens her mouth, realises that we are getting into trouble, flaps her mouth in confusion for a little bit and then starts smiling. 

So I almost burst out laughing, when Mrs Anderson was being DEADLY serious.



We were learning about the reproductive system.

Yaaaaaaay! Everyone's favourite, embarrassing topic!

When you are sitting next to Abie, this topic will ALWAYS be fun. She's so giggly, I have a feeling I'm gonna be in fits a HELL of a lot of the time.

We had to fill in this sheet on the "Male reproductive system".

Which, is very difficult! But Mrs Duncan assured us it's easy...

Compared to the Female reproductive system that is.

Well, our class decided to make it easier to understand.
MILTON: Anyone know what the peanut's called?
MRS DUNCAN: Peanut? *laughs*
ABIE: Oooh, what about the wee tube? Or the... Semny-fur-us tubaloo?
ME: Cute! D'yah mean the Semin... tubule?
Well, do what you wanna do right?

Then trying to define the scrotum? Ahhh....
MILTON: Isn't it just to keep the testes in? Like a stylish man bag?
And then we got onto trying to answer the questions... So it went a little like this.
MRS DUNCAN: What is the first one then?
ABIE: Penis.
Everything is quiet.
ABIE: Penis.
Still, nothing.
ABIE: Penis.
ABIE: Is it Penis?
Haha, take your time toots! It was after that though, that was crazy.
STEWART: Urethra!
KELBIE: Scrotum!
ABIE: Penis!
ME: Testes!
Sounded like a class full of tourettes.

Love how our Head teacher walked in at that point too. Haha, love our class.


Now I loved this period of art (even though Kelly was still skiving...)

Was sent onto the computer to find out how to make roses out of fimo for my perfume bottle stopper.

After a double period, this is the end result

So proud!!

And we found a HUGE stash of Fimo in the art department, some even had glitter in them!

This is a HUGE deal for us, we thought the department was broke. Let us have it ;)

People were trying on Liam's mask, so cool, got huge flames coming out of it and everything.

And Greg was still failing at photoshop. Haha...
GREG: How do you make it bigger?
KRISTINA: Make WHAT bigger, there's nothing there... 
Lunch was basically just organising Christmas days out. No biggy.

So it's either Jimmy Cheungs or Prezzo and then the cinema for the amigo day out and the day after that, Bowling, dodgems and a pizza. 

Perfect. Can't wait till that now!

Halle was telling me how awesome the paninis were... Totally made me want to go up and buy one. I'm a sucker for word of mouth advertising.


We had Mrs Young, she is SOOOOOO cute! She really is adorable!

She's such an innocent little thing, but know how to have a laugh and she's had a hip replacement. N'yawwww.

She couldn't even reach the top of the board because of her height <3

BUT, everyone was taking advantage of her and just not paying attention and having a chat.

Me included, but I listened to her when she teaching, yahknow, Respect.

THEN got to eat some of Calum's skittles. Herooooo!

Was hilarious though, for half of the period, all you hear is sucking noises, you turn around and all you see is Calum and Sophie sucking up skittles from the table without touching them. Hahaaaaa, little nutcases! <3

Sophie spilt about half of her anti-septic hand cream over her trousers, so she wasn't too chuffed about that.

I was telling them about my disturbing experiences in Florida with the dolphins. I was only eight, and was REALLY little so I had tiny arms, so I was leaning over to try and clap a dolphin, you know, because it was about a metre away from me. I was within 5cm of it and y'know what it did?

It laughed at me and swam away.

Damn dolphin.

Calum was expressing his love for Shamu. Who doesn't love Shamu?

Just a really good period of maths tbh, I love Sophie, Calum and Dougal, they make maths bearable!

Everything seemed to happen AFTER school.

Lewis was 10cm away from getting run over.

Not even joking, he saw a bus (And I'm sorry toots, but it had PASSED the bus stop by the time you started running for it! There was no way you were going to catch it) and he starts running for it.

What does he do? Step right in front of a moving car and then carries on running, trying to his balance.


So, after a nice chat with Andrew, we decided to head back to the school bus stop, and Lewis made me run for that too (Was laughing so much I thought I was going to swallow my Soother) and y'know what?

We could have walked CRAWLED there and still caught the bus.

We had some foreign bus driver, he was so picky, made sure that your bus pass was in date, even used his door as a barricade so people that didn't get approval didn't get passed.

School was let out half an hour early so we could get home before traffic starts getting bad, and what happens?

He says he CAN'T leave until twenty past three.


Not only that, Kyle had to direct him cause he didn't know where he was going!

People on the upper deck were getting a bit crazy (crazier more appropriate?) and started chucking bottles, sweets and wrappers down the stairs.

Then this liquid came crashing down, like it was poured, and splashed about a lot... then it STUNK of pee...

We think someone peed on the bus... like, whap it oot, peed on the bus.


Know what Laura says?

LAURA: Smells like... gravy?
ABIE: Remind me not to come to YOUR house for Christmas Dinner then!
Ahhhhh Pisto. 

Just had a brilliant day to be honest, how was your day?

Lauren out xxx 

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