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Thursday, 23 December 2010

... That's my redgy teacher... I didn't know she could sing.

Ahhhh, extending my idea that I know a LOT of talented people? My Redgy teacher.

Back to that later, it was last day of school!!

But I almost didn't make it to school... And I SWEAR this isn't an excuse...

My door froze, and I couldn't lock it.

So I phoned my Mum explaining the situation, who laughed at me (thanks for the constant support) and then told me to whap oot the hairdryer and start defrosting it!


Seemed to work mind you.

So, needless, to say, was late for the bus.

Christmas Assembly

Got there eventually though, wandered into the Christmas assembly to people singing hymns *sigh* and then someone started tugging at my arm and speaking to me. 

It was dark, so forgive me for not recognising Jennifer! She talked to me about the splitting of Paramore 

Awwwwww the Farro twins... How you will be missed... Especially you Zac... Pwhoaaaaar. Maybe it's just the beanie hat and the checked shirt... If he was only wearing awesome high tops he would be my PERFECT GUY <3

I digress...

Sara was back at school today... oh! Should have probably added that in yesterdays blog!!

Sara fainted on the bus to school on Tuesday.

Such a shame.

And Ashleigh was sick after getting off of the bus... poor toots.

Hence why we SHOULDN'T be at school ;)

OH! And Abie fell on her bum yesterday. Had to be said! Bless. She was having such a bad day. Thursday will make it up for the crappy week she's been having!!

But yeah, Sara's back at school, even though she's not feeling great. And you know why?

To give everyone their cards.

If she could get any more adorable, I might die. I love Sara! 

Her card was also adorable, had a cute mini santa on it!

Well, her and Linzie were having a nice wee sing song and a bit of a dance, I wasn't really in the mood to (and, I couldn't find a seat of my own so I shared with Jennifer)

But Mr Hughson introduced the next act... Mrs Talboys. 

Gah. Was going to upload the video but I have misplaced my camera.


Will find it. No worries.

My Redgy teacher was REALLY good though! Major shocked! Well cute though, she was like "You are my ree-deema. You are my Cre-ay-tah!" Hehe. It became a 5th/6th/teacher greeting for the day.

Kristina went to ask about taking photos for 3rd and 4th periods. We were allowed to! But Kristina was given this raft of a camera "The School camera"....

Big suprise.

Specifications on it was shocking, 2x optical zoom, 6 megapixels, 5 different modes... maaaaan

And it was as thick as the layer of snow outside my back door (extremely thick)


We did absolutely nothing in art, just had a blether.

Well… me and Kristina were having a play about with the schools camera. Turns out the AF on that thing is none existant. My camera was a big boy and showed the School’s camera a thing or two.

Aaron made the coolest card ever, it was a snowman (OMG, No pun intended *slaps self*) and it was so good! Aaron is amazing at cartoons.

Then Rachel came out with something really strange.
RACHEL: You can’t drown a fish.
Everyone just kind of looked at her and then burst out laughing… Oh Rachel, you strange, strange child ^_^


Lee ended up joining the “Camera Crew”.

She didn’t want to be in English all by herself, didn’t blame her!

So she just sat down and listened to her iPod for third period whilst the assembly was going on, shooting me “WTF is happening?” looks every so often. Ahaaaa, I love Lee!

I had a good time, just had to record, used my HD movie mode, so felt a little like a director (just a little) and it felt SO good. Must write this movie script soon, directing is calling me and I don’t want to leave it to go to voicemail.

Fourth period came and Connor handed me a Video camera and told me that Mr Tullock wanted a copy of the show too.

And I thought I was going to get to do some photography!!

So, I handed the camera to Lee, trusting her to take photos with it (I’m very protective with my baby after he almost got dropped down the toilet by my little cousin).

She got some really good shots, an achievement cause it was low lighting conditions and she’s never handled the camera before!

Well done Lee!

I had the easy job, zooming in and out with a Sony 40x optical zoom camcorder and a tripod. Was a dream. 

Fade played (a band of Kincorth pupils that are really good) and Lloyd forgot the name of the song he was singing AGAIN (Merry Christmas everybody) and they were short of a tambourine player, so some nut from 4th year went onto the stage, totally milking the limelight!!

Ryan was playing drums, sneaked him into Mr Tullock’s video… What? He deserves a visual mention!

All the teachers did head banging movements to Ryan… was well weird.

Had a good time though. I never feel happier than when a camera/camcorder is in my hand. I feel naked without it.

The raft of the camera the school gave Kristina caused her to give up. That’s one bad camera. Kristina never turns her back on photography.

Megan told me a story about how there was a condom beside her water bottle, and she thought it must have belonged to one of the girls so she asked “Who’s condom is that?” and half of the girls turned red… So Kincorth is a bit of a slutty school? Yeah. I’ll go for that.

Megan showed me the photos she took with Laura too, so funny! She’s got a mode on her camera that can turn a frown into a smile and it looks SO Creepy so we tried it out on different people.


Dr Robertson had on grooveshark and let us pick Christmas songs to play.
“Walking in the air” came on… you should have seen Abie. She was doing dance moves and imitating the boys voice! 

LINZIE: How do boys sing that high?
*I give her a “Private joke?” look*
LINZIE: Castrated male!
Mrs Duncan’s class was a waste of time (a good waste of time but a waste of time none the less). We didn’t even get our books out.

We were talking about this old man who someone pushed over, speculating over who it is and then…
NIAMH: How could someone just leave that old man there, with his legs flailing around in the air?! 
Mrs Duncan gave all the girls a Quality street. She closed the door so the boys and girls were separated.... Well... we were already seperated, so she just closed the door so they wouldn't get jealous that we got sweets. Milton came out of a room wearing a lab coat. Totally awesome. Always thought he was a bit of an evil genius.

After school, I went to Sara and Ashleigh’s with their presents. Went into Ashleigh’s house (Hehe, she was persistent in this ;D) and all I can say is that her tree is the eighth wonder of the world.

You ain't got nothing on Ashleigh bub.

Got SO many disney baubles… there’s Mr and Mrs Potato head, a Sparkly jewish star, around 30 Mickey and Minnie baubles and there’s even a Tinkerbell fairy to go on top.

Also, Ashleigh’s dog, Mimzy, is the cutest little powder puff EVER. I want to steal her.

Then we got talking about Mailwoman and how it sounds like Malewoman… which sounds like your calling them a transvestite… which is offensive.

Then we branched onto political correctness gone mad. I mean, “Baaa baaa Rainbow sheep”? Isn’t that offensive to gay people? Or Gay sheep!!

Look at his cuteness!! Do you dare offend him?

Think about that…

Lauren xxx

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