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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sleepy, sleepy days.

I'm going to get right in there with the Confession.

I slept until 4 o'clock on Saturday afternoon.


You know what, I can admit I'm lazy. But getting up at that time? I'm even ashamed of myself.

Emmm... had a pizza and Chicken Strippers from Domino's... Om nom nommy!

Also, watched X factor. All I can say is wow!

Matt and Rihanna duet? That was HOT!

No, seriously, so very very hot, could hardly handle it! 

"Unfaithful" duet incase you missed it!

So obvious he was starstruck. Then, half way through the performance, he started staring at he legs.

It was when she first came on though, loved it, his facial reaction was adorable.


Cher's performance was less... wow...

Although, she sung better than Will.I.Am in my opinion! 

But look what she wore....

Is it just me or did Cher look an AWFUL lot like the Penguin in Batman Returns?
Cher doesn't want you to know this but this is her Father.

Also, Mum DID buy Katy Perry tickets for me and Halle!!

Oh no she didn't. Oh yes... she did.

Can't describe how much I love my Mum.

She's awesome.

If I can think of a great present to get her for Christmas, I'll buy her it.

She deserves it.

Lauren out xxx

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