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Monday, 6 December 2010


I have a cold.

A pretty bad cold at that, I've been suffering all weekend because of it.

And you know who I am going to blame for this?

First bus company.

The face of evil.

In the morning, their is usually around 4 or 5 buses that comes to take us to school (21's) and maybe the same amount of buses for the other service that comes to my area, the 3, which doesn't take you to my school, but in another direction into town.

On Friday, their was ONE 21. And there was SIX 3's.

Everyone else at my bus stop went home at half past Eight, I didn't.

I stayed at that damn bus stop until ten to Nine. And I couldn't wait any longer because my feet were like ice cubes, honestly, I was in agony.

Fifty minutes I waited for that bus! And in that time, one had passed, completely full, and another one had went up, but it didn't come down so god knows where that went.

So I went home. And I had toast. And yes, I did watch a bit of a film called "The diving bell and the butterfly", which is an awesome movie.

And then I went out again to try catching a bus (Dedication!)

You know what happened?

A bus was already at the bus stop, so I ran to try and catch it at the next one.

Bus driver saw me running for it, he ignored me (SCREW YOU DRIVER!) so I was left in the cold again.

There was quite a few people that had to come in at 10.20. 

So no Psychology or English for me!


Nice to feel missed!

Went into maths and Jo points at me and asks where I was in English.

So I explained, she said that happened to Stephanie too, and then said that we ACTUALLY DID WORK IN ENGLISH!


No, seriously, shock. We haven't had a teacher in a month.

Calum informed me that said teacher was seen in Burger King.

Clearly she can't be that ill... unless she's contracted some sort of disease where the only cure is a Double Whopper for the King of Burgers....

Chew on THAT cancer.

Yeah. It wasn't Ms Alba that was teaching us (but you didn't expect THAT, did you?) 

It was Mrs Fulton.

Queue superhero music.

She taught us about a poem. Trust me to miss the one period of work we've had in months!!

Anyways, Maths.

Mr Hughes looked quite upset today. Sophie quizzed him on it, he said he was fine.

I don't believe that for a second, but hey, what am I supposed to do?

My throat was still hurting like MAD, so Calum was a little lifesaver and gave me a lemsip.

You gotta watch out with those mind you, nobody wants excessive diarrhoea.

Sophie had her glasses on, they really suit her, but it's adorable because they are kinda "Granny Chic"

KIND of like these.

But hers are nice :)

Anyway, our table was trying em on, Calum laughed and said that it made everything clearer, then he tried giving them to me to try on...

THEN Mr Hughes went into a long spiel... PRIORITIES MAN!

Calum's hand must have been numb, his arm was outstretched for like, ten minutes.

I tried em on... it was weird. They didn't really make much of a difference but my eyes re-adjusted, like a camera going into focus. So strange.

Mr Hughes caught us and asked Calum what he was asking me (Something about my eyesight).

Calum was confused (along with half of the class in all honesty) and then Mr Hughes said that it wasn't about maths so to shh'd.

It was alright though, we got away for "Queue duty" so we got away 5 minutes earlier.

Lunch came, and Ashleigh told me how she got FREE 30 Seconds to mars tickets *GASP*.

I wasn't that happy with her! I wanted to go to that concert so bad!

She went off to visit her YPI group, which was Befriend a child, the same YPI group as me and my group... so at least we won't feel as if we've let them down when we can't even pull a presentation together!

Then Sara told me the cutest little fact about sheep...

They know when Winter is coming so they try to keep themselves warm. They have some sort of thing in their brains that tell them when they need to go and find shelter and pile on the pounds.



Can't explain how much I love free periods!

Was just me, Laura, Rachel, Michelle, Lewis and Lucas for a whiley in the study room.

Lauren (CHING!) and Kristina came in later on.

We were having a wee dance to some Christmas songs, was a right laugh!

And good vibrations... private joke, don't ask.

We were trying to bypass the proxy, get onto youtube and watch "Attack of the herbals" trailer to see Mrs Duguid.

It didn't work.

Ahhh well.

Mrs Haggarty and Mrs McKay got on to us as well for making too much noise... gah!

Then we decided to go outside and have a play about in the snow...

The snow makes this hell hole look pretty nice.



Fell down. Someone should really pick up that panel.

Also, Rachel, Michelle and I went up to 2nd floor to... play "Fast food rockers."


Bear with me here, I'm not entirely sure if this is correct.

A technician came into Mr Hughes class and asked to test the sound. To do so, he needed some music so he asked to borrow someone's iPod. Mr Hughes handed over his phone and what came blaring out of the speakers?

"Fast food rockers".

He then had the BIGGEST grin imaginable on his face, kinda weird for a grown man, even weirder when it's in relation to this song...

Lauren kept murdering quotes...

She's got killer accents! But... her ability to remember quotes is truly awful.

Take one of the classic quotes for Forrest Gump...
My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
So she says...
My Momma said "Life was like a box of chocolates. Sometimes you don't get what you wanna get."
She's re-writing a classic here.

Also, Toy Story quotes?
You are a TOY!
That kid also has an awesome sense of style in shoes ;)


Mr McDonald was back


Yeah, we need to get him back anyways. Haha, we've done nothing in his absence! 

I had to go and find out how to make a perfume bottle stopper out of fimo.

Well excited! It's like plasticine!

And before you ask, this was for Higher art! So shhhhh'd!

Got to make a flower. 

So was on the computer, Kristina was trying to scare Mr Arburthnott cause he scared her or something like that :P

Was fun after school, went to the cinema with my amigos, Halle, Lewis and Ross.

Love em so much!!
Ross was telling us about his exam fails (He got the lowest score for Geography in our school's history, well done Ross!)

Then I told him about Megan's exam fail...

"NAME A USE FOR POPPIES" <= This was in Biology, so something like "Opiates" would be appropriate.

What did she write down?

"The Poppy appeal"

Couldn't explain how much I loved her for that!

Went to see Harry Potter again.

Was weird, the cinema was SOOOO cosy, and the film was so long (and I've already seen it), I was going to have a nap.

The boy on my right hand side, first name beginning with L, ending in S... HE fell asleep!

Haha, cutie!

It was really cosy though people, don't blame him!

Also, I was actually going to use Halle's shoulder as a pillow, and was starting to nod off, then she started playing with my hair... by the end of it, half of my hair was over my face!

Halle noticed something that she didn't notice on first vieiwing (WARNING: Highlight next part to see spoilers...

Madeye Moody died, how can you NOT figure that out toots!!

I noticed that Ron's waistcoat matches the couch 

Manly patterns.

By the way, you notice the lamp that is sitting on the windowsill?

Yeah, My Grandma has that lamp! :)

I took the oppurtunity to make some notes about the shots used, you know, directing practise? Got bored though. Still a great movie like, just don't go see it twice in a week or two. Ruins the magic.

We all went to Yo sushi after that (after Ross sat in a Peppa Pig's kiddie ride of course)

Chicken Katsu's all round!

There was this really sophisticated, artsy type guy, sitting across from us... he even drunk his beer sophisticatedly. 

Then Ross made this weird head nodding movement and a smiley face and I said that he looked like a Nodding dog that was having sex.

He replied with "Oh yesssssss"

Running joke? I think so.

Also bumped into this man, he was COMPLETELY drunk.

He put his hand around Lewis and shouted:
DRUNK MAN: SAMMMMMMMMYYYY!!! ... You're not Sammy, are yeh? *Laughs*
He admitted he was drunk (as if we couldn't tell!) and that he was in town with his mate.
ROSS: Sammy?
DRUNK MAN: Exactly!
He wanted to start a fight too. He didn't, he was a playful drunk, the kind everybody loves!
DRUNK MAN: How old are you anyway?
We all reply with our ages, no-one is over 17.
DRUNK MAN: No! NO! You are 22!!! *Taps random passers by on shoulder* These are my friends and they are 22!!
He then shook our hands and told us to have a good night.


Hope he was re-united with Sammy....

Lauren out xxx 


  1. What an amazing night that was!

    must happen again soon


  2. It really was!!

    Before Christmas? Can be our Christmas night out? <3 :D xx