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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Racism directed at self: There are some things that white people just can't say.

You just have to admit it, us white folks are NOT cool.

We can't dance.
We can't sing.
We can't rap (Eminem is the once exception to this rule)
We can't say certain words (e.g. NEVER say Shizzle, dizzle, fizzle... ANY type of izzle. Or blood. Cause just sounds like your a junkie vampire that hasn't had his hit for a while... "What's up... blood?! I love you... blood!!"
And above all?!
We can NOT wear baseball caps anyway but forward 

Just an observation.

WORD OF THE DAY: Acidity regulator OR unconscious

Michelle had a cute little Chirstmas present from Rachel.

Although, she says she knows exactly what she has, because she was in town with her whilst she bought it. Haha, fail!
LAUREN: Gaaaaah... Mrs Anderson is...
MICHELLE: Speak of the devil...
MRS ANDERSON: Excuse me? Who was talking about me?
 LAUREN: Me...
MRS ANDERSON: Why were you talking about me?
 LAUREN: Emmm.... Was just wondering where you were.
Ch'yeah, say what you will, she's a quick thinker!

She was wearing a Leopard print dress. Sara loves leopard print, but because of the stereotypes...

Looking at you.

... She refuses to wear any.

So, me and Claire are the people in our group that... eheeeem... "Try" to do some work.

Jamie and Greg try to avoid Mrs Anderson above all else...

What's their "punishment?" 

They don't have to do Y.P.I anymore.

What's our "reward?"

We have to join another group.


Even worse? One of the girls in my group is in hospital (get better soon Hayleigh!) because something is wrong with her kidneys. And she's the only one that knows what to write about the visit because Andrew, although he did go to the visit, seems to have forgotten everything about it.


One of the ladies from "Inspire" booklet looked like the girl from reception.

Both sharing an uncanny resemblance to Roz from Monsters Inc.


Ahhhh vagina.

Yeah... we were learning about the Female Reproduction system.

It's hilarious if I'm honest, our class is so shy!

Abie came in, looking fairly stressed out. All she needed was a good chug of her lemon fizzy water and she was fairly hyper ;)

We got this sheet, showing the female reproductive system and we had to label it.

All I heard from one of the boys was:
"Do you girls have yolks in your eggs?"
Higher Biology for yah.

OH! And me, Abie and Lewis are going to see Santa next Thursday.

Don't be too jealous.


Awwww, was trying to help Lewis scan in his motorbike graphics into the computer. 

Didn't work well.

Spent fifteen minutes pressing every button, wiggling every cable and hitting it Gently tapping to try getting it to work.

Kelly just looked on.

ME AND LEWIS: Ooooh... *printer makes noise* AHHHH!!!!!
We were NOT working well yesterday in all honesty.

Me and Kelly were eating skittles... you know... for research purposes.

No, in all honesty, we were. She's making a fascinator out of recycled material so she wanted my skittle packet.

Does anyone else like the Purple skittles?

I'm not so keen on them, but Kelly loves em.

Just wondering, comment if you do ;) Or if you think that they should make packets of ONLY red skittles. OR if you think they should make blue skittles.

So Mr McDonald gave Kelly a gentle nudge to work
MR McDONALD: Take a look to your left Kelly... *she does so* See? Working. Now, take a look to your right *She does so, Kristina looks up and waves* Working. Now.... DON'T look in front of you *she does so anyway, I look insulted* because she isn't doing work.
KRISTINA: Ever want to work in a Baker's for a day, so you quit and then keep the hat?
So cute.

Me and Kelly are going to make a comedy about White people who think they are legendary and try to act cool, but they are just nuts.
"What's up my hoe? You be chilling back at the hood blood? FO' SHIZZLE?!"

If you have ever said this, then hang in your head in shame, whether your black, white, blue or multicoloured... JUST NO!

Halle gave me into trouble for skipping the lunch queue...

Just cause you were too chicken!! :P

Was like Mission Impossible cause Mr Whyte was watching.

OH! And there was a fight.

This TINY kid threw apple juice over this third years head, and then he threw coke at her, but Lauren felt sorry for her and shielded her from it all. Well heroic!

But then, the kid get really annoyed and started screaming at him... remember, this kid was literally only up to his waist.

I thought she was going to punch him, instead, she stood up, walked over the table and pushed over a bin on her way out.


More skittle munching, this time with Sophie, Calum and Dougal.

Calum almost choked on one. Felt guilty! Thought I was going to have to do the Heinrich's...

Dougal was trying to explain something to Sophie and Calum, they weren't understanding it so he was getting a tad annoyed ;)
MR HUGHES: Dooby dooby doo!

Sometimes, I really don't know what's going on.

Lauren out xxx

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