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Monday, 13 December 2010

I used to work in Hogwarts. Oh, and one of my relatives used to dress up as Sully to scare me on Christmas Eve.

*sighs* The weird people I know!!

How are you all today? Good start of the week I hope!

Can't believe it's only 12 days before Christmas!

Got to school in plenty of time this morning.

Everyone was talking about X factor final, do you blame them? Was awesome.

Not a lot of people too chuffed about song choices for the winners songs mind you, mainly Biffy Clyro's "Many of Horror" (to which, they changed the name of the song? It's a cover guys, you have to respect the original)


Not much was done in the first period. Fairly boring again. Had a nice chat with Lee though, the kid is such a hun.

Lee has been hacked by a New Jersey hacker... WTF?

Why would someone want to hack someone else half way around the world? Can you tell me that?

Yeah. Hacker. I'm speaking to you. You big blue headed, monkey like FREAK!

Let Lee back onto twitter. I miss her.

It was the next period of English that was eventful however.

Lee wasn't in English last week, so she didn't know about Mr Inness (a little bit of a nut).

So I warned her that we MIGHT have him.

Guess what.

We did.

I shot her this look that just screamed "Watch your back, This guy's a nutcase" and sat down.

He was... odd.

He told us that he worked in Hogwarts...
MR INNESS: I used to work in Hogwarts
LAURA: Oh did you? Me and Rhaegan used to go there.
RHAEGAN: Yeah, I was in Slytherin.
LAURA: I was in Hufflepuff, not smart enough to be in Gryffindor.
RHAEGAN: What did you think of Dumbledore.
MR INNESS: *Wavers hand around to express that he's unsure* Ehhh... I don't know.
 Billy broke his glasses too (I didn't even know he owned a pair) so he went next door to get cellotape and post its to fix them.

Katie sung a song about Fixing glasses with a plastic spoon (clearly an original) and Billy says "Oh yeah, I know that song".

Man. We must be high on something.
MR INNESS: You should really twitter about breaking your glasses.
MR INNESS: Oh yes, tweet, sorry, we use Telepathy in Hogwarts.
LAURA: Really? What's he *Gestures to Sean* thinking?
MR INNESS: Oh you don't want to know. And neither does she. 
Then we asked him about his pink, flowery tie.
LAURA: What kind of flowers are on your tie?
MR INNESS: Their not flowers, their images of flowers...
LAURA: ...Alright...
MR INNESS: They eject poison onto..
Yahda Yahda, Kids a nut. 

KELLY WAS BACK! Yay! Missed that kid and our COMPLETELY random banter.

Halle is well psyched about Katy Perry next year.

7,500 tickets gone in one hour and my Mum scored us some?

Why would you NAE be!?

Hopefully she hasn't ate her watermelon.
I feel like it would add massively to her tour.

I love Katy Perry. Not as much as Pink or Hayley Williams, granted, but still, she's awesome.

And she likes watermelons. What's not to love.



Yeah, we were learning about circulation.

Or rather, Dr Robertson was trying to teach us about circulation.

We don't listen to him on a Monday, makes me sad, cause he is such a nice guy (who, we learned today, is as thin as a toothpick!)

Abie wants us to apply for jobs at Toys R us, I'm totally up for that for two reasons:

One: Toys 'R us? Why would you NOT want to work there.

Two: Working with Abie? Would come home every night with sore ribs from laughing too hard.

DAMN! That reminds me, we still need to do our film quiz on Tuesdays!

DR ROBERTSON: If you're running, Blood flow will be directed towards the muscles such as the legs instead of the kidneys...
JASON: So exercise is bad for you?! 
ABIE: Ahhh... Need to work my kidneys!!
The class is nuts. 

We finished off the class by measuring people's blood pressure, with an old school pump...

Scream and run away in sheer terror.

If you're still reading, then you don't quite realise the severity of the situation.

Linzie is the one taking your blood pressure 
Yeah. That shut you up.

She just kept squeezing... I thought Abie's arm was going to explode.
ABIE: ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! *looks at arm, bulging over arm strap*
When it came off, you could clearly see a giant red mark! 

Then it was Abie's turn... 

Queue evil laugh.

ME: Oh, she's gonna get her own back!
ABIE: I wouldn't do that! *Laughs*
DR ROBERTSON: I wouldn't trust her, she just laughed.
Went to town with Sara after that.

Caught the bus with Katie as well, she's a right nutcase that kid! She's always high!

High on life. Jealous!

Yeah... High on LIFE...

No. Seriously though, high on life. 

I asked her what she ate in the morning, she said nothing.

Remind me not to eat breakfast tomorrow morning...

NOT King Kong. Me tomorrow at 12.30 (without breakfast)

Me tomorromow at 12.30 (with breakfast)

Either way, I'm still a Damned, dirty ape.
KATY: One of my relatives dressed up, like fully dressed up as Sully on Christmas Eve one year, like, ages ago, and he just sat on my bed...
Uncle Billy?

Went to the food court for some Noms. We both got a BBQ chicken wrap, was godly.

Sara really disliked the huge musical baubles! Suppose, the song did get on your nerves after the first time playing...

Had a really good time with her ^_^ Nice to catch up!

Her work colleagues seemed to jump out from EVERYWHERE!!

One was just walking down the street and started tugging his ear and looking at Sara... I thought he was a drunk and then she said that he just slagged her off a lot for wearing huge earrings :L

We were looking for more huge earrings in Primark, I kept pointing out really big ones and then she said:
SARA: I don't want to look like Pat Butcher!!

She was singing "Come on Baby Light my fire" and this guy is listening in and then said "It's a no from me."


Got home and had an epicly long convo with Chloe....

About Alpaca's...

Cute Alpaca, looks like he's wearing uggs!!

 And Whoopi Goldberg in a bathtub of Milk.

As you do.

Go ahead and google "Whoopi Goldberg".
Then go onto Google images.
Can't get away from this image.

By the way, did you know you could get "Stud Alpacas"?

Don't believe me?

The thing that disturbs me is the two type of "stud" services you can get...

"Drive by" or "Mobile mate"

Good times.

Although... Now I need to get Chloe an Alpaca from Christmas...

Or a diamond encrusted tree trunk.

God... I love my friends.

Lauren out xxx

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