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Monday, 6 December 2010

I have lost my voice. Where did I put that thing.

Don't worry.

I have found my voice, forgot to check under the pillow.

Weekend was pretty rubbish, did NOTHING!

And started writing up that blog for Friday, honestly takes me ages to do these things now!

OD'd majorly on soothers, sometimes, I wonder if they are the only thing keeping me alive!!

Yeah, had two whole packets in only two days!

Watched the X factor, didn't want Mary to go out.

Love her, and her son, Wagbo.

She must be so proud.

Mum and Dad have an addiction to Christmas films.

There is one Christmas film that they haven't seen. Just one.

And the only reason they haven't seen it is because it was only brought out this year.

Ryan was getting eyed up by a boy that looks like a duck.

As you do.

Watch Back to the Future:- Tomorrow,
 on Yesterday

Props to @xBennyBoy for posting that on twitter, follow him, he's a cool kid.

Lauren out xxx

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