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Thursday, 16 December 2010

I feel hungover... Have you even got drunk before?... No.

My friends are absolute nutcases, I swear.

Laura, Linzie and Claire went to see JLS on Tuesday night, they were well tired on Wednesday morning.
LAURA: *tiredly* I feel Hungover...
MEGAN: Have you ever been hungover?
LAURA: No...
I hang my head in embarrassment.

Even worse? Megan took a book of 1001 pin ups to school.

Why, Megan?! WHY!?

Oh! And I felt insulted! She had a dream that I had my leg bitten off by a shark in a swimming pool, and that Laura told Megan to go fetch me tampons... So Megan was throwing tampons at me whilst I was bleeding out from a shark biting my leg off.



Nothing done again as usual... unless...

You call posing "Sexily" for photos as "doing something".

We were just chatting about the X factor and stuff like that to be honest.

Michelle posed for a few shots before going off to spar with Lewis

Sexy beast.

She hit Lewis in the face.

Yeah, they were sparring, quite innocently when all of a sudden...

Right on the cheek.

That had to hurt!


Didn't do anything again...

White turd on a muffin at break though!

Freshly made turd muffin ;)


Ah man, I do not kid you when I say I almost fell asleep.

In fact, I think I did fall asleep, I have no recollection of Mr Murphy reading out two paragraphs of an essay.

Must get more than 5 hours of sleep! Thank god holidays are coming up!
MR MURPHY: *To Calum* Wakey wakey!!
Half of the start wake up, startled. 

Laura said that she would probably lay into Ms Ashley about how she feels about her if she was drunk.

Megan said that she would probably end up in BED with her.

Laura sticks up her V's.

Megan sticks up hers and licks in between.

Laura sticks up middle finger.

Megan sticks up her middle finger and sucks on it.

Mwahaha... what a comeback!

Lewis was winding Linzie up about... well... the usual.


We were listening to our heartbeats!

Turns out the school has about 500 stethoscopes.

Who knew!?

Milton was listening to my back to see if he could hear his stomach...

That's what he said. 

Realised that there were only 10 days till Christmas in this class, MAJOR freak out.

And turns out that our class knows shockingly little about reproduction and periods.
MRS DUNCAN: So, why is the egg bigger than the sperm?
JASON: Because the egg has to have room for the yolk...
ALICE: Isn't it because there's already some parts of the baby in it?
MRS DUNCAN: What? Like the arms and the legs already inside it? 
NIAMH: No, like... Mr Potato head, it looks like an eggy potato...
Heard it hear first folks, when you were only a few months old (in your Mommy's tummy), you looked like this

Even HE looks sceptical.

MRS DUNCAN: Aaron asked me how big the ovaries were, and I told him they were this big *makes a fist* and he just said "That's not impressive."
 I looked at my fist, then downwards, and I thought that it was VERY impressive. The rest of the class looked confused, holding their fists.
SOMEONE: This is the size of ONE ovary?!
We're passing ;)

Lauren out xxx

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