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Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Friday club

I am so bad at getting up on Friday mornings.

Got to bus stop at 8.07... Bus just pulled away. FML.

Was waiting until 8.30 for another bus, wasn't too cold though. Scott came to the bus stop as well so was having a nice chat with him.

He told me that he plays games at his work, like a word of the day type thing, where you've got to slip in a word into conversation with a customer.

Like Boo yah.

BUT you can't have it in a new sentence. Problematic.

He doesn't know if anyone managed it cause he left before the day was over. Booo! I'm intrigued now.

He also played limbo with the store shutters with his co-workers.

Where does this kid work and where do I apply?

Getting to school was so difficult, it was like an ice rink! (and if you read my previous post, you'll know that Me + Ice = BAD TIMES!)


Never get there on time for 1st period on a Friday anymore.

So hung out with Halle, Emma and Scott.

And did Maths homework... what's wrong with me?

Emma was speaking about her job, she says that she's been given a few warnings.

What for?
EMMA: Someone keeps reporting me for hitting on my manager.
SCOTT: Stop hitting on him then!
EMMA: I don't hit on him though, he's gay!
Ehh... fail?

Halle almost stole a muffin from the Hot bar. You could see it in her eyes, she wanted one :)

Also, we laughed at the number 69.

Hehe, naughty.


Fair to say we did NOTHING.

Mr Murphy took us through half of one passage in GREAT detail... Was so close to falling asleep. I could feel my head nodding up and down and my eyes struggling to stay open.

Sorry dude. I'll blame the cosy temperature of the room and the sleep deprivation.

Halle gave me a muffin at break. Love her.


Sophie had the cutest earmuffs
Minus the Santa hat. That kid can make anything look good.

Mr Hughes was jealous of that fact, he asked Sophie to take em off.

Rebellion, Sophie did not.

Mr Hughes asked again.

Sophie refused.

Mr Hughes isn't very doesn't seem to be an authority figure... I think it's because he tries to be your friend rather than your teacher...

He got off of his seat and Sophie squealed and clutched her earmuffs. She thought he was going to nab them off of her head.

He didn't.

Calum on the other hand? He did.


We were also talking about the lack of Christmas films... seriously, there's NONE at the cinema this year!

Dougal's going to go see Gulliver's travels because Jack Black in it. I'll probably be dragged along too but I'm hardly psyched for it.


Free period was fun!

Although, we looked up Katy Perry tickets for the AECC next October, just went on sale today (Friday) and guess what?

Completely sold out.

They sold 7,500 tickets in one hour.


People were upset, including me, didn't know If Mum got or what.

Lauren was on her laptop, taking photos.

I was with my camera, taking photos.

Lauren started blaring out music, So What was playing (Pink Respect!)

Mr Hughson (One of the year heads) stood at the door, whilst we were all sitting on tables, listening to music and playing about with our phones.

We all noticed him fairly quickly and stopped.

Lauren did not and "So What" kept on playing for a whiley after Mr Hughson entered. Then she kind of looked up to see why we all went quiet, Saw Mr Hughson and slowly pressed stop on the laptop.
MR HUGHSON: Is this the Friday club?
SAM: Only sometimes :)

He told us to do some "Constructive studying"...

Back to the photos it was. 


Didn't do anything again.


Need to finish my first sheet next week. That's alright. I just need one more picture to paste on.

Someone apparently died in the apple store in Aberdeen yesterday.

Fine one moment, looking at iPads and Macs and the next? Gone. Just like that.

Greg has a knee brace on at the moment.

So there were a few insults.

Best one was someone calling him Forrest Gump. 

Another notable one was Frankenstein.

Poor thing!

Lauren out xxx

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