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Saturday, 11 December 2010


You know the snow is beginning to melt when the buses are semi-decent to you.

Only had to wait a minute or two at the bus stop, It rocked. Simple pleasures in life eh?

Ashleigh was meant to make events on Facebook... Jeeeezo. Hold on a minute....

Done. Wand Wednesday next Wednesday... Well... It was hardly gonna be next Friday was it?

Anyways, just get a stick or something and make bad Harry Potter pick up lines.
Have you heard of Platform 9 and 3/4? Well, I can think of something else with the exact same measurements.
Interested in making some magic together? My wand is at the ready.
Is that a wand in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
Kachow! Their pretty awesome.

Also, Ashleigh really suits my stupid Dappy hat...

She almost made up for this guy.

Seriously, grrrr! The girl can suit any hat in the world!

There was an assembly... Can't even remember what they spoke about. Think it was something really boring like UCAS forms and homework. Iccck.


Still no teacher (Mrs Murray is in Canada/New Zealand/Africa/Timbuktu) so we were just chillaxing in our study room.

We were playing hangman, was the shortest game I've ever played. They put me up and asked me to do a film... after ten minutes of thinking, I thought of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

Niamh got it in one (FML!)

Hangman master!

The difficulty with Niamh wasn't in the guessing, but in the creating, didn't have a clue what to put down! 

Then Kirsty came in, just had a lovely chat with her. Her Boyfriend was stuck in Aberdeen cause of the snow! He moved about 5 miles in an hour or two (Ridiculous huh?) So he had to turn back.

She was telling me about her Birthday too :)


NOTHING was done. Not even kidding you, I didn't finish one question.

He was yabbling on about this stupid site called glow.

He's putting our homework up online, so of course he's going to get stupid excuses weekly!

You want examples?
"Oh... My computer's down. I couldn't get it."
"...My internet isn't working." 
"Only facebook is working on my computer... What a problem."
And he gave us a lot of pep talks and how we won't pass if we don't do our homework.

It took 45 minutes for that rant to finish.

And then we started a question... we never got to finish it like. So was a bit of a wasted period.


We went in (and for one of the first times, Torry kids DIDN'T attempt to trip us up because we were all wearing jackets. CAMOUFLAGE!) to our classroom and the first thing Dod tells us?
DOD: We'll be learning about Pasta today.
ME: Did I walk into H.E. by mistake? 
But wouldn't you be a bit confused? He held up a packet of Fusilli and I made a face in confusion.

Renowned for it's Psychological research on why you comfort eat.

So he asked us to brainstorm... why WOULD we use pasta in psychological research?
SARA: Well, we could ask participants to memorise a shape made out of pasta, then we could send them out of the room, cook the pasta and then ask them to make the shape again out of other bits of pasta.
LUCAS: We could put the pasta pieces in a jam jar and ask people how many pieces are in it. Then we show them eachothers answers and see if they change their answers.
ME: (Spoofing Milgram's Obedience Experiment) We could ask one group of participants to hook up a confederate to an electric shock machine, ask them to give him a shock for every question he gets wrong and see how many people would give him the full 450 volts. THEN, we could do the same experiment with another group of participants, but we could feed them pasta before they do it and see if it changes how many volts they are willing to go up to.
Best one by far was from Leoni's table
"We could try and classically condition someone to have a fear of pasta"

Dod then said that one of us had the right answer...
ME: PLEASE let it be the fear of pasta experiment.
It wasn't. We are doing Lucas's suggestion.


So we had to test this experiment. Dod held up Fusilli and asked us to guess how many pieces of pasta was inside it.

So MOST of the guesses were around the 200 mark.

Then Katie had to guess
 KATIE: Uh.... can you come back to me?
DOD: No, just say what you had down!
KATIE: Ummm... 1,065?
It wasn't 1,065.

BUT someone had it spot on.


Shannon got it spot on with 517.

Dod was impressed with this.

DOD: We all know who to go to now if we have to guess how many pasta pieces there are inside a packet of pasta.
Cause that's a very useful skill in today's society, don't want to be cheated by pasta companies!

The next things we know, we're being asked to Operationalise the Hypothesis "People find food more attractive if they are hungry".


Lucas told Sara and I to look up http://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com/ and http://aberdeenaberdeen.com/ for it's second video.

They are so stupid, you've got to laugh.

Awww! I said Sara looked like a sexy Austin Powers in her new glasses.

They REALLY suit her but they do make her look slightly Austin Powersish ;)

It was because she was doing the "peace sign" over the eyes move.



What happened in Free period again...

Ummm... Bev showed me her Schuh tag. So cute. She is employed!
Kristina and Lewis were chucking paper aeroplane's around the study room.

Not much happened if I'm honest.


Ermmm... didn't do anything.

Went into town with Michelle and Jennifer after school.

It was nice to see Michelle again, she left school at Summer and have hardly got to see her since.

Was meant to be getting Christmas presents. Failed miserably.

Even worse? Found out who I got for Christmas Santa.


One of these years, it will actually be "Secret".

Getting Inception though, couldn't ask for a better present.

Well... I could, But why would I want one? DiCaprio and Nolan? RAWR!

Was trying to look for Dad's present in HMV. Cause he wants a DS game, but I didn't know which one to go for. He wants some old school game heroes, you know the like, Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong... the classics.

Michelle's idea on what to get him?
MICHELLE: What about Hello Kitty?
ME: Oh yeaaaaaaah... that's really my Dad (!)
MICHELLE: What about Camp Rock 2? 
ME: You're really not helping! 
Went to Burger King after that, was fine! Michelle was totally stealing my Juice and my chips though!

Cause she was one her "Diet".
MICHELLE: You can't spell diet without die!
Indeed you cannot.

Also, noticed that a lot of my friends cling onto me when there's ice around.


I'm the least stable person EVER on ice.

I once stood for half an hour behind two stewards at an Ice Rink because the only reason I was able to stand on the ice was because I was edging myself along the wall that they were leaning on. I cannot balance.

Lauren out xxx

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