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Friday, 10 December 2010

Dude.... you're in my yoga area.

It is getting late. I am getting tired.

You American readers will be sitting down, enjoying a nice Dinner whilst reading this so, for the sake of us Europeans, let me crack on.

Brandon was speaking to me about excuses for being late. Most awesome ones?

Reason for lateness: DAMMED BUSES!

Rating: Bad spelling, bad excuse.

Reason for lateness: I was playing C.O.D.

Rating: Honest.

Reason for lateness: South Korea.

Rating: Awesome.

Reason for lateness: I was helping an old man find the Doctor's surgery and I fell and hurt my knee.

Rating: Re-inventing a classic. A+



Hated this period.

Not because of what we were learning, but because it was TOO COLD!!

Give you an idea of how cold it was, I was sitting up in fitness with my Winter coat on.

I sprawled out on the mat, if i'm being honest, I was going to go to sleep, Linzie caught me...
LINZIE: Check's you, looks like you're in your bedroom or something!
ME: *quickly repositions self* I'm not in my bedroom... I'm doing yoga.
MEGAN: ... Looks wrong.
 It might have... looked... as if I was... 

Humping the mat... Let you chew on that idea for a second.

Second over, moving on....

Jaye was then going to sit in front of me, I stopped her and said
ME: No sitting in my yoga zone!!
She was actually away to sit elsewhere, bless, I'm like:
ME: Noooo! Jokes, c'mon.
It's amazing how friendly us 5th Year's are in all honesty, we will stop eachother in the corridor, bear hug them and have a conversation with them before toddling along to our next class.

Took me and Lauren 10 minutes to get to Art on Wednesday because of this.

Wouldn't change my year for the world though.


Emmmmmm... I don't think I did anything in art on Wednesday.

I suppose, I made leaves for my little flower, was looking pretty awesome, I was proud (Notice use of past tense, not feeling so great about that flower now, more on that in the next blog)


We did work again, useful, but so boring!

We got a new teacher, Mr Murphy, he's incredibly familiar but I couldn't tell you where I've seen him before. 

He's quite a good teacher, but he goes on and on and on and on, bleeeeeeh.

Sean and Stewart knocked on the classroom door, Mr Murphy opened it, they looked at eachother, mumbled something to Mr Murphy and just walked off.

They are in my class.

Worst skivers ever? ;)

They got grassed up. Uncool. They came back around half way through 4th period. Was there really a point?

We started writing an essay, I got bored though, so I started falling asleep. Saved by the bell again.

Linzie, Megan and a couple of others were singing Grease Lightening so I got outta there.

I really dislike the musical for some reason... seems to cheese to me.

Can't stand too much cheese.


We went in and what's the first thing that Linzie pointed out?

The fish tank was FILTHY.

Fair dues, it really was looking disgustingly grimy.

Granted. It wasn't that bad. For one, you could actually see the fish.

We were doing the heart valves stuff like that. Was pretty good. Really just having a chat with Abie and Linzie. Claire wasn't feeling too good, bless her, she blamed the food in the hot bar.

Don't blame her.

Hehe, paninis and sandwich's are amazing but never EVER try the Meatball melt. 

One of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted.

Abie came in quite near the end actually, she had her Y.P.I meeting so she was away at that.

She was telling us how Stagecoach is cheaper than first bus.

She gave the bus driver a pound and, this is her words, not mine:
ABIE: Yeah, he just whapped oot his till and gave me my change!
We were in fits of laughter by the time she had finished that sentence... Dr Robertson looked a little embarrassed and slinked away. N'yaaaaw.

Anyways, moving on.

She came back from town with a Coke citrus zest


She then told us that she attempted in making her own version, with a glass full of coke and a WHOLE LEMON.

When asked if it tasted good, she just laughed and shook her head.

I can imagine the taste... *shudders*

Speaking of Abie, she was meant to be doing her NAB on Wednesday, she didn't though.

She held the NAB in her hands and Abie asked her if she could just... oh, I don't know... leave them on the table?

Mrs Duncan looked shocked. Abie was NOT offering her chocolate, this plan would NEVER work!!

So Abie taked out a fiver and Mrs Duncan says to take in chocolate next time.

Whap oot the galaxy boys, we're going in.

Had to go back home and then rush back into school to do Grease photography.

Didn't go to well.

Mostly because it didn't "go" at all.

Not complaining like, they were all very busy and the music classroom was way to cluttered for me not to get right in there with a ridiculously low aperture to blur out all of the clutter in the background.

And I felt way too much like I was "in the way" already.

Upside? I got to watch them re-hearsing the first act.

So found out two things:

One: Ms Rankin is a very good director. She manages to squeeze the best performances out of everyone and strikes the perfect balance between praising her performers and criticising them.

Two: We have some REALLY good actors and actresses in our school.

Not even kidding you there, all of the Pink ladies are great. Especially when their feeding off of eachother, something else entirely :)

Sophie Brown's performance really stood out to me, I heard from Billy that she was a good actress  but wow! Didn't think she'd be that good!

She really manages to channel Rizzo's characters through her performance. AND she's a good singer.

Some kids have it all, huh?

But, hey, their all good! Some of the scenes are Laugh out Loud material, some contain great acting, but right now? It's all still a bit of a shambles.

Understandable! They still have another month and a half till they perform. No costumes or set yet, so decent! Well done!

Lauren out xxx

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