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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Could you live your life backwards?

Could you live your life backwards?

On first hearing, I suppose your probably think you could, to be immortal in the sense that you will never have to die. To think that knowledge would exist inside your mind from the second you were brought back from death. But think again...

How could you live your life knowing that all the loved ones you have will eventually disappear? You won't even know they exist. One day, they'll be your husband, or you wife, the next, you're fiance, and your relationships will downgrade gradually until you are nothing more to eachother than strangers.

What about everything you hold dear about yourself?

Your skills for instance?

You spend a life time searching for perfection in your endeavours but in the end it's pointless... certificates and medals are just paper and metal after all. But if we lived life backwards, we wouldn't keep skills, we'd lose them. Day by day, getting worse at what we should be getting better at. And then one day? Nothing. It's as if you've never even attempted it... because... let's face it... in a backwards world, you have never attempted it.

And how about your personality? The patience, loving, caring, humorous, good mannered you? Do you think you were born like that? You are who you are because of the people in your life and the events in your life... they help define you. And if the people in your life are now strangers and the events in your life are no more? Who are you?

So in reality, once you die, you are remembered by your friends, your family and you colleagues/fellow pupils. But in my proposed alternate reality, you've never even existed. Count yourself lucky that you can run a tap of water without seeing water droplets flying out of your glass and into the tap. Count yourself lucky that you will be surrounded by people that love you until the day you die.

Lauren out xxx

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