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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Chilling, old school style.

Had a pretty awesome day yesterday.

Had a nice long lie (BLISS! And madly needed. 1 o’clock is my bed time for weekdays now apparently) and got up around about One.

Made myself some of that Savoury Chicken Uncle Ben’s rice, which I love, for Brunch and then watched a few movies.

Watched the last bit of “Cinderella story” which is TRULY DIRE!

And I love(d) Chad Michael Murray and Hilary Duff…

Still.. The plot and Duff’s dreadful acting outweighed my love for Hilary Duff (and my inclination that Murray was a good guy… Quitting OTH made me hate him though…And not to mention cheating on Sophia Bush! DUMB MAN!) 

Watched a little bit of Mr Mongorium’s wonder emporium. That’s actually pretty good!

Plus, Kermit the frog makes a cameo. Must see ;)

Watched some Total Wipeout too, love watching people getting thrown off of giant red balls (Yes… let the “That’s what she said”’s begin) 

Mum made lentil soup… Her FIRST lentil soup and let me tell you, It was magic.

My Mum always doubts her cooking ability but let me tell you, her Lentil soup is AMAZING.

Dad gave me a lift down to Halle’s as well. I thought I was going to die! Roads were terrible due to the snow, I was fumbling about, trying to put on my seatbelt and then the van starts skidding and I was like this: :O!

But I got there (In one piece) and I had just gotten through the door when I was attacked by Louis.

Haha… sorry. Bad word choice. Louis got excited and started to kiss and jump madly.

Halle spent a good hour trying to get him off of the sofa.

Didn’t work.

He ended up lying beside her with his tongue hanging out of the left hand side of his mouth.

He’s such a sook.

We just had a listen to some of the music channels, thank you so much Halle for sticking “Whip my hair” in my head! Can’t stop humming it.

We were also trying to Whip our hair, Halle couldn’t do it ^_^ Haha… she didn’t whip her hair “back and fourth” as much as she whipped her hair “side to side”.

Went up to play eye toy after that.

Sorry… Eye toy one AND Eye toy two.

Kicking it back old school eh?

This is for my generation! <3

Right hand side of the eyetoy camera did NOT seem to want to work mind you. Ended up “Whipping our hair” to select right hand buttons. 

Okay, okay! We used our heads by jumping up and down. NOT by whipping our hair. However, we did sing “Whip my hair” whilst doing so.

Wishi Washi is a LOT harder than I remember it.

Maximum was 7 by Harrison and that’s only cause he jumped around like a Kangaroo with rabies and stood close to the screen.

Second game was Kung Fu and Harrison totally lost… he does TKD, he shouldn’t lose!!!

He somehow managed to forfeit after only three enemies. Was hilarious.

Something that was NOT hilarious?

Halle punched Harrison in the head.

She was doing the Kung Fu game and then Harrison was sitting on the bed, pretty close to her, she went to punch one of the enemies and BAM! Harrison got hit on the head by one of Scotland’s greatest TKD blackbelt. 


He’s okay though, she didn’t punch too hard and Harrison’s a tough cookie.


I won by forfeit (happy dance)

I don’t know if any of you still have a PS2 or Eye toy 2, but if you do, then go onto the Cooking game and play the boss. Sure he sounds like Gru from Despicable me?!

Was finding that game difficult, as half of the buttons wouldn’t work.

So when it came to the pancake flipping, my hands were waving about madly, trying to flip ONE.

I ended up just using my boobs.

And let me tell you this, it worked.

Thank you womanhood.

So now you know, if you need to flip pancakes, use your boobs.

Also, I am god at chopping pickles.

Not so great at filling glasses with juice mind… Totally made it overflow for about 10 seconds.

Harrison showed me this book, was horrifying!! About hedgehogs.

Opening lines?
"Your Auntie Betty has copped it."
Nice. Real nice.

Harrison played “Secret agent”.


He wasn’t amazing at it, he kept getting caught by the spotlights.

Somehow, it reminded me of Prison break.

Halle was trying to direct him on what to do for the code breaking part, but he was aweful confused

*Harrison needs to break the blue lock*
HALLE: Bottom right!
*Harrison goes to bottom left*
ME: You’re other right!
*Harrison goes to top right*

He got caught at this point.

Hate to break it to you buddy but that's not grey...

Harrison and I were having a Jeidi fight as well.


I got his torso and he STILL tried to kill me? Not on dude.

He did kill me though…

That’s friends for yah!

Got competitive with Halle too, Kingdom Hearts 2 has these three mini games in the first world… and one of them is to push cargo up a hill by hitting it with your sword.

So I have a go.
57 seconds.
Halle has a go.
55 seconds.
I have a go.
48 seconds.
Halle has a go.
45 seconds.

This carries on for quite some time until Halle scores 24 seconds.

ME: I’m going to get *Slams hand down towards ground for emphasis, Hand hits controller* OWWW!!!

THEN I went onto get 18 seconds. LOVE!

Can’t believe Halle gave me my first Christmas present… Love her ^_^

We STILL haven’t put up our tree… that is shocking.

Will keep it in my room for now.

Had an amazing night, hope you all did too.

Lauren out xxx

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