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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Can sum up Tuesday in one word.


Think I did some work in Maths...

Oh no.... no... I spoke to Sophie all lesson cause CALUM AND DOUGAL DITCHED US!!

Someone had better bring skittles on the first Thursday back... 

Haha, Skittles is our way of apologising to eachother now.

Yeah, So Sophie bought her Mum a Viva box for her Christmas/Birthday, which is really cool cause it's a box of mini perfumes and you decide which mini perfume you like the best, take it back to the shop and you swap it for a big version! Awesome.

She also bought her a tonne of face masks and said that their going to do them on Christmas Eve.


Said that she bought her Brother a dressing gown and is going to draw the tattoo he's getting on the back of it for him. Bleeeeeesss.

Nothing else happened to be honest. I apologise. Wednesday was more exciting.

Lauren out xxx

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