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Friday, 17 December 2010

Broke people were once rich people who got carried away.

I learnt this the hard way today.

More on that later.

Went to sleep last night *COUGH COUGH Early this morning COUGH* and it was green and grey outside.

Wake up this morning, and it's white again.

Where did it all come from?!

Also, JUST missed the bus that Linzie and John were on this morning, so I had to jog to catch the EARLY one, e.g. the five to eight one.


Didn't do anything in all honesty.

Just sat and chatted to Kirsty and Ashleigh for most of the time.
ME: Did you see Ms Rankin's face when Mr Tullock was flirting with that girl this morning?
KIRSTY: So jealous! She's still married to her Husband, but I think he broke up with his wife.
ASHLEIGH: And now... do you think she's pregnant... looking a bitty podgey.
ME: Don't know...
KIRSTY: She was showing us pictures of her wedding when we first saw her, and now? Saw her walking in town with her Husband and they weren't holding hands or anything, it was all down hill since she's met Mr Tullock.
ASHLEIGH: Up her hill...
Well... we all need a good gossip once in a while!


Nothing interesting.

Dougal is NOT going to be singing in another school concert.

Sophie is hearbroken by that.

Calum kept saying that Mr Hughes loves Sophie, and he was away to write it on a fogged up window, he didn't though.


Halle gave me a cookie on the bus ride over, Loveyaaaah!

Lewis asked me and Sara whether we had any polos/chewing gum. We did not.

Lewis was upset by this.

He then went off the rails and started saying "I like Turtles" over and over again.

Got off the bus and I almost fell (three times).

Torry hates me so much, even the ground is trying to trip me up.

It was really cosy when we went in, always good.

We were doing our Research Investigation.

http://www.isitchristmas.com/ and looking up that, seems to be a trend for 5th years right now.

And this.


We might be using Millions in our experiment, not completely random.

We then played pictionary.

Somehow, I don't think it was fair.

Lucas had to draw "Turkey."

Sara had to draw "Snowman".
What did I have to draw?


So we cheated, and you know what?

We still managed to come last.

Sara kept typing "Buzzin Lightyear" into the computer, and she sent Dod a blank email, to which he replied:
There is nothing attached 
OH! And me, Lucas, Kirsty and Ashleigh (And, Sara, if we can force her in) are going to go inside of a giant snowglobe on Monday :P

Cause that's how we roll.

And Halle started a snow kick fight outside of psychology.

We all lost. Apart from Natalie, who decided to join in for the hell of it and just said "I just wanted to join in" and hey presto, no snow kicked at her.


Free wasn't particularly exciting, we did however watch the video on this site...

Aberdeen Aberdeen! (Aber-DONT!)

And attempted to bypass the proxy to blog and get on This (I know, we look at some crap)


Again, was basically just walking about.

Rachel was well excited about seeing Peter Andre and looked SO upset when she thought that she wasn't going to get to see him today.

Well cute! 

Went into town and got a few presents for people.

Was talking to Emma on the bus in, she's such a cutie!

There was some pervy snow too, THAT was uncomfortable and took surprisingly long to melt.

Went into see Ashleigh at her work, she's so professional! And, FYI:

  1. Katy Perry's pefume smells amazing. And the bottle? Adorable.
  2. Peter Andre's smells a little like soap. Not fine smelling soap. And the bottle is so plain it hurts.
A lady fell down the stairs and really hurt herslef too... Felt really bad for her, she had an oxygen mask on and everything.

And Ryan asked The Script to follow Olivia for Christmas because she LOVES them and you know what?

They did! Cute or what?

Lauren out xxx

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