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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing day goodness

Goooooooooood evening bloggers!

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and an awesome boxing day!

Just a quick post, attempting to get to bed early tonight.

I was so lucky yesterday, got so many prezzies, and they were all so thoughtful, seriously guys, I love you.

My Aunties phoned to wish us all a Merry Christmas, they are too freaking adorable, honestly.

Got Inception and a Pink calendar from my "Not so secret santa" Jennifer, Pink is really one hot mama. 

Halle gave me Pink's greatest hits, a pretty blue scarf and Boots body stuff, which has came in useful cause my hands are so dry! Smells gorge too!

Chloe got me some Ted Baker body stuff, but Mum stole the Body SoufflĂ©, which was the stuff that smelt the nicest. Haha,  all you heard was:
MUM: Where's my SoufflĂ©!?

Michelle gave me the cutest pyjamas ever, Minnie Mouse Represent, and iTunes vouchers, LOVE!

Got a couple of selection boxes this year too!

Megan was such a doll, she painted me one of the photographs I took in Summer, a silhouette of Aberdeen's buildings against a dramatic sunset. It's so beautiful, I absolutely love her for doing that for me... she's so freaking talented.

Mum and Dad took the biscuit though, they managed to get me the Canon 500D <3 I've hardly put it down, I think I've mastered the settings now, such a   brilliant camera.

Mum's Christmas Dinner was actually delicious. 


Starters - Melon slices with Cinnamon sugar... Mmmm hmmm.

Main course - Turkey with roast potatoes, Chipolata's wrapped in bacon, Brie and Cranberry Parcels and Skirley.

Desert - Angel Delight... what? I never said it was a posh meal!

Went up to see my little cousin too

He was SO hyper.

I think he liked the presents we gave him...
CAMERON: It's too much! Too much!

He was given a toilet proof camera: Click here to see WHY you should never give Cameron a none-toilet proof camera

I'd like to think that photography runs in the family ;)

Anyways, boxing day.

Was meant to go into town with Halle today... Think I'm coming down with something though.

You see, if I'm not feeling well, I have these freaky dreams. 

Why freaky?

They are completely normal.


I dreamt that I woke up, got ready and was in town with Halle.

Then I woke up.

Then I went to sleep again, but I tweeted Halle to say I wouldn't be able to make it.

Ended up this happened again and again until 4.30 :P

Then I actually thought that I HAD told Halle I wasn't going to town.

Turned out I didn't... SOOO sorry about that Toots :(

Thought I was going to be sick after Dinner too... Gluttony... SUCKS.

So, I'm currently in bed, Blogging, still reeling from my second viewing of Inception... Got to talk about it... So Inception talk will be in...


So, obviously, spoilers ahead.

I love this movie so much, for three things in particular

One: Special effects.

How can you NOT fall in love with the floating corridor scenes? Or the dream sequence where Ariadne smashes the mirror to make all those columns? Or where all the water breaks through the windows when Cobb gets submerged in water? 

Two: Cobb and Mal's love story.

It's just heartbreaking. They truly loved eachother, at the end when you see them holding hands, as an old couple, on the ledge of the hotel, building sandcastles on the beach, anyone can clearly see that. Cobb did what he thought was right and it backfired on him in a major way, causing him to feel guilty. As punishment, he returns to her every night, just to awake, again and again. So sad.

Three: The ending.

Say what you will, in my humble opinion, I believe that Cobb was NOT dreaming. You can clearly see that Cobb wears his wedding ring in any dream sequence and you know what you can't see in the end scene? That's right, a wedding ring. We could battle over whether or not Cobb was dreaming or not all night, but the real beauty in this scene is the fact that Cobb doesn't care.

He doesn't care if he's dreaming, or if what he's seeing is real, because he's just so happy to see his children. He's just so happy to be home. I love that. I love how Nolan left it open so each audience member can give this film an individual meaning. What a genius.

Yeah. So 23.35 now... better get off to bed! Going to town tomorrow with Halle and Lewis :D


Lauren out xxx

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