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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

BOOOOOOOOBIES. Seriously Ms? Are you 9!?

Know the one thing I love most in this world?

A trooper.

And my English teacher (NOT Ms Alba... oh god know, Ms Shaw) is definitely one of them.

Getting ahead of myself.

Buses were a NIGHTMARE. Actually, the pavements themselves were a nightmare. Heavy snow fall like this do not make it easy for people with short legs.

And, I am very short. Sooooo... not good.

Took about 40 minutes just to get a bus.

4 buses passed me during that time.

And you know what REALLY annoys me? 

I was standing in front of one of the buses and it still passed me.

Had to dive out of the way... Am I really that expandable that people will attempt to run me over? It's happened before.

They actually sped up to try running me over.



Ms Shaw's back.

She was away because she had to go get an operaration and she told us she'd only be away 2 weeks at the most.

We've been without her for 6 weeks.

Know the first thing she did? (Apart from telling us that it was only 5 days till Christmas and she was excited) She apologised to us for being off so long.

She has just come back from a major operation, whilst our MAIN english teacher was skivving, watching Frankie Boyle and eating Burger Kings.

Gaaaaah. That makes me sick. How can Ms Alba do that to her students? How can she do that to her colleagues? I mean, Mrs Fulton is so stressed just now! She's got three rogue teachers to contend with...


Feel a bit bad for her. Our class has done NOTHING over the past two/three months.

So akward when she asked us what we have done. 
CALUM: We haven't done ANYTHING. Really.
MS SHAW: ... It's alright... Uhhh *looks flustered* Oh Sh*t
 Queue pep talk!

She talked to us about our prelims, and how we could still all get an A, and how she'll help us in any way she can. 

Even better?

If Ms Alba DOES come back, we're not getting her.


Can't be done with her! I was somewhat confidence at the start of the year at getting a B or a C at higher English. Now? Pffft. I'll be lucky if I get a D.

Ms Shaw told us that she was fully expecting to come back in two weeks after her operation, perhaps even sneaking out early to come back to teach us, but the shock of coming round from the anaesthesia was so bad, she had to take the six weeks off to recover.

Then she admitted something:
MS SHAW: I've put on a bit of weight, but it's because of the tablets! I'll probably put on a bit more weight but I assure you I am not pregnant! Although I'd like to be.
Someone's broody ;)

We did do some work (eventually) and she went through some Textual Analysis questions with us.
MS SHAW: "Green breast of the new world". Why would that be significant? *silence* Well... what does that mean? Green breast? What do sailors like to look at? *Everyone knows it's boobs but no-one wants to say*
MARIA: A ladies top half...
MS SHAW: Precisely! Boooobies! And not just any Boobies, but the best boobies the sailors have seen, they are in awe of them, they cannot take their eyes off of them.
Haha, mature!

There were two Second years who had presents...
HALLE: They got a house for Christmas.
Yeah, looked exactly like houses.


Dr Robertson made a little presentation, with sound effects.

Should have seen his face. He was well chuffed with it.

It was super dramatic, classical music as well. Ahh man, our teachers are nuts.

One of the Chemistry teachers ran into our room to heat up, Council messed up AGAIN so there was no heating in our school until end of second period.

Seriously guys... get your head screwed on straight!!

MILTON: Are they really funky shoes or wellies?
ABIE: Wellies...
MILTON: Gutted! 
Who wears bright pink shoes with polka dots!?

Bad news guys.... two of Dr Robertson's fishies died over the weekend...

Moment of silence for them :(

What do you mean... They went up to the giant bowl in the sky?

Another bit of bad news?

We don't get any Christmas Dinner at school because of a "Lack of staff."

Grrr... Mr Whyte!!

Speaking of Mr Whyte, Linzie did an awesome impression of him...

Then he walked through the door. Awkward....

Abie and I were talking about Thursday, we're planning on going bowling and to Santa's grotto.

Yeah, we're 15/16. Shaaarrrup.
ABIE: Do you think I could sit on his knee?
The kid is too cute.
ABIE: Will there be presents for 15 year olds?
Emmm... wouldn't bet on it.

Awww, haaaaa, Lucas got shoved into a pile of snow.

And I've seen the cutest boy EVER on the bus. He was like, two, and he was TINY!!

He had his wee mittens on and he was doing the Psyduck pose

You know... The Psyduck pose.

Also, he was SO loud. Who knew a thing that small could make so much noise! 

Went into town anyway to finish of Christmas shopping (lonered again, haha, it's cool. Don't feel TOO bad for me.)

Had a Baguette express. If you're in a hurry and short for cash go for it. If you're not in THAT much of a hurry and you have a fiver, go to Subway. Subway is much finer.

Went to Argos, got someone that clearly hated their job at the collection counter. Grunting at bags and boxes. Made me smile. That's Schadenfreude for you!

Went to Disney too, got a really nice girly serving me, she said that she was hoping to get back to Elgin on Wednesday night, but not sure if she can because of the snow. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Was trying to find Chocolate coins... I thought that they were EVERYWHERE at Christmas! Couldn't find them anywhere!

Even went to Wowzies! Nothing! (although, they did have awesome imported skittles. 

WAAAZZZUP! Blue skittles!

Finally got some in Sainsbury's... used the self check out, big mistake...
"Unexpected item in baggage area".
I'm packing up food... maybe EXPECT SOME ITEMS!?!

Finally, went to starbucks to have a Toffee Nut latte. Mmm hmm.

And starbucks man was in! Phwoaaar.

He is yummier and hotter than the coffee he makes.

Which is saying something, cause he's the best at making coffee!!

Went home and I SWEAR I saw my old P4 teacher on the bus... If it was her... she looks older. A little bit more upset than I remember her too, like she's seen pain or something. Made me upset. 

I wasn’t sure if it was her, so I didn't say anything. Don't know if she saw me, but if she recognised me, she never said anything. I wondered if this is what we were doomed to, passing old acquaintances on the street as if they were strangers, holding back what we want to say just because we fear looking ridiculous. Doomed, indeed, to silence our inner voice, merely to blend into the crowd. Well… the crowd is their for one reason and one reason only, to have something to stand out from. Individuality is not a sin. We’d be best to remember that at times.

Sorry. Slip into "deep" mode from time to time.

Chloe phoned at night too :) That and Wrapping presents.

What I did yesterday!

How's everyone's week going so far?

Lauren out xxx

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