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Sunday, 5 December 2010

5th year is cool because... you get to walk around the school with your socks on

Recommendation: DON'T walk around the school with your socks on. Terribly dirty soles.

However, you do get some pretty epic slides.

So, as most intelligent readers are able to puzzle out, we were back at school today.

Meeeegggaaaa psyched about that...

Sarcasm can never be displayed clearly on the internet.

ANYWAYS, was brushing my teeth this morning, so I typed in that emergency weather hotline number and Mr Whyte came on the phone.

Well.. His recorded message did.

Was just yabbling on about yesterday. I just wanted to know about the day we were actually on. 

Still scrubbing my teeth, I held my toothbrush between my teeth and had a mouthful of toothpaste, the recorded message said the dreaded words.
"Remain open"
I got a bit annoyed.
Apologise for the language folks.

Something about screaming at a recorded message makes me feel good.

So, off to school I go.

Getting to the school's bus stop? 

That was easy.

Getting into the school's grounds?

THAT was hard.

There must have been at 6cm of snow. Had to wade our way to school!!

And then, going up the stairs, there was another 2 or 3cm's (yups, on the stairs) which, Lewis fell over on.

Abie got a bit of a fright when he grabbed onto her for support ^_^

We were late for first period, must have been about 80 of us, all hanging about outside of the office. We just got told to go to our classes. They said they would be able to tell who was late and who was on time.

Hah. That'll be right.


We didn't have a teacher, so really, it was less "Study" and more "Sit and chat"

No complaints here. It's what I do in every class (Yeah. I'm going to pass this year...)

Was watching Megan draw her history poster. Was awesome.

Had Stalin, Churchill (the old Prime-minister, NOT the nodding dog) and Hitler.

Hitler was basically a balloon with a body and a moustache. It had uncanny resemblance if I'm being honest.

He had a speech Bubble coming out of his mouth saying "Hurry Up Stalin!"

There was a pressure chamber with a Polish person's hand inside.

Yes. Like that scene from Titanic

And Churchill's drawing...

Well. Let's just say there was a badly drawn shotgun, and it was being held at the crotch.

Leoni, a few seats away, was helping Billy do HIS poster.

And by helping, yes, I do mean doing it all.

Her's was pretty damn awesome!

Natalie's won though. It was just printed out clip art, each on a separate page and she just explained why it related to History. Class.

Megan then explained that she had sore knees due to a boogie boarding accidents (e.g. She missed the board and smacked her knees off of the ground)

Mr Hughson DID come in and tell us about the emergency weather hotline, so we all thought that the school was closed and that was their way of telling us.

It wasn't.

Then he explained how Mr Hughes wasn't there yesterday because his car broke down.

Me and Linzie had Maths that day, so we though "Booom!" and shot eachother a look.

THEN he explained how Mr Hughes was dressed up in hiking gear so that even if the car broke down, he could still walk to school.

Me and Linzie look at eachother, disappointed.



Wish I was a maths genius like Dougal.

No-one could be bothered in all honesty.

Everyone was ill so people were self-pitying (yes, me included)


NAB results...

Yeah, I failed. As expected.

8 marks were dropped on ONE question cause I got mixed up between "Resisting Social Pressures" and "Resisting Social influences"

Social Pressures is Obedience 
Social influences is Conformity.

So close, yet so far away eh?

The whole NAB was out of 20 marks, needed 10 to pass.

So, yeah, I got 8. Not too bad. Not a LOT of people passed... so I'm happy with 8.

He said he had no doubt that I'd be able to pass the re-sit, so that's alright!

Also, "revising" about what we were taught last week.

Problem? I wasn't THERE last week.


Difficulty understanding.

We had a quiz type thing as well. 
DOD: Whoever finishes first, wins.
DANIELLE: What do we win?
DOD: The pleasure of knowing that you came first.
NATALIE: Our old psychology teacher gave us sweets.
DOD: OKAY! Okay, I'll remember to buy a prize next time! But if I go bankrupt, I'm blaming you!
That man is crazzzzzy.

In a good way!

Not like Mr Lawson crazy...

Good crazy.

Keith's wanting to become a Counsellor....

Which is... Kind of strange... in a way.

The kid has a landslide of abuse coming towards him from basically EVERYBODY, it's a shame! 

But Keith (A.K.A LJ or "Devil child") is ALWAYS smiling...

Remind you of anyone?

Noooooo, noooo, Keith is a good guy though! Still, did come to quite a shock to me that he wanted to become a counsellor!

Leoni and Scott were headbanging madly, I though "man, must be some real death metal music right there"
LEONI: I love Busted.
... Stand corrected.

Then we got talking about Friends and how much we would pay just to watch a movie. I said i'd pay £20 easily to watch it.

They'd make TONNES!

Yet, alas, no plans have been made. We were hearbroken...

Well, Halle still hasn't CONSCIOUSLY watched an epi of Friends (How very dare you!) so Leoni shot her a "Whatchoo playin' at Willis" look.


5th period rocked.

Halle can vouch for me there (she got Lasagne for 20p)

Lewis didn't like the Lasagne. Said that it had too much garlic.

The Dinner lady (apparantly) replied:
DINNER LADY: Garlic's good for your sex life!
... Nice to know.

(P.S. Nothing comes up on google when you type in "Sexy garlic" apart from a banana and a few shirtless guys.)

Moving on...

Me and Ashleigh went looking for a room with a projector (remind me to take in a few Friends DVD's next week!) didn't take long to find, was in the room DIRECTLY beside the one we were in!

So we went back into the room we were just in (the Study room) to tell Sara and Bev that we found a room.

Then we went back into the room, ate some yummy chocolate and watched the snow fall, whilst having a good little chat.

Then we went back to the Study room. Bev and Sara had their shoes off. Mrs Anderson poked her head through the door and dragged a VERY reluctant Sara away to phone her Y.P.I charity.

Then Bev went to the corridor and tried to do a floor slide with her socks.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXFrWjySa6I See here for example.

It kinda failed.

I attempted it too...

I almost fell.

Almost, being key word here.

Then we went up to 3rd floor and started a photo shoot....

I didn't have an advent calendar so she was going to buy me one, they ran out so she bought me this instead, AWWW!!!

Pretty view over our (ugly) school

Going up?

Ahhhhh why do I always choose this pose?


She fell over. Twice.  In the same spot.


Corridor :P

Footprints in the snow

In the snow. Up to her knees in it.

I <3 you too!

Good fun! 

We were just wondering around school in our socks. Cause let's face it, 5th years own it ;)


Nothing was done again!

Mr McDonald wasn't there, so we had Mrs Duncan.

Ashleigh was scanning through my photos, Mrs Duncan demanded to see the one where Ashleigh fell down (favourite shots are the ones that involve fails, ever notice that?)

Ashleigh took one look at THIS photo

And asked "WTF?"

I said that I had an explanation.

I said I'd explain... later on.

Which, I didn't. But you guys know what this means, don't you?!


I think Mrs Duncan is pregnant...

Still need confirmation from Ashleigh that it is Mrs Duncan and not someone else

Ashleigh isn't actually in my Art class by the way... she just comes in sometimes for a laugh!

No-one has any problems with that, so it's all good.

Lauren xxx

NOTE: Mrs Duncan was pregnant... a few years ago. Fail.

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