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Monday, 15 November 2010

We've had some good times in this room, watching that video, with your Mum in it.

I'm gonna go ahead and Jump straight into it.


We were in the Science department for P.S.E today.

Fine by me! Means we don't have to walk over to the main building, to have to walk back to Biology the very next period.

It's been a while since we were in the Science department for P.S.E. So Linzie was being nostalgic.
LINZIE: We had some good times in this room! Watching that video... the one with your Mum in it.
Say whaaaaaaaaat?

Innocent comment? Don't make me laugh!

So we were doing that Y.P.I thing.

Haha, It didn't really work. I'm in a group with Claire, Greg and Jamie, and I like em all, but it really is divided into Greg and Jamie and me and Claire. Boo.

But we have to visit this charity, so I said that we should do it for that gallery in Union Square... cause it is RIGHT beside starbucks ^_^

Sneaky wee devil huh?

But... we couldn't find it.

Not on their website.

Not on their floor map.


Jamie and Greg wouldn't give up though. They continued to look on the floor map until the end of the period.

The program actually crashed... kept spinning round and round.


John decided to hit out at Mrs Anderson for making us do this Y.P.I thing...
JOHN: I think that this is a waste of time.
So does everyone else but you don't see them aggravating the beast!

I jooooooke. She's no beast. (Unless she wants to be. Raaawr.)

She wanted to be the beast on Tuesday.

She had an angry tone of voice.
MRS ANDERSON: Never, in my three years of doing this, has a student ever told me they thought it was a waste of time! They've all been very excited about doing it!
I doubt that. No offence to her, but she has a very ignorant view on society. We are her students, therefore we are perfect little angels who conform to her idea of perfect students.

But we're not.

OBVIOUSLY we're not.

And I respect John for being so honest. Perhaps he went about it in the wrong way but his courage was in the right place (He was hitting out at a charity event so I can't really put "His heart was in the right place" can I?)

Truth is, he said what was on everyone's lips.

That makes me sad.


Can never remember what happens in Biology... 

Clearly cannot be that interesting!

Oh! Me and Abie decided that we were make a film quiz team for Cineworlds quiz night! Excited for that!

Sorry guys and gals, but if you do the quiz, you're going down faster than the titanic.



It's been too long... What happened again?



No, seriously, nothing.

Mr McDonald wasn't there, so we got Mr Moody.

Who did ACTUALLY try to get us to work to begin with...

But by the end of... oh I don't know, 5 minutes, gave up.


I had to ask Mr McDonald how to stick bits of paper to my page anyways so I just basically doodled.

Kelly made fun of me because of two things...

ME: It's not the making it that's the problem... it's the...... making it that's the problem.
 Word fail.

2. I tried to switch on the mac computer by pressing it's speaker.

Pure fail.

I got her back though.

She drew me a perfume bottle that had Mickey Mouse as a head... but it didn't look like a Perfume bottle if you know what I mean.


There was singing... I remember that...

Lauren xxx

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