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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Smell Le Bush

I've said it before, but oh my god, I mean it, so I'm gonna say it again...

I love my friends.

Linzie had on photos from her Halloween party, wow. Her family are nuts.

Don't know if you guys have ever heard of this, but it's a game where you have to pick up Marshmallows with your mouth.... from a dish of flour....

I've never heard of it in my life, but hey, you learn something new everyday.

Gotta say, Linzie suits being a goth.

Her family looked pretty hilarious in their costumes. 

We talked about New Year and holidays... And One Tree Hill... John interupted this conversation and called it stupid.

I snapped at him and told him that no-one asked for his opinion.

Sorry hun but no-body slags of One Tree Hill and get's away with it if they are not one of my bestest buddos.


Utah is one of the places me and Linzie want to head to on a holiday. Would be epic!

Best Period of P.S.E ever?

Quite possibly.

That's kind of like saying, "Chickenpox, best disease ever" but I digress.

We got our school's business partners, Ernest and young to come in and give us a presentation...


I don't know. It was something about business and industry, however, the actual point of the presentation went over everybodies heads.

We just saw that we were meant to making egg holders and selling them for fake money, that' it.

So we split into teams of six or seven and had to make up our own name...

Wait for it.... *Pause for effect*


Kaaaah ching!

That sound you hear is not the sound of tills opening...

It's the sound that our dignity makes as it falls flat on it's face (and if you drop the "Kaaaah", it's the noise that Lauren makes)

Seriously, we were shouting at ourselves, shouting at eachother, shouting at the teachers, shouting at our eggs.

Mrs Mckay even joined in. She kept shouting "Crackers" at us, the more we ignored her, the louder she shouted...
MRS McKAY: Crackers.... Crackers! Crackers!! CRACKERS!!!!
It's like Jeezo, we'll make a cracker if that really makes you happy!

Turns out that we ran outta time, Sorry Mrs M!

But you know what made US happy?

Everyone got a Kinder egg for free...

For those who are not in the know (and have therefore have NEVER LIVED!!!) Kinder eggs are a hollow, egg shaped piece of chocolate with a small capsule in the middle, and inside that capsule?

No. Not drugs. Something better. A mini toy!!

That usually comes dis-assembled, hey, lazy bones, make your own damn toy!

These toys were the highlight of our day.


Abie was helping me with my Design folio.

Would you really buy a perfume that was called "Le Bush"?

Break was fun, we were all playing/assembling with our Kinder toys, Kelly's was the best

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na GOATMAN!

Which brought us onto the topic of....

KELLY: I need to show Mr McDonald my goat.
Time and place Kelly!


Don't you just LOVE how much we do in art?

It has to be one of my favourite subjects, but it's mainly because we don't really do anything, which will now change cause I've just been informed that you need Higher Art to be accepted into a Photography course in college.


Kelly spent the entire double period trying to figure out what she was going to design. Swear she has changed her mind around six or seven times now!

She asked me:

KELLY: *discussing Recycled material* I could buy a teddy bear from a charity shop, rip off the head and put it onto a bit of jewellery.... what do you think?
ME: *In shock at Teddy Bear brutality* Ummm... well you'd get an A... the SQA would be too concerned about you coming down and sorting them out, or waking up to find a horse's head lying next to them if they gave you anything less!
 Speaking of A's... I am screwed.

All these amazing works of art came back from the SQA, all the Higher and Int 2 folios from last year's class were there, so me, Kristina and Kelly decided to have a nosey... Well... that's a lie, we were looking for Kristina's and then we decided to have a nosey.

Wow. NONE of them got A's but they were all amazing.

Brighter note? Sophie was modelling most people's creations... Including her own.

What did she make?

Hippie clothing.

What was written on her Pink sheet as her inspirations?

"Inspired by Hippies, Flower Power and Hallucinations".

Ahhh I had to laugh.

It was her pictures that cracked me up.

She wore a waistcoat, all tie died and pimped with peace signs. She hid from behind a tree and hung onto it as she spun around.

It has literally, made my month.

It was only the second day of the month but the laugh will continue for much longer.

I LOVED Kristina's creations... Earphone... with a difference.

I'm going to ruin the surprise and say that "The Difference" is that they look like Lollipops! So cool!

Sweet inspired earphones, epic! 

I loved her little gummy bear earphones too, they were cute. I would definitely buy a pair.

Went back to my seat, Kelly had moved on from the Teddy bear head idea, onto shrunken crisp packets. Mucho cool. She's trying to make a bit of jewellery from recycled material, so she was planning on creating a flower out of the shrunken crisp packets.

God knows what's up with my Art class and Shrunken crisp packets, they seem to have a love affair with them.

Also, Lauren hugged me around the neck... Which, as most people will realise, is basically a strangle.

I was hugged tightly, I lost oxygen and I collapsed onto the table.

They thought I was "dead". They laughed as they said it.

LOVE YOU GALS! *rolls eyes* ;)

Claire managed to have a complete fail at Lunch.

The Korma at my school must be AMAZING cause every week Claire buys it and every week, without fail, it spills all over the place.

However, she made a new personal best yesterday.

She managed to spill:

All over her blazer.
All over her tie.
All over her trousers.
All over her shirt
Annnnd... most surprisingly, in her bag...

I asked her if she smothered herself in it, she said yes.

Sarcasm. Gotta love it.

Linzie told me today that they were joking in Geography with her.

LINZIE: *Sniffs* Do you smell something? 
JENNIFER: Yeah, smells like... Korma?
CLAIRE: Shooooshed.
Poor wee toot.


Ahhh my nemesis. This double period comes by so fast.

Dougal wasn't there either.

But that was okay, Power of the Kinder eggs were strong.

Stewart and Jinky were trying to catch the capsule in their mouths by throwing it at eachother.

Maturity is over-rated.

Jinky came really close. Stewart?

Not so much, I initially thought they were doing headers.

I told Sophie that her Art project was back, she seemed to be well chuffed at that. She should be, it was amazing.

Then Calum was telling me about his trick and treater fail...

He only had three trick or treaters, and he had bought a whole costco cake for them.


The cake wasn't for Haloween, actually, the only one left was one that said "Congratulations!" 

So they just had to scrape that off.

Coco Cabana was in his head too. Mwahaha, you're turn!

Was talking to Andrew on the way back home, was good, we got talking about Watchmen and Sin City

I love Comic Book/Graphic Novel movies. Majorly. If I could marry Batman than I would.

ME: It would be awesome if you could dress up as Rorsharch for Haloween... Too bad you can't get the mask.
ANDREW: You can!
ME: No, I mean the one that actually moves.
ANDREW: No, you can get that, it's awesome, they put projectors in the mask, and it starts moving. But obviously, it doesn't look as good as the character.
 Think I have found next year's Halloween costume.

Moved on to...
ME: Surely if you had a costume THAT awesome, you'd wear it every year? "C'mon, you've been wearing that costume every Halloween, give it up, you're Ninety two Grandma!!"
ANDREW: "And Granda should stop being Mr Manhattan too! He's Eighty nine!"
ME: Ewwwwwwwwwww!! Thanks for that, I'll NEVER get that image out of my head...
For those who have not watched Watchmen:

Notice something missing? 
Hint: It's not his hair.

That is Rorschach.

His name originates from the Ink blot tests that are a common association made with psychology.

But his mask moves about.

Cause the FX crew had enough money for that to happen.

Last bit of news for yesterday, Me and Kyle and now calling eachother Meek and Teek, He is a Tech Geek (TEEK) and I am a Movie geek (MEEK)

But his name means something else...

Say hi to Kyle!

Lauren xxx

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