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Monday, 1 November 2010

Questions of the non-philosophical type.

Stupid questions.

Got to love em!

Back to that later, HAPPY NOVEMBER everybody!!

May you have a very Happy rest of 2010.

Notice how cold it is now? Absolutely freezing...

This is NOT helped by mean bus drivers. 

Yeah, we're students. No, that bus isn't a school bus. But do we not give your damn company a huge slice of your annual profits? Are we immune to pneumonia?

Wow. Wow. Wow... On my google search for how to spell Pneumonia, I realise that Tomorrow is now Pneumonia day!! Wow!

Took ages for a bus to come, John had to stick his hands... let me think how to phrase it... he had to place his hands on the seat, beside his crotch to warm them up...


Moving on.

Mrs Talboys (Our redgy teacher) has a recurring joke that Linzie is a witch.

Mean? Yes. Uncalled for? Slightly.

She came into the classroom today and said
MRS TALBOYS: So Linzie, did you have your broomstick out last night?
Mrs T... Let it go!!


Back to doing nothing again. 

Got our essays back today... you know... the ones we did 4 months ago.

We were meant to re-draft them today, but you know how it goes, teacher tells you to do something, you don't do it, no-one asks any questions.

I suppose we've given up on her and she's given up on us. We don't expect to be taught by her, but rather from sparknotes or a book. 

She doesn't expect us to do the work and therefore doesn't expect us to do well...

Kinda sucks huh?

Brighter note, me and Lee got chatting about stupid little stuff.

Mostly, why does Ask Ollie even exist?!

For those of which have not heard of "Ollie's" work, if you have a question that needs answering, you text your question to 65543 and "he" will answer it for you.

Awesome right?

£1 per text.

For a service that Google was invented for.

Lee wanted to ask "Is there a million millions in a packet of millions?!" 

Start counting.

Felt really bad for my other teacher, Ms Shaw...

She's away to be getting an operation, she's gonna be off for two weeks at least and after it, she won't be able to lift a kettle... so It sounds like she has breast cancer :(

Get well soon hun.

She actually attempts to help us.

Wooop. Belief.


Went by quite quickly today.

We all nearly had a heartattack when we walked in, we all thought that one of the fish died!!!

He was just hiding. Naughty wee thing he is.

Main topic on everyone's lips were this week's X factor. Mainly Cher's stunning performance... Wow....

See how good you can be Cher if you just drop the rapping!!!

Loved it. 

Got to agree with Simon though, totally turning into Cheryl.

Claire was talking to me about this Safe Drive Stay alive thing on Friday...

Not looking forward to it. Education through intimidation? I really don't like that. The people that it's aimed at won't learn, the people that it isn't aimed at will be traumatized. I can't really see how this is a win win situation for anybody. 

Just a chill day actually.

Then I just got a bus and went home...

So yeah, NOTHING happened today. Sorry about that.

Lauren xxx

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