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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Please don't leave me because who knew we were the only couple capable of getting this party started?

We've all done it.

Cringe worthy use of song title references in a sentance.

Admit it. We've all done it.

Was very prepared for having an AWESOME day on Saturday.

But, once again, plans were cancelled when I was sitting by the door with my jacket on, ready to go.


Went to town with my Mum and Dad. Got a new Bench jumper. Awesome. Thanks Mum!

Mum and Dad were fighting again though. She wasn't wanting to eat and my Dad was trying to convince her that it wasn't healthy not to eat. 

Depression sucks. Go forth and multiply serotonin so she can be happy? There's a good hormone.

Saw Mrs Anderson in town too, did the shop dive aversion technique (Run into a shop to avoid awkward conversations). Wuuuuuh hin!

Went to Halle's at night though to watch X factor and have a dominos.

Totally saved my day!

I love Halle's bro. He's my little buddo.


Probablly guess that her Brother is the one on the right (If you didn't, go get your head checked and your eyes tested)

The wee cutie on the left is her doggie Louis.

We spent a good hour or two (DID NOT feel like an hour or two though!) watching X factor and having a good laugh.

Then the pizza came.

Om nom. BBQ pizza base with chicken, bacon and pineapple and a side of garlic pizza bread.

OH! And not forgetting the huge 2L of IRN BRU.

Mmmm hmmm.

We did a webcast after that. 

Big fail. We couldn't even figure out how to switch the stupid thing off!!

We is gangstaaaa.


We posted a link to a youtube video after that, which Lewis tells us brought him to a cat video.

It didn't.

He LIES ;)

Lauren xx

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