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Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hello again boys and girls (And, not forgetting, Highly intelligent animals)

Sorry, I've really been neglecting you on here.

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This is just a quick blog to get you thinking about the world and how things don't really make sense.


Ever notice how animals NEVER have a bad hair day?

Seriously, think about it, when have you ever seen a Lion with a bad...er... fur day?

My Dad had a good point though:

"Would you like to take a picture of a Lion on a bad hair day?"

Answer? No. I actually value my life.


People that are considered to be "Homophobic" aren't actually scared of gay people...

And speaking of phobias, why did someone choose the word Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia as the word to describe the fear of long words?

Those Psychiatrists are really comedians at heart.

Going to be mean and steal this from Hayley William's blog, but only cause it's so true!

I'm going to throw my hands up here (Note: Not literally as my Mum and Dad are sitting to my right and will be thinking WTF?) and admit, my hand is constantly holding my camera throughout the concert.

What? I'm a photographer. It's what I do.

Why does MTV (Short for MUSIC television) not play any music?

Were they not the channel that premièred Michael Jackson's epic music video "Thriller"? 

And now what do they do?

Badly edited programmes, invading celebrities houses and showing spoilt brats getting everything that their hearts desire....

OH! I'm sorry, not EVERYTHING their hearts desire. Some poor soul got the wrong artist
"Daddy!! I did NOT want Rihanna. I specifically asked for Beyonce. Sort it... NOWWWW!!!!"
Oh you poor tortured soul.

Why do words look really weird after you've written them several hundred times?

Like "Michelle" looked like it was spelt wrong when I tried to write it on her Card. 

Okay. I'm out.

But before I go....

Wagner is SO going out.

Lauren xxx

EDIT: Wagner went out.


  1. With you a hundred percent on the MTV thing. Someone picking up an MTV award said as much to them once, can't rememberer who.

  2. Yeah! I heard about that... oh that'll be annoying me if I don't find out soon...

    ARGH! Yeah. That's just going to annoy me. Can't find it! xx