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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Not the camera... NOT THE CAMERA!


You love em, you hug em, but god damn it you should NEVER give them your camera.

I discovered this the hard way.

Yeah. I went over to my little cousins house on Sunday, armed with my camera, cause that kid is really just too cute.

All together now, N'YAW!

He is a little monkey though.

Well, that's kind of true.

Before you read the next paragraph, here's what Operant conditioning is:

Operant conditioning: Where someone (usually a child) learns a behaviour or action through imitation of others. Behaviours and actions are either copied or avoided dependant on where the person that is being imitated is rewarded or punished for their behaviour. If nothing is said about said behaviour, child will assume it is okay to act in this way.

He is at an age where he is learning through imitation, and his cousin, Kieran, is a bad influence on him, through Operant conditioning he's deciding that he can do what Kieran is doing because Kieran does not get punished for his actions, even though they are examples of bad behaviour (e.g. jumping on and off of sofa, selfishness). Cameron then gets the blame for repeating these actions, when in reality, he doesn't realise what he's doing is wrong.

Yes. I am a psychology student and I will analyse you any day *Winky face*

So he pulled the fire alarm yesterday. 

Sorry. He ALMOST pulled the fire alarm yesterday. Someone caught him just before he did it.

When my Uncle asked him why he did it, he said that he could get away with it because Norman Price did it.

Who's Norman Price you ask?

I asked the same question.

He's one of the Fireman Sam characters, and god damn it he's a bad influence!

He's a practical joker and pulled the fire alarm, and he didn't get punished (this is where Operant conditioning comes in again) so Cameron, who is a big fan of Fireman Sam, decided to copy his actions.

So, I think this proves that if you don't want a homicidal child, don't let em watch horrors.

Anyway, getting back to Camera fail.

Cameron wanted to take some photos, and being a good cousin, I let him.

So he snapped away quite happily for five minutes or so before...

He wanted to go to the bathroom.

To take photos.

At which point, he said he was gonna take a picture of the toilet and I'm thinking... Oh nooo.

But he wouldn't let go of the damn thing so I put the rope around his hand and told him to be careful.

Was he careful?

Oh nooooo.

He stuck his TWO ARMS DOWN THE TOILET so I freak out and dive in after him.

What happened?

He let go.


It was okay though (Just).

Such a shame. He got the row of his life for that, felt guilty.

His Dad actually told him "Santa won't be coming this year after you did that to your Cousins camera!" 

Oh my god. I've never seen so much tears coming from one person before in my life.

Another life lesson: Don't tell your kids that Santa won't be coming this Christmas. Meanie.

He was truly sorry about my camera, bless his wee cotton socks.

Ennnnnnnnnnnd blog.

Lauren xxx

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