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Thursday, 4 November 2010

*Insert words here*

Oops. Mind blank.

Not my fault! Listening to Pink's new song, and i've got that feeling that I get in my chest when I hear a great song, It's really distracting!!

Still, amazed at how many people are actually crying over this song!! Craaazzzyy.

Was watching this show in the morning... dunno if you heard of it, "The People speak" or something like that? It's where celebrities read or sing about people's experiences on topics such as gay rights and asylum seekers.

Was fairly interesting if I'm honest. There was this one scene that I felt fairly inspired by, it was about some poor gay guy who got murdered by a homophobic, and someone had printed out a sheet of paper that said "They can't kill us all" and hung it beside the place that he was murdered.

I thought that was pretty symbolic of the struggles that the gay community has had to go through over the years just to find acceptance in community.

I'm not gay myself, but I don't really understand why It should be considered an insult to be called one, it's not really a choice, it's in your blood, it's in your mind and, if you believe it exists, it's in your soul. Would you consider it insulting if somebody called you tall? What about if someone called you a brunette? Why should you? There just labels. That is how you are recognized in this huge jigsaw puzzle we call Humanity. Don't be insulted. Why should you give a damn about what others think of you? After school or work finishes, you're free to do what you want, wear what you want to wear and love who you want to love. Why should it matter if that person is a man or a woman?

Just saying.

I thought Linzie would make a good Prime Minister, turns out I was wrong. 

She said that she would just print out money until our debt is all paid back.

Doesn't sound too bad right?

Hold on, there's more.

She says that she would make everything free. Everything. BUT you'd still be made to work.

So I'm like... Urm... isn't that kind of Fascist? Like, semi-fascist or something?

She then went onto say:
LINZIE: I'd make sure that the Papers wouldn't print anything about the money being printed... I'd just stop everything that wasn't about celebrities actually.
ME: What about you?
LINZIE: Oh, they couldn't  print anything about me. I'd make sure of that.
ME: I take back what I said about you being a good Prime Minister, you're power thirsty! Wait... You're power hungry and blood thirsty! Like a Vampire Duracell Bunny or the Terminator, if he took an interest in Politics.

Haha, then she told me about the time Lauren made a hammer in Primary...

They were learning about Mythology, and Thor's hammer came up, so they all had to make jewellery of it. 

Which looks something like this:

But Lauren came in late and when the teacher told her to make a necklace of Thor's hammer.....

Ahhh that kid cracks me up.


People were actually doing stuff today!

Yeah. Kelly and Megan had to revise for a Maths NAB.

What? You didn't think we were actually doing P.E, did you?

Revising lasted around three seconds. Then me and Kelly went into business plans.

KELLY: I think they should name Pizza Hut, Pasta hut
We realised, after this comment, that no restraunt sold pasta exclusively. Like Subway makes subs, Pizza express makes pizzas, Burger King makes burgers but Pasta? Nope.

Okay. Let's make up a business... what shall we call it?
KELLY: Pastastic.
Well... that sounds fairly insulting.

I got kind of bored sitting around, so I got a boxing glove and tried to squeeze Kelly's cheek with it, in a Granny sort of way.

It worked. She did it to me. Really weird feeling.

I've learned my lesson, never give Michelle boxing gloves.

She went nuts. Really. John did not help the matter, he asked her to punch him in the stomach.

She hesitated, then, realising that she gets to punch someone in the stomach, she gives in and lightly punches him. 

He doesn't flinch.

Not content with John smiling and still standing upright, she punches him again, harder this time... and again... and again...

I swear she turned into Rocky Balboa for a moment.

Not even wincing, John smiled and then said "My turn."

She ran away screaming, then he asked her to punch a wall...

Which she did... she may have broke her hand. She was going to the hospital tonight.

Moral of the story? Don't punch walls.

Kelbie ended up hurting his hand playing Basketball, and as Kincorth is very poor, we can only afford one ice pack, so they ended up sharing, with Mr McLaren in the middle and off to the side of them. 

It looked as though they were getting married. Hilarious.

Megan got told to take off her Jumper from underneath her blazer by Mrs Murray today.

I had a problem with that.

Their always yabbling on about confidence and individuality but they don't want you to be an individual, not really. Noooo... individuality induces an anti-conformist attitude to the rules and social norms of our society. And that is NEVER a good thing.

Get a grip gal, it's just a jumper.

That girly makes me laugh though, all you hear is:
MEGAN: You're puppies are drooping *streches out to Jaye's chest to fix 101 dalmation badge*
Woah! What puppies?


Art was good. Mr McDonald gave us all a good pep talk.

He informed us that the most time the SQA will spend with our years worth of drawings is a measly fifteen minutes.

I just moved pictures around a word document for the whole period if i'm honest. 

And talking to Kristina. She wasn't herself today though, poor toot. Need to remember to give her a big hug tomorrow.

I notice that the most emotionally affected people are all in one big room. Dangerous.

I swear, there are at least three depressed people and someone who stabs himself with a scalpel.

Scaredy-cat level? HIGH.


Welcome to two hours of doing NOTHING.

I spy with my little eye....

Three people listening to their iPods
Five people whispering "quietly"
One person who has fell asleep
One person drawing an epic hour long doodle
And someone who has had a complete mental break and is now staring, intrigued by a blank wall.

I can't write in that classroom. People just read what you're writing.

I don't like the feeling of judgement.

So I just did a Teeny Tiny storyboard instead and answered some true/false questions.

And listened to this inappropriate convo.

They were talking about this boy called Struan, who apparently, stripped on youtube.
BILLY: *referring to stripping* I'd do that... but it would have to be snowing. Major Shrinkage eh boys? I'm speaking about a chipolata.
Hands up who will never look at a chipolata in the same way again.
BILLY: *cntd* Sorry... I wouldn't be a chipota, I would be more of a german sausage. You know those thing's that are wrapped around into a wheel?
MARIA: Oh yeah, those little things you get in chippers?
BILLY: Little? What sort of sizes have the guys you've been with like? "Oh yeah, he's TINYYYYYY" *Hold up index finger on both hands and leaves a 15 inch space between them* 
Eeeep. It gets worse though.

Maria is getting on at Stewart for saying something about his girlfriend, Adele.
SEAN: What did you say like?
STEWART: I said she was rubbish on top.
STEWART:  It's not that she's bad, she was just at the wrong angle...
At this moment, Miss Alba slowly paces through the door and stares at Stewart. The definition of awkward, right there.
BILLY: Yeah, so Scout did that? 
During this Double period, I also discovered that Billy's Animal impression is to die for. Wooow.

Don't really know what happened at lunch, I was kinda spaced out...

It involved an accord card, lots of groping to try hiding said accord card, several water bottles being chucked across the Hot bar and Chris....
CHRIS: *standing straight against the wall* Blend in!!!
Where this all originated from? You're guess is as good as mine.


Was quite fun.

Milton and Aaron were doing a classroom poll...
MILTON: Who do you like better? Me or Aaron?
Claire didn't answer that question. I didn't want to pit the two against eachother, I liked 'em both.

So what was their solution to our quietness?

Hand us a bit of paper and ask us to right down a name.

Haha. That did NOT work.

Linzie wrote down a Y on one piece of paper, a O on another bit and on the last bit she wrote down a U.


But we handed it back to them and they had difficulty re-arranging the letters...

Yeah. This is a higher class and they've proved they can't re-arrange a three letter word. It's alllll good.

Abbie tried to stop everyone from using the shortcut to our other Bio class as well.

She held the door handle, or was at least reaching for it, when Dr Robertson burst through the door.

ABIE: I was going to hold the door so you's couldn't get through
DR ROBERTSON: Good job you didn't or you might have heard me swear.
If you know Dr Robertson, you will understand the sweetness of this statement.

 He's one of the good guys, I remember when I was left lonered in his classroom cause Linzie, Claire, Abie and EVERYONE else I spoke to went away,  he came over and spoke to me until the bell rang. He never really shouts, or even tells people off, he just asks them to stop or make a comment that drinking is bad for your health and moves right on.

But he gave us homework.


With a word bank.


Mrs Duncan thinks that he has gone soft. Hahaaaaa.

Just having little chats with Abie, Abie noticed that Mrs Duncan had a frog in her plant pot, she was like "WOAH! That's cool Ms!" and then Milton told Abie that it starts to ribbit if the plant is dry.

Abie didn't believe him, but right enough, when Mrs Duncan pulled out the frog, it started to ribbit.

Was awesome.

Lauren xxx

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