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Thursday, 11 November 2010

If you're alone and you're eating, speak to a chef..

I look outside.

It's cold. It's windy. It's raining.

It's officially winter.

When I say Winter, the first thing you think of is Snow and Christmas, am I right?

Yeah. That's what I thought.

Rain and wind is NOT part of the deal winter! Give us Summer back.

Was watching Crash, which is an AWESOME film about Racism and bigotry, Nathan Dillon and Sandra Bullock are in it (despite having minor parts) and it's directed by John Haggis, brillaint film, I recommend it.

"You think you know who you are? You have no idea"
Love the tagline so much. 

Anyway, I braved the elements (No medal necessary) and went to the bus stop. 

Got to school, yadda yadda, you know the drill.


So, for a double period, we had no english teacher.

We did, on the other hand, have two subs.

Mrs Fulton (Legend) and Ms *trails off*

Hay? Is she Ms Hay?

Ms Grubb?

Ahhh I don't know.

Me and Lee sat and talked for the first period, she drew some more fruit for her fruitbowl and talked about "Om Nom Friday's" 

Details on that coming soon ;)

Then we went to the other room to "Copy down notes"

From the computer.

Why can't we just print them off?

Because our school is poor and we can't afford photocopying.

Unless... there's no teacher to disapprove of this decision!

So that's what we did. 

We printed off 50 sheets of paper... 2 bits for the whole class, plus at least ten extra.

Because we're worth it.

Then Billy was telling us about this book, "The Life Of Pi".

BILLY: It's about this Indian boy from... Somewhere in India... Begins with a P...
MEGAN: Pakistan?
CAITLIN: Popadopolous?
CAITLIN: Pompeii?
MS HAY: That's in Greece.
BILLY: Go look up Cities in India that start with P! Actually... It could be a C....
MEGAN: Oh my god, do we need to know this?!
MS HAY: *Looks up City* Pondicherry.
BILLY: PONDICHERRY! That's it! Well, he comes from there, and his Dad owns a farm, and the zoo has to...
KATIE: A zoo?
BILLY: Yeah.
KATIE: You said farm.
BILLY: Well I meant zoo. The zoo has to move so they put all of the animals on a boat, and the boat starts sinking so the little boy gets thrown onto this life boat, and he saves a tiger, then he realises, "Wait a minute, this could eat me" but it was too late cause the tiger was already on the boat, but it didn't do anything because he was tired with exhaustion...
ME: *To Lee* Was he high when he read this? 
Then he made us do this quiz, to learn the notes we got printed out, so everyone had to come up with team names.

Me, Lee and Jo didn't know what to call our's... So Billy helped us out...

BILLY: Okay Ms, right down the G. A. Shoots.
 Patiently, he waits for people to get the sexual innuendo.

Some people didn't get it. To which, Billy told them to say it all together and quickly.

If you are one of the people that didn't get that joke, see page below:

I aim to educate you on Sexual Innuendos. Your welcome.

Some people took longer than others.
 MS HAY: .... OH!!... That's disgusting.
Billy was quiz master.

This involved three things:
  1. Tickling people with Ms Shaw's feathery duster.
  2. Reading out questions into an oversized foam microphone (Yeah, that was just lying about...)
  3. And finally, impersonating this guy.


Not much was done.

I felt like a bitty of a waste of space that day! Not doing any work.

I felt bad for Dr Robo... he was getting a lot of cheek.
"No-one can be bothered"
"We're really bored."
"Is anyone actually listening?"
Poor guy. He's actually a really good teacher if you just pay attention!

I went home after that, thank god for double last on a Monday!

Went to town after that, nice just to have some time to yourself.

 There was this third/fourth year girl in Menkind, she had a pram (with a baby in it yes. Daughter? Sister? You're guess is as good as mine) and she sat in the massager seat for half an hour.

During school?

Hahaaaaa, god, the youth of today.

I apologise on our behalf!

I'm not like most teenagers. I don't go out drinking. I don't smoke. I'm not a slut. I sleep, eat, talk and watch movies. And I am content with that.

Got my Dad some Campervan cufflinks and a mug. His Birthday is soon. So's my Mums. Need to get her a prezzie too. Any ideas?

I went for a late lunch after that. I really wanted a Frankie and Benny's, but it looks so bad if you go in by yourself.

So went to yo sushi instead, I know most of the people in their anyways, not by name, but by face.

This girl from behind the counter smiled at me and then told me to take a seat wherever, then this boy came over and asked me if I've been to yo suhi before.

Automatic reaction is always "Yeaaaah" with a huge grin.

After my automatic reaction, I always want to change it to "Yeah, i suppose you could say that... you're new, aren't you?"

Then this chef that looked like George Takei (a LITTLE bit like George Takei)

Yeah, well he started speaking to me and he took my order, bless! ^_^

So I gave em a tip for making me full and feel less lonely.

Then went to starbucks.

God damn it Bethany Joy.

She should really become their spokesperson.

They'd do well.

Anyways, I had a gingerbread latte, pretty tasty! Got sickening by the end though, but I had a Muffin Break cookie (I know, how fat am I?) and it gives the coffee a REALLY good after taste, like gingerbread dough.


Lauren xxx

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