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Monday, 8 November 2010

Do you want a cauliflower for Dinner?


They are so god damn strange.

Anyways, I am now TWO days behind on this blog, and I'm meant to have today's one done by now too so tecnically THREE.


I can't even really remember what happened on Thursday, but I'll try my best.

I do remember that we had to watch this Poppy appeal video, I was almost crying. It was so sad. Sad music on the top of war images and monuments for lost soldiers equals emotional rape.

I just mentally slapped myself and told myself to get a grip.


I was sitting drawing perfume bottles.

Yeaaaah. I know.

That was actually studying though, It's art!!

Bad art, but art none the less!

Sara was telling me about her Brother and his questions at Dinner the other night...
SARA'S BROTHER: Is Mr Lawson on drugs?
SARA: Might be... why?
SARA'S BROTHER: I put up my hand and then he asked me "Do you want a cauliflower for dinner?"
I'm sure he's just... no... nope... no words to explain that question other than "mental breakdown" or "Drugs".


Maths was boring and we didn't do anything. Moving on...


Fantastic. It was raining.

And, those who know me, will realise that my hair detests the rain and will go all "Abba" on me.

In fact, I put anything on top of my head to try and protect the hair from the rain... I call it Operation Waterdo.

Get it? Like Waterloo but with a do instead of loo, as in a hair do?

Don't get it? No, that really sucked. Forget I said anything.

The reflections on the river were awesome, so pretty, and autumny too, favourite season of the year autumn.

We were trying to Operant condition others in our class, or, in other words, we were trying to make them do the YMCA without em knowing.

Yup. You've heard right. Each group sent out one member and made them stand outside, we made up an action for each of them (Y for one group, M for ours, C for another, A for another one and finally, an exclamation point)

Dod was amazed how shy we all were. Turned out they just had NO clue what they were meant to be doing.

Communication is key!

Lewis broke Claire's Mirror and lunch.

He was spinning it around a lot and then.


Fell off of the table.

The one of the mirrors had fallen out of it's case and Lewis was totally nervous about it being broken and having to deal with 14 years bad luck (two mirrors you see)

He was safe.


Free period was pretty good actually.

Bev, Lauren and Lewis were in the library with me, so it was a good laugh.

Lauren was doing accents... Her Australian accent was amazing.

As was her Jamaican accent...
LAUREN: Mali boom boom! Always drink responsibly.
She slagged off the advertisers, asking why they had to ruin a BRILLIANT advert by adding in "Always drink responsibly" at the end.

She had a point.

Then we got talking about scary movies and scary stories, I laughed at Lewis' one. He said he got freaked out by the Lion King.

All together now, N'yaaaaaw!

He was also telling us about Lucas' old house, it was actually haunted.

No joke.



Lights going on, then off, then on again, shadows appearing from no-where, Footsteps. Weird stuff.


Not much done again. 

I printed off FIVE sheets of my photos so I could attempt to design a perfume bottle the next period.

By the time I had found my sheet, It was time to pack up.

Win? :)

There was a big puddle on the ground (from the rain yah numpties) and Kelly looks down at it, sees the little orange pine shavings from the trees and shouts
That kid slays me.

Went to Megan's for tea that night, had baked potatoes and chocolate brownie ice-cream (Not together)

And we watched the middle. Awesome show, please, PLEASE watch it if you haven't already.

Then we went to see the Advanced Higher Drama people performing their plays.

Woooow. They were amazing.

I used their performance as a catalogue for actors and actresses to use in my film. If their play was like Argos to film-makers, Ewan would be sold out.

Let me break it down for you (Tagged under #ThingsaWhitePersonShouldNEVERsay)


Laura did her play on... let me think of how to describe it... inter-related characters which include a Rich woman (Ms Rankin), A wannabe star in the making (Ashleigh), The Rich Woman's perverted Husband (Ewan) and a prostitute who connects them all (Laura).

Brilliant acting. I'd say the highlight of the play were the opening monologues.

"I want to be famous. I want my fame to bring infamy."

Fantastic. Powerful. Thought provoking.

So Laura goes to Ms Rankin, who was wanting to order her (Is that how you say it? Order a prostitute?) for her husband, Ewan.

Ashleigh gets shouted at for being a little girl a LOT of the time. In fact, all of her scenes basically involve her being shouted at. Poor thing.

Ewan and Laura had AMAZING chemistry. Ewan played his part so well, a sick pervert who actually physically repelled me. Seriously. Wow.

He just pulled her trench coat off of her, caressed her neck and pulled out her hair bobble before the lights cut to black and the deed was presumably done.


Andrew's play was on anorexia, and it was a great technical piece. Very well thought out.

Laura played a female anorexic called Anna whilst Andrew played a male Anorexic called Rex. Get it? Annarex. Anorexic?

Ashleigh's idea apparently, little genius.

Anna blogged about losing weight, whilst Rex read it and commented on his "Inspirations" posts.

At the beginning, Anna and Rex were separated by the distance of the stage, but lead very parallel lives, weighing themselves, drinking water, measuring their guts, you know, anorexic stuff.

Anna's boyfriend (Ewan) wanted to take her to a restraunt, which, clearly, did NOT bode well with her, and she wanted to stay in instead. 

Rex, who DIDN'T know that his friend's girlfriend was his anorexic inspiration, was working out with Ewan at the gym. He almost fainted and refused to eat.

Cut to Anna's bedroom, where Ewan was chilling out with her. Anna said something to which Ewan tickled her playfully, Anna shouted at him and they got into a heated argument about her huge weight loss, which resulted in him being chucked out.

Ewan apologized to Anna over the phone, she accepted his apology and later that day, he travelled to Anna's house, at the exact moment she was in the toilet being sick. Ewan issued her with an ultimatum, it was either the anorexia or him. Sadly, she chose the anorexia and Ewan stormed out, leaving Anna on the floor crying.

The ending was what the play was memorable for, the parallel between the two character, Anna and Rex was missing, Anna was no-where to be seen. Rex carried on his usual morning ritual before sitting down at his computer and sending messages to Anna, wondering where his inspiration had gone, asking if she was Okay, telling her that he was worried about her and finally begging her to reply.

She never replied.

Thought that was very powerful.


Very difficult to follow, but another powerful play.

It all began with Death (Andrew) emerging from a box (Pandora's box) and grabbing a little boys hand as he played with a toy aeroplane, saying
ANDREW: It all happened in 102 minutes.
He was talking about the Twin towers. 

Cut to Ewan and his wife Laura fighting over Ewan's workaholic attitude.

Ewan's character said that he just wanted to be able to provide for his family, Laura's character said that his family just wanted him.

Ewan left for the office anyways.

After the long SATURDAY morning/afternoon working, he returned home, and both of the character stood on top of two pillars decorated with mirrored paper (the twin towers) that were placed at completely opposite sides of the stage as they discussed their future.

Then the lights turned red and Death came forth, then Ewan and Laura stood in front of him, holding out two photographs each. Death looked at Laura's, then handed it back. Death looked at Ewan's, then pocketed it. Death held out a hand and Ewan reluctantly shook it.

Ewan then went away and left Death holding a phone, he picked up the phone and a voice over of Ewan's characted came on as a voicemail to his wife, telling her that he loved her and their kids and that there was some sort of explosion at the offices and that people were killing themselves. None of it felt real. He said that he would be thinking of her until his last breath.

Then Death hung up the phone.

Powerful huh? 

They were all really good.

Took me and Megan about 45 minutes to fill out their evaluation sheets! ¬_¬

Cause their so goooooood.

Sorry for late blogging! 

Lauren xxx

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