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Sunday, 31 October 2010

You know your life is awesome when a Ninja serves you

Gooooood evening/early morning girls and boys.

How is everyone today/yesterday?

Have to say my day rocked.

Had to run to the bus stop this morning. Oops. That's the second day i've just caught it, thank you for letting me be rewarded with brilliant timing this week!

Started to rain though, that sucked. Had to wait for the Torry Bus too so my hair went from a one on the ABBA scale (A.K.A frizzy scale) to a three.

Bus was SOOO cosy though, almost fell asleep, so nice <3


Wasn't bad at all today, swear we were only there for 25 minutes.

Went by really quick, just did a little test on our note taking skills and then started taking down more detailed notes.

Then it was back to Kincorth.

Yeah. Nothing happened at all to be honest!


We actually did work today. Big shock eh ;)

Well... I say work... we wrote down notes and did a tiny little excerise... screw it, still work!

Miss Alba gets it. She asked us what we were doing for Halloween, the bell then went and she said 

MISS ALBA: Don't be too hungover on Monday!
Cause THAT'S what annoys me about the Guidance teachers... they are meant to be the teachers that know us best but that's complete rubbish, their blinded by their own naivety when handling the possibility that we are immoral.

Teens drink, They take drugs, they have sex, they swear, they fight, they bitch, it's what we do... Okay... It's not what we all do. 

But conformity is a very powerful thing, most people do at least 4 of the immoral actions described there. 

I don't. I don't condemn people for wishing to have a good time. If they feel they have to take drugs or drink to have a good time then so be it, but just don't brag about it on Monday morning. 

Guidance teachers don't get that though. Mrs Anderson is particullarly bad at that. She thinks that we are all little angels, all perfectly healthy and stable but if that's her idea then she really couldn't be more wrong. Left, right and centre I hear of people going out drinking every single Saturday night, taking more drugs than you could possibly name, doing someone different every week and coming scarily close to death. And yet anytime she knows that a party has gone on, she freaks out and asks if we've been drinking...

Wise up woman.

Besides; Lee told me that someone saw Miss Alba and Ms Stark, drunk, holding hands and skipping in town. Mwaaahhaaaaa... That little mental image has me in fits.

Break was good, was freaked out though, Cooks were wearing Halloween masks.

But they were selling their amazing shortbread today... mmmmm... so fine

Booo! I'm yummy. Run in terror.


This double period usually goes slower than...

Ummm... a snail that has just ate a nine course meal and has twisted his foot (do Snails even have feet?) 

Basically; Maths = NOT FUN.

BUT... Mr Hughes was off.

So party time!




We had Mr Duncan. He's a bit of a douche. But hey, I've got Sophie, Dougal and Calum at my table, so we were determined to have a bit of a laugh.

So we just talked about people falling off of chairs/Head butting windows/Falling over whilst giving people piggy backs... you know... the usual.

But then Mr Duncan gave us into trouble for laughing, telling us a story of him having to babysit a first year class and they were little angels...

And how we were being immature.
MR DUNCAN: They were absolute Trojans...
SOPHIE: A Trojan?
MR DUNCAN: A really hardworking horse.
SOPHIE: *Whispering* What's his obsession with Horses?
MR DUNCAN: They didn't feel the need to talk constantly
CALUM: Neither do we! We'll be quiet...
MR DUNCAN: *HEAVY sarcasm* Oh really? Wow, what a great guy, you're my hero!

Still, was fun.

We were quiet from then on, Sophie was telling us the joke she used to use for Halloween trick or treating:

What's a ghost's favourite dessert?


Haha, it was the way she said it, totally adorable!

And she was also telling us about the disco she helped organise on Thursday, all of the little kiddies (First years) were copying her dance moves and then one of them said "Too far, too far!"

Sophie went ballistic. She's like "WHO SAID THAT?!"

The little kid pointed at his friend.
SOPHIE: What did you say?!
LITTLE KID: Too far...
She had thought he had said "Too fat." 
SOPHIE: Oh... What does that even mean?
ANNOYING LITTLE KID: It means your annoying...
The kid that said Too far was running around and then slammed into Sophie's elbow... I think he got a concussion...

You know what they say, Karma's a bitch.

Then we had Mr King, he was actually teaching us maths on his little whiteboard before...

Well, Ashleigh interuptted.

WOO HOO. She was there to break me out.

Haha, she spent ages trying to find me though, she went back to tell Mr Shaw she had found me, walking through the door singing "HERE'S MEH!".

He had a class.

Ahhh I love her confidence!

We went to the bus stop then, yo sushi and Baskin and Robins here we come!

Myke was there.

Who's Myke you say? Ahhhh mes ami's... he is the singing waiter.

He does not sing TO you... but he sings outside of work and he is REALLY good.


Myke singing Sam Sparrow's "Black and gold". Better than the original in my opinion.

Well, we didn't order like normal diners, by pressing the button... oh no, we just shouted Myke over and ordered the usual.

Ahhhh I love being a regular!

Chicken Katsu curry, please... buy it! It's amazing.

Went down to Jack Jones after that, Liam, Ashleigh's boyfriend, works there.

It was still raining outside but we had to go out in it to go to Hobby craft (The main reason we were out was to get Advanced Higher Drama materials) 

Turns out the members of staff were in Fancy dress...
ASHLEIGH: *to Harry Potter Girl* Excuse me...
HPG: My Uniform is better (She is in full Griffindor attire and is ROCKING it) but your tie is better sewn on...
ASHLEIGH: *laughs* Where are the sheets of mirrored paper?
HPG: Oh, hold on a moment.
We hold on a moment.

She comes back with a Ninja.Who then went away to find the paper

LIAM: Woooooow....
Ashleigh seemed way too interested in HPG's hat too notice we were being served by a ninja...

To be fair, it was a cool hat.

HPG was very defensive about her Orange pompom things coming out of the hat... she said "It's a pumpkin."

The Ninja comes back holding the paper, we walk away and then the Ninja asks HPG:
NINJA: So what's this orange thing?
Best workplace award 2010? Think so.

Put up my umbrella cause the rain was getting quite bad. Downside? Couldn't see a thing...

We ended up sending Liam in front and having to follow his ass to the centre.

I was still quite annoyed, Union square had a HUGE birthday cake (which we were too late for) and a record breaking attempt (which we were too EARLY for)

But we went into the new shop, Gio Goi, got some freebies...

If you call water and a badge a freebie of course.

I do.

Off to Baskins and Robins then, I needed to be back in time for Art, so was hurrying.

Had a Cookie Dough shake, Ashleigh had to buy for Andrew and Sarah for Drama too.

So we were struggling cause the drinks were REALLY cold on our hands, so we created...

The Cup holder bra!

You push your boob, a cupholder comes out of the bra...

And with new patented "Anti-stiff technology", you'll never have the embarrassing problem of stiff nips again! REJOICE!

On the bus back, we bumped into Sophie, who told us that Michelle was annoyed at Rachel for not helping her decorate her party...

Ummm... Rachel is in hospital... her Ovary burst (Lots of ladies going OOOOH at that)

Poor thing. 

We got back just in time for 6th period. So Ashleigh came to art and was holding all of the ice creams, Mr McDonald seemed amused by this.


Although I HATE that I have to go back for 6th period on a Friday, Art is always hilarious.

Lauren comes in with these AMAZING shoes. So, as you do, Rachel (Not the one who's ovary burst cause she's still in Hospital) asks Lauren which shoe size she is.



So they swapped shoes.

It's really good in Art just now, we're doing Design, my only strong point! Seriously, why did I take Higher?!

Lauren is doing a Quality Street Dress/Waistcoat, you know the strange see through material that the sweets are wrapped in?

Them. A dress made up of them.

It's so cool!

Mr McDonald totally crushed Kelly's idea though...

MR MCDONALD: *Looks at Kelly's sheet in confusion* What are you going to do here then?
KELLY: I'm making a piece of Jewellery for Baskin and Robins.
 Her investigation printout contains a Lion hanging onto a rope (Necklace), a bracelet made up of sushi (fake sushi, charm bracelet) and a toilet roll necklace. None of which have anything to do with Ice Cream
KELLY: I don't know, it's just an idea!!
MR MCDONALD: How about you make a bracelet from Liquorice Allsorts. We could make them out of wood.
KELLY: Wood?! How about I make it from chocolate.
MR MCDONALD: Most people know about Liquorice allsorts...
KELLY: MORE people know about Chocolate!
 Also, Mr McDonald thought that the Sushi charm bracelet was sweeties. Kelly got onto him for that.

Our class, as much as I adore them are VERY bitchy.

They were talking about Michelle's Halloween party... Here's what I discovered:
  1. Only 12 people were meant to be going. Kelly and Lauren decided that they weren't going to go so it's only 10.
  2. The guests had to be really quiet by 11.
  3. There wasn't going to be any Music.
  4. Lots of people who were not originally invited got an invite at the last second.
Zoe just spun around in Mr McDonald's computer chair and joined in the conversation at various points, making hilarious facial reactions to falling forward in the chair at others.

We were free after that. 

I went into the cinema with Halle and Patty to see Easy A, it's an amazing movie, go see it ASAP!

It's remniscant to the good old Teenage Movies that John Hughe's wrote and directed, which is a huge compliment to the movie, it's just that good.

Emma Stone's character was very likeable, being kind-hearted and intelligent, just horribly misunderstood. 

The supporting cast were brilliant as well. Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from friends) made an appearance as a teacher who cheats on her husband with a student and Dan Byrd (Travis from Cougar Town) as Olive's gay friend.

Go see it for the fake sex scene alone, had me in fits.

(You may see why the blog is called "Confessions of a movie geek" now huh?)

Went to yo sushi after that, om nom nom, Chicken Yakitori and Chicken noodles... WELL fine! 

Then we basically just walked onto Union Street, observing the party-goers, there were a few in fancy dress, someone was dressed as a Chilean miner (EPIC costume!) Two friends went as Shaggy and Scooby doo, there was a funky Monkey (best costume i've seen in ages!), two people dressed as dominos and someone went as the Genie from aladdin. 


Then this drunk dude came...

He held a McDonald's in his hands and was telling us about this strip joint, and how they were having a free night, he said he wanted to go in but... well, frankly that was all I could make out of the conversation... he said something about drinks and knocking everybodies back when they weren't looking.

Patty lugged into one of his later conversations, turned out he had a wife and kids at home and he was planning to go to the harbour... I seriously hope for his sake that he was just wanting to go down their for a stroll...

Okay... sorry this is late guys and gals, took ages to write!!

Lauren xxx

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