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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Woaaaah. I actually did something today.

Don't you just hate it when you wake up with a jump?

That little minuscule jump that instantly wakes you up?

You know the one I'm meaning?

6am this morning, I heard my Dad's alarm go off and I jumped awake...


Not all bad. Watched Pretty in Pink, written by John Hughes. 

Brilliant. No-one writes teen movies like John Hughes!

Was meant to be watching Despicable me with Chloe today, but she never phoned (she phoned about 2 hours ago to explain the reason, I forgive).

I didn't know this however, so I spent an hour trying to finish off her LATE birthday present, A diamond encrusted stick.

Let's keep the explanation of that to a minimum.

I told Chloe that I would be entertained for hours if you only gave me a stick.

Chloe said she would be the same, but ONLY if it was diamond encrusted.

Hence the stick.

It looks a bitty like a baby Harry Potter wand for gays at the moment. Very flash.

Also, took some pictures for "Love is Louder".

For some reason, that's my favourite. Don't know why though.

Got bored waiting around for something to happen, so I decided to go to town and try getting an idea for what to buy people for Christmas Presents.

Right. I'll explain what happened outside of Azendi (a Jewellery shop)

There was this woman who wanted to go window shopping in front of Azendi.

Fair enough, right?

She slams her head off of the glass...

Like, WHAM.

And she makes the cutest little "Oof!" you've ever heard.

The desire to laugh was almost unstoppable. 

I felt sorry for her, she made herself look like an idiot (I'm not being mean, I've done it before, you feel so stupid after it happens) but c'mon! I was brought up on You've been framed! Physical humour is the type of humour that creates the most laughter!

Why? Probably because our Caveman ancestors laughed at physical humour because they hadn't developed conversation yet. So it's begs to be let out.

I managed to control myself (Just smiled like an idiot).

Bethany Joy Galeotti has got me craving Peppermint hot chocolate now...


Watch the video, curse you're craving for the tasty drink later on.

Go on Starbucks, Joy has to be the perfect sales person for your drink!! Look at that cheeser and try to deny her cutesy English accent!

Don't know how it could possibly be fun to drink. Screw it. If Joy says it is fun to drink, It is fun to drink.

See... the problem with this pariticular craving? Starbucks aren't selling it...

I know. I feel you're pain.

So I had to make do with a Vanilla Latte.... mmmmm.... my favourite!

100% fairtrade! Rejoice coffee lovers! You're making the world a better place! And Starbucks to go cups make a tasty AND cosy treat. It's like a drink and a hand-warmer rolled into one!

Back to Christmas presents.

I know what to buy Chloe, Michelle, Halle (I THINK), Ashleigh (If she hasn't already bought it), Mum and Dad.

Problems lie with my secret santa....

SPOILER ALERT so I'mma write it in white... highlight next line to receive the name.

Sara :) Again!

Got that? Haven't a clue. Problemo.

And Lewis. Don't know what to buy him. First time I have to buy a guy a present in AGES. Feels good! Sending some love your way man, even though you're living it up in Egypt at the mo!

Also, happiness, got a twitter reply from Laura Izibor! What a sweetie-pie!
She plays Erin on the new Season of One Tree Hill and sings this song....
Listen to the chorus...

Recognize it?

Two words.

Special. K.

Add an extra one if you want it to make sense (Advert)

Right. Away to do something else... 

Later guys and gals


P.S. Nice little flower picture for yah to enjoy before it dies out.... Say goodbye to Summer!

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