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Friday, 22 October 2010

What, in the name of god, is a Dragee?!

Confusion arises.

Seriously, can anyone answer that question? What is a dragee?

Sorry. CHEWY Dragee.

Just bought a Mento packet and saw that written on the side. Stirred my curiosity.

I did NOT go into town with my Mum today. 

Which is a Blog-worthy statement because it's sort of a tradition to go into town with her when I have Fridays off. 

However, her Hip is really sore at the moment, so we called it off this week.

Instead, I went to see Despicable me (Yes. AGAIN) in 3D with Halle and her wee bro Harrison. 

Oh my god I love that film.

Getting there was the hard part.

Don't you just hate it when you miss a bus because you were twenty seconds too late?

Always seems to appear just as your away to turn the corner as well...

Swear they time the buses so you either have to wait half an hour or you JUST miss one. Faaaaaaantastic.

Two girls were filming with a proper newsbroadcasting camera, maybe 17 or 18 years old, had a fluffy thingy (technical term) and a tripod as well!! Media students? I think so.

Anyway, got off the bus and had to run to the cinema, already twenty minutes late for the screening.

Halle didn't tell me it was in 3D, so had to pay for another pair of glasses.

Didn't mind that too much though, need a new pair, one of the ones I have doesn't seem to work well with the screen, this new pair definitely does.

Bumped into Chloe and Heather in the foyer too... well... I say bumped into... they snuck up behind me and hugged me. Sooo... bumped?

They were going to see Easy A. Halle is coming to see it with me on Sunday, can't wait!

Halle and Harrison couldn't wait for me any longer so they bought their tickets and went in. I didn't even know if the 3D showing was the one we were going into so I was tentative, I thought I was going to make friends with a 3 year old. 

Let's face it, one person buys a ticket to see a kiddies film by themselves? 

Seems pervy.

I walked in and I couldn't see them. Shame. Was going to have to sit myself.

Then I heard "Lauren"

Ahhhh, my name has never sounded so good!

The lot we were in with were kind of miserable, they never laughed at the good bits.

Seriously. LAUGH! 

Then Halle and Harrison went home (Boooo! Love Halle and Harrison days!) so I waited around for Chloe and Heather.

What a laugh those two are. But they didn't hang around for long either!  

Heather makes noises while shopping... Oh! Eee! Aaaa!

She said she was making her way through the vowels. 
Chloe then held up a top.
I went Ohhhhh!
Heather said that I had started now. 
I told Heather that I was going to do the contestants.
Chloe holds up a pair of jeans.

Doesn't have the same effect.

I went to subway like a loner after that and had (now write this down somewhere cause it is a foodgasm) A footlong Italian with Chicken Terriyaki, Cheese and BBQ sauce.

Om nom nom.

Got home, and what happened?


So Yippee-ki-aayyyy.

I can apply for that Christmas Temp job at Paperchase now! Excited!

Probablly won't get an interview, but I really do want a job!

Happy about that anyway.

Still feeling Inspired... Haven't felt like this in my life. It's just as though someone whacked me over the head and said "Do something". Brilliant.

So site of the day, I would like you to visit if you're not too busy is http://love146.org/

I will post a blog about it, my challenge for the day. Go on it and discover what it is about before the blog if your impatient or want to here about it from the horse's mouth so to speak.

Right, Speak soon Lovies

Lauren xxx

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