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Monday, 18 October 2010


Ahhh the simple pleasures in life.

When was the last time you got a strike in Bowling?

Okay, scrap that, when was the last time you actually
went bowling?

I can't remember the last time I got a strike... I can remember the last time I went bowling though, good times.

Me being an idiot (AKA daily life)
Heather and "Soulmate"
First week of the Holidays, me, Chloe and Heather went to the beach to play a game of bowling.

I got six gutter balls in a row.


I hut a pin down and I fell to my knees in joy. The words "Worst. Bowler. Ever" spring to mind.

But it was amazing! Great fun! Chloe won (I swear I'm going to get you back for this Craiginator!)

Then we met up with Dawn (Cause she was being a lazy bones and didnt get up in time for bowling!) and went for Pizza hut. Something was said about Luigi.

Then back to play with the 2p machines and a nice play on the beach. Great stuff.

We all won a duck in the 2p machines too! 

We are sailing?

Dawn and Mac the duck

Chloe and Dawn being numpties in the sea. Brrrr.
This time was different.

Was still super awesome. Still made a complete fool of myself (No surprises)

But this time, I got a strike... 



Yeah. But I didn't even see it.

Michelle and Jennifer thought they would try to distract me by fake slagging me off (At least, that's what they told me afterwards) and I was so paranoid I wouldn't release eye contact... so i missed my one and only strike.




Watching Michelle on the Waltzers may have been the funniest thing i've seen in ages! Her and Jennifer were on it for five minutes and I swear, I didn't see her stop trying to fix her hair!

You're on a waltzer hun, it's SUPPOSED to be messy!!

And her face on the boat? Priceless! She was the one that was begging Jennifer to go on with her and then she burries her head in her hands for the whole ride!


She really felt sick on it! Sweetie pie!

Hot Australian man.

Wowza wowza....

He asked for directions to get to the beach, so Michelle said "Just follow the road".

So he thanks us and Smiles (Delicious smile!) and then walks down the path Michelle pointed out to him... In the completely wrong direction...

So she felt guilty. You would too if you sent an angel down the wrong path.

What was worse?

He beat us to the beach by finding his own way.

Geography fail.

Lauren xxx

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