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Thursday, 28 October 2010

No way is that real... *stares at computer screen in fascinated disgust*

Before I say anything about... anything, I have an announcement.

Nothing big. No Marriage/Pregnancy/Death/Drugs/Rock and Roll.

Nope. Just wanted to say that my friends are the most gorgeous, talented and crazy people that I have ever met and I wouldn't change them for the world.

And my family are, again, a bunch of nutters and hilarious and I love them a lot.

Don't you guys go changing!

Finally found my inspiration again... I think it was "Attack of the Herbals" trailer added with the "Those that I fight I do not hate..." quote last night.

Got a piece of advice for you, never, ever do a "Like this status and I will compliment you" status on facebook.

Seriously. Took me 3 hours.

Ahh... sorry... 3 and a half. 

17 people ended up liking it. Hahaaaa, why all at midnight though guys and gals?!

So, how is everyone today anyways?

It's getting colder now! Feel it?

Nothing much happened in the morning.

Redgy was replaced with Assembly, boring.

BUT did you know that if you fill in an online application form, a software will be used to pick the first twenty applicants and scan them to see if they are worthy of an interview... if they are, the other eighty gets chucked in the bin.

Sorry. Recycling bin.

That sucks.

Ahhh well, fingers crossed for Paperchase eh?

STUDY (or lack of)

Hehe, an hour to chat to friends or finished off homework you forgot about. Bliss.

Part from I had to kind of do work because I thought I had a NAB for Psychology.

I didn't. Awww well. Knowledge is knowledge right?


Not much done again... only a single period though, so only about... 2 questions done?

I almost fell asleep. Been so tired recently.

So I said that I wish that there was a starbucks.

Queue huge Tea/Coffee fight. 
SOPHIE: I think that it tastes like watered down piss, not that I've ever drunk my... *trails off after realising what she said*
Heh, that kid is hilarious.

This is without a doubt my favourite subject.

Dod is such a good teacher.

And i love getting the bus to Torry, makes me chill out!

Sara always seems to hand out polos on the bus, so she took out her Cherry flavoured antiseptic spray (She has a sore throat you see) and sprays three in her mouth, chokes a little and then Lewis leans through the crack in the seats and says:
LEWIS: Polos!?
Haha, he loves scrounging off of Sara!

Katie (B.B.F.F ((Baby Best Friends Forever)) ) had missed the bus, so she made a sad face, but then another one came and she went "Woo hoo!" and started to sing to "Send me on my way" from the Ice Age soundtrack...

Or... that was Katie told me happened.


Definite tune though.

Was just copying down lots of notes in Psychology, interesting stuff though, so it's all good.

Then Sara got the hiccups.

Cutest noise you've ever heard in your life.

Let Sara listen to a song too, it's epic, I said that I sometimes feel like saying this to people, don't know if you feel the same?


38 seconds in, the chorus is epic!

Ashleigh let me skip the queue at lunch, love that kiddie ;)

Pasta King was rank though, so dislike the Cook's... then again, It is Kincorth, it's hardly a Michelin starred restaurant!

And the cook's are so sweet! So they are forgiven for the rank pasta.

Then Patty told me about Sophie's magazine...

It was like, more or OK, something along that lines...

And it had Barbie sex positions.

Yes. You heard right.

Sophie brought over the book and all you see in Barbie's head resting on Ken's crotch...

Yup... Just resting.... *shifty eyes*

Cause we all know Ken hasn't got anything down below.

Poor Barbie.


This is the definition of fail.

Me and (CHING!) Lauren were waiting for everybody outside the library, our usual meeting place.

2 minutes later... no-one else had arrived.

5 minutes later... still no-one...

5 and a half minutes... STILL no-body. 

We got bored. So we went on a Bev hunt (Bev is the one who we were wanting to find most).

We went to the hotbar.


We went to the coldbar.

We saw Halle on the stairway, haha whatta cutie, but no-one else.

We started to go up the teachers staircase...

then we saw that was their hang out placey and we got scared and ran off.

We were locked out after that. We had to head to the front door.

A crow squawked. I told Lauren that it was laughing at her. She said that we had lost our minds.

I agreed.

Mrs Murray was all up in Lauren's face after that. She had no uniform on and she kind of whacked her over the head for that. She scares me sometimes.

You know where they were?

In art. An hour before they needed to be.


Looked up perfume bottles, was particularly freaked out by this one...

At least it has a bow on it.

Loved this one though...
Not suitable for Hayfever sufferers.

And then I looked onto www.bluebanana.com 

It's an emo website. Lauren showed me it.

In all honesty I'm about... ummm... 50% emo?

No shame about that, It's a lifestyle, not an illness.

I went through to the other room for about two minutes before being sent to the Techi room with Kelly, was hilarious though, looking up perfume bottles and making fun of eachothers typing skills.

Looking through Megan's artwork too, it's amazing;

Still hasn't completely finished

This is just WOAH. Click on it to enlarge.

Oh! And Kelly looked up her toilet paper necklace and strange people... Including the one on the computer screen seen here...


If that didn't give you nightmares, nothing will.

And I see a mac computer, so I'm like "Woah that's a sexy mac!"

And Kelly replies "Who's a sexy man?!"


Then just went home after that.

Missed the bus though cause I had to give Megan her book back, just waited for one with Ashleigh, love that kid! Feels like we've been buds for absolutely ages, but we've only really hung out for about a year.

OH! And before I forget, please please PLEASE take the time to visit my Friend Kyle's website, http://www.galaxyxero.co.cc/

He's away to properly build the website once he gets enough money to start building his own computer (Yeah, that kid is one SMART cookie!) so he has enough memory for all the awesome features of his site!

So please, keep your eyes peeled guys and gals!!

Righto, Lauren out

Have an awesome day tomorrow, cause it's only one more day till the weekend!


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