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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Mwahahahahaha... Happy Halloween!


Did you get a scare?


Well... You could have at least pretended to...

No matters. How was every-bodies Halloween?

Did you get up to much? If so, what did you do?

Drop me a comment!

Please... 18 blogs and no comments is kind of a disgrace.

I had a brilliant day.

First half; Sin City with Megan.

She brought over scones and Rasberry Jam (and Fruit, which we did NOT eat)

And I brought over Water, Irn Bru, Lemon curd and Chocolate.

Match made in heaven.

The scones were brilliant. Especially with Lemon curd (Only buy Sainsbury's basic Lemon Curd, cheap is good under these circumstances)

I had a really good time catching up with her, feels like I haven't properly seen her in AGES.

Yeah, she kind of slagged off Sin City...

I took it SO seriously first time I watched it! She made fun of the way they acted and what they said...

"Bum Ticker."

That's all you need to say and then she's in fits.

Re-watching it, I realised just how brutal and violent it was...

I mean, A guy gets eaten alive by a wolf and someone gets their Penis ripped off for god's sake!!

But wow, the direction is so stylish.

Tarintino was a special guest director, makes sense.

Megan was telling me the plan for her acting career, pretty damn good if I say so myself, good luck to her <3

Then she was helping me try to figure out what I was gonna do... really do want to direct (Hey, I am a self confessed Movie Geek...)

Went to Michelle's after that, was awesome, we carved pumpkins...

Is it really bad to say that I have never carved a pumpkin before in my life?

Yeah... So is this a bad attempt?

One on the left is mine, I shall name him Jerry. Oooooooooh....

We then had a Domino's pizza. That was absolutely N'YUMMY.

Love Dominos.

Was basically just catching up on all the gossip and watching the X factor...

Michelle then curled my hair...

WOW... Left it on for a bitty too long, looked like a poodle!!

Had a great day though, love my girlies!!

Lauren xxx

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