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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Last day of Holidays blues.

Don't worry, I'm not blue, no smurf syndrome for me today.

I woke up early today...

Okay. I woke up at 11 o clock in the morning, isn't that the same thing?

Was meant to be going to the cinema to see Easy A with Halle, she couldn't make it today though, so we're going on Wednesday instead.

My Mum made me hoover today. I found out that I am a terrible hoover-er. 

Knocked off EVERYTHING from one of my shelves. Damn nozzle-head...

Woah. Nozzle-head sounds like an epic name for a Mexican wrestler, dontcha think?

The workings of my inner mind people. I'd like to see a psychologist analyze that.

Anyways. After my super successful hoovering session, I was rewarded with an icecream cone.

Mmmm. Mr Whippy rules.

Then I went to go see this car my Dad has been eyeing up. He hates our Audi. Keeps stalling on him and it vibrates like a...

Phone on vibrate...


ANYWAYS, it's a grey BMW 5 series. It's manual and it runs on petrol. 

That's all I know about it... technically speaking.

Yes. I consider the colour of the car to be technical.

He had a test drive of it. Wowza.

My Dad really loved the wood.

It was like driving a cloud.

A cloud that smelled good and was cosy.


Something rattled... Dad thinks it was the Dash. The man said he'd sort that our though, so no worries!

Sorry.... this is taking forever to write, watching the X factor results too!

Handed in my application form to paperchase today... eeek! First one handed in, all grown up huh? 

Honest opinion needed: Is the writing "Application form" on the envelope big enough?

Yeah? Thought so.

Then just came home and had a bath. Perfect lazy Sunday... minus the long lie... Boo.

Back to school tomorrow. Ahhhhh I'm not looking forward to that.

After two weeks off, I get used to going to bed at two every morning, getting up and watching two or three movies and chilling with my Buds in town.

Now I have to go back and do NAB's, unwillingly go out at half past seven every morning and wait for a bus and have to put up with a lot of drama...

I say drama... I really mean people taking things out of preportion.

Ahhh well. If you were never young and crazy, you can never be old and wise.

I'll post how school went tomorrow night.

Hope you all have a good week!

Lauren xxx

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