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Monday, 25 October 2010

It's a Monday morning and it's freezing! Yet inside, I'm warm and cuddly.

Gooooooood evening.

I'll admit, I underestimated the severity of this good mood that I am in at the moment.

First day back at school and I'm still chirpy!!

Anyways... ever wake up, look outside your window and think to yourself;

"Today's gonna be a good day" ?

Well... Today was one of those days.

Was it because I was back at school.


Was it because of my subjects.


Was it because of the view outside my window?

That's what you want to wake up to on a Monday morning...

Sunday boozers take note!!

Also, my new tune was playing on my iPod, couldn't complain, can't beat a bit of a dance track to get you up and raving on a Monday morning!!

Moon always gets confused in winter... IT'S MORNING!

No doubt that it's almost Winter!

But Autumn is going out in Style.

So got on the bus (Thank god, Was absolutely freezing!) and chatted to Linzie, haven't spoken to her since last term, had a little catch up, She went to Alten Towers, so I was hearing about the ride that was too big for her to go on and how she went onto this other terror-inducing ride to make up for it... it went from 0 to 100 mph in two seconds...

Two seconds.

So no wonder the picture taken was of her screaming with her hair absolutely horizontal behind her!

Her Gran's in Hospital though, wish her a speedy recovery!

Got to redgy, Ms Talboys and Linzie had a strange conversation...
LINZIE: Can't wait till Halloween!!
MS TALBOYS: Why? Is there something I should know about?
LINZIE: Ummmm no... why?
MS TALBOYS: No reason, just sounded quite sinister... not joining a Covent are you? 
LINZIE: *freaked out* No!! 
MS TALBOYS: Shouldn't have watched that horror last night...
Yeah. Our redgy teacher is that sweet. She'll butt into your convos and then call you a witch!!

She rocks though, no doubt about that!


Ahhhh the joys.

Walked towards the classroom, look behind me to see this little ninja running up behind me.

It was Lee, to be honest, she's the only reason I haven't comitted suicide because of this class. 

So Lee hug was muchly needed/appreciated.

Walk through the door and our whole class was there, and Miss Alba was at the board...

Never a good sign.

You see, Miss Alba has been off for roughly... hmmm... a month?

A month where we have had no teacher.... For Higher English.

This is where the problem arises... You see... Our English class doesn't seem to grasp the art of communication and organisation.

Common phrases used by Alba students:
"Wait... we had homework?"
"Let's see what you've written."
"I don't know what to do."

As you can see, our class can't really afford NOT to have a teacher... we haven't done anything of real value in the past 12 weeks of class time...

She decided to make up for that today.

First thing on the first day back, she gives us an essay to write in one period.

"Why did Harper Lee choose the title "To Kill a Mockingbird?""

Queue Alba Student number one!

"I don't know what to do."
"Just write about why she chose the title, why "To Kill a Mockingbird" over something like "The Growing up of Scout Finch?"

The one obvious reason that sprung to my mind? That title sucked.

So an hour and 200 words later, I felt sorry for her...

You felt sorry for her? You felt sorry for her?!

If you've ever read "To Kill a mockingbird", you may understand that quote.

Anyways, I felt sorry for her because NO-ONE has a clue what we're doing and she may try to paper cut herself to death with our measly excuses for essays.


I quite like Ms Shaw. She's blunt. Very blunt.

Every week we go into her class...

Every week our intelligence and communicative skills are put under the microscope.

Then again... can you blame her?

MS SHAW: Go on, what comes to your mind when you hear the word "Splendour"
MEGAN: Sugar...
MS SHAW: Sugar?
MEGAN: Yeaaah... I thought it was that type of sugar...
MS SHAW: *exasperated but trying to work with this* Okay... thinking of the sugar, what ideas do you get about the word "Splendour" in relation to the table?
MS SHAW: You don't lick a table though do you!
Yaaaaaay. We're passing Higher English!

Break was funny, came down from English, walk into the hot bar and WOAH!!

Jaye had just gone about 5 skin tones darker.

Egypt. If you want a killer tan, go to Egypt.

Patty was back from Egypt too, but he had to go home at break cause he wasn't feeling too good. Get better sweetie!

Jaye was trying to get me to do her papers... I'm already doing Halle's... And I can't even manage that!! Soooo... nae chance sweet cheeks ;)

And back to the brilliant mood I'm in at the moment, I'm literally high on life.

I look up to the sky and see a lot of fluffly race car track clouds and I say:

"Woooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh... Look at the cloud...."

Linzie and Claire just look at me and I merely shrug and say:

"Wow.... I'm not high!!!"


Dr Robertson.

Now HE is a nice guy!

Yabbles on a little bitty, trails off quite a lot, but when you have patience with him, he is a very good teacher.

However, as much as I like the guy, Double Biology stretches into eternity.

Especially when your ass goes numb for sitting on an unpadded stool with no back for two hours.


BUT, I sit next to Claire, Linzie and Abie, so it's a good laugh.

Usually I spend my time in this class talking to Abie and Linzie about One Tree Hill, comparing the diagrams to food and popular 80's games icons (e.g. Pacman) and generally just trying to pay attention.

We were learning about infections and how the body tries to battle them.

Haha, talking about chicken pox.

To understand the joke, we'll need to quickly rewind to three years ago.

Second year:

Linzie, Laura, Claire and a few other of my close friends are talking about Chicken Pox.

LINZIE: I've NEVER had chicken pox!

Literally, one week later:

"Did you hear? Linzie has chicken pox"

Definition of fail.

So it's kind of an inside joke thing, anytime Chicken Pox is mentioned, Linzie looks really uncomfortable.

Then Dr Robertson says that you can contract them again if you are around little kids (i.e. you have children, become a teacher) unless you pop the kids in a plastic bubble... or you live in the plastic bubble.... something about a plastic bubble.

So Linzie isn't having kids and is going into quarantine is she comes into contact with Little children.

Claire also told me she's getting a Lipsy jumper. They are hot! She still asks me if I ever got that GORGEOUS Lipsy trench I wanted so badly.

Bless. Claire is one of the sweetest girlies I've ever met.

Then it was Lunch, I decided I was going home, had last two off and couldn't be bothered sticking around.

BUT had to wait for Laura to come to the table and look after Claire and Linzie's bags....

Speaking of Laura, like her new glasses? Join the debate: 

Man with mohican or sparta?

Then I had to wait till Jennifer came over and kept her company....

THEN I had to wait till the conversation we were having was finished...

Megan and Ashleigh then arrived, had to chat to them...

Majourly LOL'd at Megan's shopping list.....

Jamaican Accent....

Doubt she's going to find that at Tesco.

Finally, had to wait until Megan was finished talking to Sam so Ashleigh wasn't left lonered....

And then, after all that... Sophie called me over.

Ahhhh my life people!!

Also was informed that Torry people got the day off today because their school was too cold!! (!!!)

If the temperature in school is below 13 degrees celsius, we all get to go home... Which brought me to say....

"Bring your thermometers girls.... we're going measuring..."

Went home (Finally) after that though. Decided to have a walk up to a later bus stop.

I admit, I laughed. This Graffiti-er clearly has some hidden anger at First.
Possibly sexually abused?
Get licky with it. 

Was very sunny (SHOCK!)

Nice city view from the Gramps.

Gorgeous Autumn coulours.

Decided to get Holy.

Anyway. Never been happier to sit down, watch a few films and eat some toast.

Four slices. Cause I'm a greedy pig (and that was my Lunch in all it's entirety)


A Serious man...

What was that about? Didn't get the ending at all?

Didn't really get the movie at all to be honest... Decided it must have been a good movie though cause it seemed to make too little sense to be badly made....

In a weird way.

Also watched:

Sin City.

Wow. Now that's a good film.

Very brutal though. Just averted my eyes at some scenes.

But so stylish!! Love Graphic Novel adaptations!

Last few sentances (Thank god eh?)

Got a phone call from Chloe, kept mis-hearing her....

Thought she said Hindu Sausages.... clearly, she just said someting about making Lunch...

Need to break oot the cotton buds lads.

Love yah all, thanks for being patient! 


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