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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Innocence... This word does not exist when you're not referring to children, it becomes Stupidity then.

The Dark Knight rises


New batman movie is gonna be called that. Good title Nolan.

Morning was really nice today. Was a bit late for the bus, so I had to sit by myself until I got halfway round the bus route. That was all right though, my music library is basically designed for Bus Journeys.

Also, sun was just starting to rise over the ocean, was beautiful. Very nearly got off the bus to take a picture. Resisted temptation (just)

Redgy was hilarious this morning.

Sara was talking about Johnny Depp and how he was starring in another Pirates of the Carribean, and how this little kiddie wrote a letter to him, asking to come to her school.

And he did. SURPRISE!

Which reminded me of an article on Chad Michael Murray I had read on Monday, so I told Linzie that he was meant to be starring alongside Johnny Depp on the next Pirates of the Caribbean.

Which she replied: "Who?!" to... wasn't quite the reaction I was expecting.

"Lucas. One tr..."


That's more like it.

So we got into a chat about him.
LINZIE: I love him!
ME: He's a dick though!
LINZIE: But he's a good looking dick.
It was a completely innocent comment, that sounded so very wrong.

And as my title suggests: Innocence doesn't exist if you're passed puberty.

Nope. Then it becomes stupidity.

This isn't even the first time she's said this. Think she'd have learnt!

Bring us to the next part of the conversation (after laughter died out)
ME: Yeah, he's MEANT to be doing another Tree Hill episode later this season, but he has Scheduling problems...
SARA: *getting mixed up between Murray and Depp* He's got scheduling problems is because he keeps going to schools to surprise little girls!
You heard it hear first folks. Apparently Johnny Depp is a paedophile.


Ah the joys of P.E.

An hour to sit and chat to your friends.

We do nothing. The most exercise that we ever do in P.E is get changed into our P.E kit and walk upstairs to Fitness.

Laugh at the name fitness... basically it's just a room that we use to chillax.

No fitness actually takes place.

Megan told me about RSAMD (Music/Drama/film college down in Glasgow) and she's kinda trying to get me to go with her.

She is succeeding. I miss my Megzy so much, the idea of spending three years living with her sounds like a slice of heaven.

Especially when I could be learning how to direct (my dream job!!)

Then John came round, he's been away in Venice for the past whiley doing a World Karate Competition (Congrats on winning Bronze!) so first thing he tells us when he came back?

"All I had to eat was Pizza, Pizza, pizza!!"

Easily became word/quote of the day.

The word pizza was uttered so many times, me and Kellie actually made a drinking game out of it.

Anytime you hear the word pizza, take a shot.

Anytime you hear the phrase Pizza, pizza, pizza, double shot.

And if you hear the word... salad... just go ahead and drink the whole bottle.

I tell yah, if we had a bottle of REALLY weak booze, we'd still be amazingly drunk by the end of that 50 minutes.

(Don't worry guys and gals, I'm a good girly, I don't drink ^_^ Just a joke.)

Hehe, speaking of Pizza, Mr McLaren was adorable, he tried to sing the pizza hut song. Failing majorly.
MR MCLAREN: How does that song go again? A pizza, a pizza, deep fried chicken and a...

Then I heard the best news EVER.

Old RME teacher is gonna be in a movie.

Check it out. 


0.55 seconds. The girly going nuts on the swings. 

It's a zombie movie... about herbal tea.

Yes. You read right.

Looks awesome. Can't wait to see it!


Didn't do a lot in art today. Brainstormed about Design project.

Gonna design a perfume bottle, think that would be pretty cute.

"Temptation: Go on, take a byte" and a picture of apples in the foreground...

Now. What sort of product does that sound like it's selling:

a) Perfume.
b) Apples
c) Apple computers.

If you guessed c), ding ding ding, you are a winner.

Personally, I don't see this myself.

Kelly is going to design a necklace, so Mr McDonald brought through this "necklace" to show her.

It was a deadly weapon. It's a bit of copper wire that has been bent into a circle with a razor sharp spiral metal shaving threaded through it...
KELLY: Can you wear it?
MR MCDONALD: Probably not, the shaving is very sharp.
KELLY: If you were wearing that and someone came up behind you and tugged it, you would die!
She had a point. Why make that necklace?

Patty was back today, yay! Three amigos are whole once more!

He brought back prezzies from Egypt, what a hun! 

Rubber duck not included.

Linzie was talking a lot about Take That. Tour coming up and all.

So her and Laura are going to do a first aid course... Not very sure how that ties into concerts... thinks it is because they'll be allowed to watch concerts whilst they are working in the First aid section? Think?


What a fail.

Double period doing Close reading.

Sorry. ATTEMPTING to do Close Reading.

Our English class needs to be spoon fed answers, we really have no clue.

Ms Alba's teaching style doesn't help either.
MS ALBA: So, Stewart. What's your answer for number two?
STEWART: I don't know.
MS ALBA: Aaron?
AARON: I don't know.
MS ALBA: Lauren?
ME: I didn't really do it...
LEE: Don't know.
MS ALBA: Did ANYONE do it?
CLASS: Not really. 

THEN... We had to copy down notes...
MEGAN: Can I get this on a penstick?
MS ALBA: No, you can copy it down like everyone else.
MEGAN: But it's your job to give me the notes...
MS ALBA: Which is what I'm doing!
MEGAN: Why won't you just give me it on a penstick?
MS ALBA: Just copy it down and type it up at home.
MEGAN:  But that's just wasting my time.
MS ALBA:  If I give it to you, everyone else will want it and none of you will even look at them. That's wasting my time. Now if you have a problem with that, go see Ms Fulton and if she says "Megan must have these notes on a penstick" then I'll do it.
MEGAN: Maybe I will then. But we've already copied this down.
MS ALBA: Then what's the problem!!
Haha, whole class was in fits, felt kinda bad for Ms Alba though, but I saw Megan's point.

Then Billie was going on about religion. 

Katie had a poster in her bag about Christianity... Basically, it was this...

Although, it was a little bit more blunt, at the end of the crucifix, was DEATH.

Haha, Gotta love em Christians don't you?

Then I pointed out that God's side didn't look much better than ours....

Billie agreed. He said that it would only tempt him if it had a dirt track and a shooting range...

Hahaha, crazy kid!

I'm going to skip lunch because that was boring.


Not much happened here either.

OH! OH!! Dr Robertson got fish.

Three little goldfish. They are well cute.

Nopeeeee... no scenes are really jumping out at me.

Milton came over to speak to us... by speak, I mean copy our answers.

Which we copied from the book.

Circle of life eh?

Awesome quote I learned today from english though...

Those that I fight, I do not hate.
Those that I guard, I do not love.

Think about it.

Lauren xxx

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