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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

"I put it in a safe place". Let's be honest. It means you lost it.

I really want a job.

For several reasons. Let me explain...
  1. Clearly, the reason most people want a job, to earn money.
  2. I need a reason to crawl out of bed on a Sunday morning. Note the use of the word "Morning".
  3. I want experience. Without that, I'm basically screwed for getting a job later next year.
You see, these are the reasons I want a job.

"Go out and get a job!" You say? "What's the problem?" I hear you ask? 

Three words. National. Insurance. Number.

Where? WHERE did that little piece of plastic get to!?!

I wish I could answer that.

Again, nothing much happened today. Felt inspired to get up and do something.

Sleep deprivation always triumphs over inspiration. Always.

Sad fact.

Did do ONE thing worth while though, had maths tuition with Charles today.

How can everything make so much sense when you're learning from one person and make absolutely no sense when your learning from another? The questions of life continue to puzzle.

I think I am going to go see Despicable me tomorrow morning with my Bud Chloe, so don't worry, no more blogs about nothing!!

Don't be afraid to comment by the way!! I don't think you have to be registered as a member, so feel free to scribble back at me.

Righto, chat to you guys later, me and my Snuggie are going to cuddle up and listen to some tracks on Youtube...

O.K... that was weird, just spent 4 minutes watching a video to have it ending with a break-dancing cat... Killer.

Time for some Everly:
And some Rihanna:

Do yourself a favour and skip to 1.01 

Cause the chorus for Only girl in the world is amazing!

Video ain't brilliant though... I mean... what *IS* she doing to that flower?!

Direction wise? Brilliant though, must get his/her name!

Later guys and gals!

Lauren xxx

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