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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hello world

How I hate first blogs...

I love blogging more than I hate first blogs though so I'll suck it up.

For you's that don't know me, Hello, my Name is Lauren, you can call me Ritchinator, Penguin, Bud, L, Lorlin or Biscuit... or a combination of any of those names to be honest. Or if you're feeling particularly creative, make up your own nickname for me.

For those who do know me, hello again. You can skip this first blog entirely.

This is me....

I'm 16 and live in Sunny sunny Scotland.

And if any of you have been in Scotland, you can probably tell that there is never any sun in Scotland.

Anyways, I still go to school, And it's really boring.

There's always "Drama" but it's so stupid and pointless, I just try to stay clear of it.

However, I do use the drama to help me write and inspire people, so it isn't too bad I suppose.

As you can probably tell from the blog title (or from the Nemo badge in the picture) I am a major movie geek. And I am not afraid to admit that.

People like Nolan, Fincher and Tarintino are my gods, cinema's are my Churches and movie quotes are like hymns to me...


Films is just one of my passions though, my other passions are photography and writing.

Love love love :)

I appreciate how awesome my friends and family are. I love them to bits and pieces.

Carpe Diem guys... don't know what else to say!

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