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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Four letter words: The most powerful words known to mankind.

The title of this blog is one of my own personal opinions. I truly believe that big words like Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian or confession are useless... what is the point of words like that? There is only a definition to them, no feeling, no emotion. Nothing. Just more words. Continuous cycle you see?

Love and hope are the things that we all require to live and not merely exist.

Hate and fear however is what makes us strong, Hate is what we must overcome and fear is what we try to defeat. Both make us wiser and generally, a better human being but shouldn't have to face either in our entire life, let alone our daily life.

Here's another personal opinion.

I find that earth is short of just about everything these days;


But most of all, inspiration.

We all have our idols, our heroes, the people we look up to, the people that we spend our whole lives trying to impress.

But our idols never seem to be someone of worth.

We always choose someone rich or beautiful (in other words, superficial) or choose someone that will NEVER care about no matter what we do. And we discover that, as we get older, and that crushes our inspiration a little bit.

But we all have a choice.

A choice to roll out of bed in the morning, to make some toast for breakfast, go to work, come home and turn on the T.V and blog about what happened to us during that day.

We also have the choice to hop out of bed and change the world.

Maybe you won't make a colossal impact. You're not going to cure cancer or eradicate AIDS in Africa alone.... and you're definitely not going to do it in the space of a day.

But you can go out, compliment people, listen to your friends and family, maybe help them out if their having some sort of difficulties, recycyle, donate your money to charity, donate your time to charity. Whatever really. 

For god sake people, you're not going to live forever. As someone on Tumblr said today, Live for today, dream for tomorrow.

Make something of your existence. Live. Love. Dream. Don't just sit there and procrastinate. Do something. 

Do anything.

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