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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Annnnnnnnd the light vanishes, to be replaced with darkness...

Metaphorical title?

Literal title?

If you said both, congratulations. You're correct.

I don't know if you read yesterday's post, if you did, You'll know that I was in an insanely great mood...

And if you didn't read it, now you know.

Anyways, the happy mood was short lived.

Woke up today, saw how dark the world was, how void of warmth the world was, felt in dire need of a cuddle.

Snuggie does not suffice in times like these....

So metaphorical darkness is depression...

Literal darkness is my light, just went clean out. Blogging in darkness.

Boo-yah. All is alright, light is back on and I'm chilling with an IRN BRU bottle. I love you Barr.

Ch'yeaaaah... walked to the bus stop this morning, it was FREEZING. 

Linzie missed the bus. Tsk tsk.

I apologized in advance for my bad mood.

Nothing really happened before 1st period, the day had not yet begun, not really, the sun had a lie in today.


Started the Y.P.I thing today... Or, for those not in the know, the Youth Philanthropy initiative. 

Basically, Sir Ian Wood's family is offering £3,000 to be given to a group of 5th year students to donate to their chosen charity, but it has to be local.

Listen, I am all up for giving to charity. I love charities, but this isn't a voluntary project, no, we're are required to do it, and in 5th year?

No offence, but us 5th year's have a lot on our plate. Some have to balance 5 highers at school, a part-time job and a social life.

Adding this unnecessary burden to our plates isn't helping anyone...

I mean, ONE group will take away £3,000, a local charity could do a lot with that amount of money.

But what about the other thirty teams? What about the other thirty charities?

They receive nothing, they have wasted time and effort to achieve nothing.

That's quite sad really... I'm all up for choosing charities and fundraising for them... or splitting up the £3,000 and giving it to worthy causes!

But this... ahhh....

I'm in a group with Claire, Greg and Jamie.

It's funny, but we do no work... hahaaa... oh god I feel sorry for our charity...

Jamie is quite well known for being an incredibly laid back guy in our class.

If you catch my drift.
GREG: Oh it's okay... Jamie has been researching charities for the whole holidays, haven't you?
 Oh how we laughed.
JAMIE: You know it.
GREG: Go name a charity then.
JAMIE: Oxford.
GREG: Oxford?
GREG: Don't you mean Oxfam?
JAMIE: No... no... the whole of Oxford...
ME: Yeah. I heard that their really struggling to cope this year.
The rest of the period was spent talking about our cookie crisp preference: Dry or served with milk?

I'm a dry cookie girl myself. 

Poor Stephanie. Still can't tie her tie.

Mrs Anderson decided to help her. Poor Stephanie (again).

In front of the whole class, Mrs Anderson tied her tie for her, with everybody watching.

Poor Stephanie (again again).

The room was actually Baltic too so that didn't help. 


Had Ms Duncan today.

It's weird, we have Dr Robertson for 3 periods and Ms Duncan for 2.

Ms Duncan is a good teacher though, so no complaints.

Was learning something about... Uhhh... ATP and ADP...

Anyways.... sat next to Abie today, that kid is such a laugh!

So glad we have Biology together, hardly have had a chance to speak to her properly after Primary seven.

We were all just reminising to days gone by...

Like the Time Jenny came in three hours late to school, holding a pick and mix bag, and when the teacher asked her where she had been, she innocently replied:
JENNY: I got the wrong bus so I went to get a pick and mix.
Or the time that I winded myself (Long story involving a hill, wet grass and a teacher stupid enough not to realise that you cannot ask children to play rounders in these conditions)

Or even the time when we made miniture rockets out of old photo containers, coke and mentos <3... and Abie wanted to hold one to her face to see what would happen.

Gooooood times. 

That was that.

Then it was break.

Sun was still not up. Ridiculous act of laziness.

Megan got her Grease jumper today, suited her!! But anytime she walks to the toilet, all you see is "FRENCHY" screaming at you from her ass... badly positioned writing?

Feel bad for the guy that's playing "Doody".
ASHLEIGH: Doody on your bum!!
You can't help but laugh. My friends people.


Brilliant double period.

Spent all the time at the computers, sitting next to Kristina and (CHING!) Lauren.

We were meant to be choosing the artists to write about for our Expressive essays (I've kinda done that) and choosing what to do for our Design folio (Going with a perfume bottle... kaching)


We spent the double period looking up flower babies...

Babies don't grow on trees you know
No. They grow on flowers. 

Kristina looked up awesome photography (NOT artists)...

I hear incidents like these are on the increase.

And de-motivational posters...

The caption speaks for itself

And, if you are Kelly...

Functional AND Beautiful.

Haha, When Lauren was searching for her flower babies, she came across something that stirred her interest.
LAUREN: Westie cupcakes!!!!
US: WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Oh... cupcakes shaped like Westies

Double period went by quite quick. Yay.

Haha, we tried to do a "hands in"... Kelly wouldn't join in. Spoil sport.

Missed my art buds, love em!

Lunch was weird. I forgot to eat.

What a weirdo I am.

Ashleigh gave me one of those shaped elastic band bracelets, shaped like Goofy! Love!!

Do you see Goofy? No? Me neither.

I lie. I kind of see Goofy.

Thanks Ash!


The worst double of the week.

If I didn't sit at a table with Dougal, Sophie and Calum, I don't know what I would do!

They are so funny!

They made me hum the tune to "Coco Cabana".

Which was really weird... cause they all leant into me as they were requesting me to do it...

I was like "Uhhh, guys, It's kind of freaking me out that you's are all leaning in to me just now."

So Sophie leans over so far that her stomach is now flat out on the table and her legs are in the air.

Never should have said anything.

Dougal should not have that Cineworld Unlimited card, hasn't been using it lately! Naughty boy! I use mine all the time!! He better get a crack on, only two more months left on it.

Sophie needs to get out early from Maths to get to work, It's sweet, she's always trying to convince him to let her go. 

Today she went down to Guidance and begged for a note.

So she got a note.

Mr Hughes still didn't believe her, and felt quite hurt that she begged guidance and not him.

People are so needy these days.

Day was over after that. Just went home and watched Jaws...

 I watch a lot of movies.

Okay. That's me for today. 

Still quite annoyed at myself for relapsing on the great mood. I actually slapped myself to try reverting back to yesterday...

Did not help.

Depression cures:

Friends? GOOD.

Slapping? BAD.

Lauren xxx

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